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"Top Web Development Company in USA."

Digital Marketing Portfolio


24 gold

Case Study

24Gold DMCC is a Dubai-based precious metals company that assists in gold trading and hedging. Our SEO team took on the challenge to grow the company's organic traffic. The scope of work included SEO keyword research, advising on a blog content calendar, and writing compelling and keyword-rich copy.


Al Malaky Royal

Case Study:

Al Malaky is one of the top names in the production of honey & beehives at a global scale. The brand approached us for assistance in getting them to rank on the first page for the high-volume terms. Our SEO team prepared a comprehensive content marketing strategy to target the required keywords and drive maximum conversions through the website.



Case Study:

The Reliable Technical Service does everything from electric repairs to interior decoration, plumbing work, wood repair, garden maintenance, and much more. With a solid content plan and link-building strategy, our SEO team has managed to push the RTS’ website on the first page of Google against a dozen different commercial queries.

SEM By Digital Express

When it comes to Digital marketing then usually two different terms are mostly used. The first one is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and the second is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In the past, SEM was the common term for different types, but now it has been just specified for paid marketing. This is a technique that uses paid strategies to increase web traffic. Every single technique included in SEM, even if they are Ads, will be paid. If you are looking for an SEM expert, Digital Express is the Best Online Marketing Agency to provide you Cost-Effective SEM packages in the Middle East.

Digital Express SEM Services

While you were surfing the internet, you might have seen few ads that pop out of nowhere; well, if you click on any of those ads, then the company has to pay for that click. So, at Digital Express, we use similar SEM techniques to boost up sales to your website. We have a whole team of SEM specialists who will boost up the traffic and help your business progress. We offer different SEM services, which includes,

  • PPC
  • Website optimization
  • Search Engine Ads
  • And different campaigns

As a leading Advertising Agency in Dubai, we always prioritize our clients' demands in every best possible way.

SEM: Pay per click (PPC)

Now, most of you might be already aware of the different Search engine marketing techniques that Digital Express uses. So, among them, PPC or Pay per click is the one, and Digital Express creates beautiful and unique digital ads for you to ensure that your sales would boost in no time with this type of marketing tactic. This is an SEM technique, so these ads would cost you at every click that your clients make. This might not seem to be a cost-effective technique, but with our pay-per-click management, we ensure that your ads should always show at the top.

Google SEM

As far as Google ads are being concerned, it is currently one of the most popular and demanded platforms for displaying ads over other media. To make Google SEM the successful one, there are a few factors that our Keywords Strategists and Digital Marketing manager use such as, finding the best relevant keywords for your ads, optimize landing pages in the best way, improving the quality score for your ads, and last but not least creating unique and creative advertisements that would surely make people click over them to find your products.

Bing SEM

When it comes to SEM, then obviously limiting to a single Search engine won’t be enough because our Search Engine optimizers always try to grab the market on the market scale. So, Microsoft-powered search engine is just the next best thing after Google, as Bing always tries to accommodate users in the best way. Our expert and skilled SEM experts always try to benefit from Bing's unique features regarding PPC. Like they import almost every single campaign from Google AdSense to get the best of the PPC. Once all those campaigns are imported, our expert team members now finally start to optimize it according to Bing because it is obvious both search engines are quite different and work in different ways.

Yahoo SEM

SEM is under discussion then; how can we forget one of the oldest Search engines in the market, when it was the first platform to let users connect with different websites. At Digital Express, we ensure that our clients should also benefit from the oldest and third largest search engine platforms. Running ad campaigns is slightly different from other search engines, but with our best PPC management services in Dubai, we use different strategies to make sure that you should get the best out of it. We use specific and relevant keywords instead of going off the rail, because here things do not work the same as they do on Google or Bing.

Role of Quality Score Optimization

Now and then, you might have heard about Quality score optimization, but there might be few among you who are unaware of this term specifically. So, a Quality Score is a rating given by the search engine to your PPC. On different terms, Google or any other social media platform gives your ad a rating on various factors. Better the Quality Score means more profit. So our PPC advertising agency in Dubai optimizes those ads to get you the best quality score. At Digital Express, those different strategies that are included in Quality Score Optimization are,

  • Research for Quality and relevant keywords
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Quality of ads and few other similar aspects.

