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Have you ever crossed paths with an unrelated video or picture, even just some text over a particular website or search engine? Well, that is part of the Display Campaign. This is the method used to attract the attention of users looking for a specific service or product. Once a user clicks over this image or text, they will suddenly get redirected to a different advertiser website. The that appears upon clicking that ad would be the Landing Page, where you will find general information about the company and their services and how they can help you solve your issues.

These are pay-per-click ads, which means that advertisers have to pay for the cost incurred upon clicking them. The best thing about Displaying ads is that they come in several different formats, due to which it gets more manageable for the advertiser to display their message as they like. Furthermore, it is one best method to widen your visitor reach.

Display Campaign Strategies

Digital Express is one of the top Search Engine Marketing companies in Dubai that has successfully created a successful Google Display Campaign for our clients from many past years. The best thing about our display campaigns is that we have generated a massive boost in useful traffic for our clients. During this process, our team of expert marketers has developed different strategies that work for Google ads.

Remarketing Tactic

Most of you might be unaware of this term because as it goes unrecognized in many marketing strategies. Our team has been using this tactic to ensure that if a user visits our client’s site, they should see our ads again whenever they are in need. When a user visits the website of our client, cookies are installed to their system at the back-end. So, whenever they search for a similar term or look for a website for similar services, then our Display ads will be the first thing that they see.

Placement Management by Google

When it comes to Google as a search engine it always tries to provide maximum benefits for its users. Managed Placement is a feature that search engines now use to provide the control for ad placement. Our team of expert marketers fully utilize these features to ensure an effective ad campaign. When we place ads on similar niche websites, it will generate useful traffic interested in our clients' services.

Go with the Budget

Our marketers always set a budget limit for Google Display Campaigns because they know this is a risky process, and the chances for ROI are fifty-fifty. So, they always try that minimum cost should be spent in the beginning, and once those ads have started generating a return on investment, more campaigns and ad groups can be created to generate maximum profit out of those ads.

Simple yet Attractive

We always believe in making