Ads Copywriting

Now, there might be very few among you who know about Ads Copywriting because this is not something that is required typically. At the same time, we have a whole team of Ads Copywriters at Digital Express who are experienced enough to provide us with quality content that would surely boost your ads' quality score. Now, our writers follow a few things to ensure the high quality of our copywriting services. First of all, they always write according to the viewer’s point of view, that would make them click on your ads. They always write to the point because writing other things would surely distract your ad viewers.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page is the page where your ad viewers are redirected to after clicking over your ad. Now this page is static and quite different from the rest of your website. This is just like the first impression for your site visitors, and at Digital Express, our Landing Page optimizers team ensures that this first impression should go well. Now different practices that you will see through our PPC services would like,

  • There is a perfect color contrast between the background and text
  • Provide attractive content for that pages
  • All the vital information is posted at the top
  • Above all, that page is made simple yet attractive

SEM Display Campaigns

Display Campaigns are those visualized ads with written text in them, upon clicking of which redirects the viewers to a specific landing page linked to it. These are the pay-per-click ads, which means that if a user clicks on that display ads campaign, then you being the owner, will be charged for that. According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that a properly optimized Display Campaign requires the investment of 0.0.7% to 0.7%, but when ROI was analyzed, the results were unbelievable, which was up to 400% to 500%. Furthermore, research for targeting keywords and providing useful infographics also makes it useful for you.

SEM Discovery Campaigns

As far as search engine ads are concerned, they are usually placed after proper research of the target audience and their needs. Whereas a Discovery Campaign is a lead generator, it provides useful information to the viewers even before they need it, which makes it even easier to get more clicks. Usually, a Discovery Campaign appears on the Google Discovery Smartphone app, but it also seems over YouTube and Gmail. These ads are significant in terms of SEM, as a product manager gets these ads written so that they should provide maximum information in a few words and ensure that viewers want to click over them.

SEM Shopping Campaigns

Product Listing Ad or Shopping Campaign is generally related to e-commerce website marketing. These shopping ads are really important for you if you are running an ecommerce store or selling your brand products at another online store. Generally, Shopping Campaign comes with,

  • Picture of the product
  • price of the product
  • Brand name
  • A short description of the product
  • Different reviews if available

These Google Shopping ads are generally shown at the top of your search page or sometime in the mid. These PPCs have been able to generate massive revenue for different brands and e-commerce websites.

SEM YouTube Campaigns

Have you visited YouTube today? You must have used it every single day at some point because right now, it has become one of the top-most platforms to find any information in visualized form. So, it is merely evident that there will be many people who will notice your YouTube ads, and as search engine optimizers Digital Express will get them to click on your ad. There are different types of YouTube ad campaigns like skippable ads that can be instantly skipped, then there are non-skippable ads that usually appear during video streaming, and then there are those ads that typically appear on the top of the homepage.



What is the main difference between SEM and SEO?


Even though both of these are similar digital marketing techniques, SEO involves marketing strategies that generate organic traffic to your site, while SEM is the paid strategy for boosting traffic.


What are the examples of SEM?


PPC is one of SEM's most used examples, as each technique or campaign included in SEM requires a pay per click rule. Whereas not every PPC campaign needs to be a part of SEM, because there are few sites where PPC is not necessary for the marketing purpose, it is an essential part of their process.


What are the main types of SEM?


SEM is a small portion of a bigger picture, but it also has additional components that efficiently complete its process. There are different tools and techniques used to optimize SEM campaigns, which means that SEO is a type of SEM. After that, another useful PPC type, where the owner has to pay for every click made by the viewers.


What are the different strategies used in SEM?


Several techniques are included in Search Engine marketing, but paid marketing is the primary one, which means that instead of getting traffic without paying search engines, well, now you have to pay them. Furthermore, other strategies include Quality and relevant keyword research and involvement, attractive infographics, short description, optimized landing pages, etc.

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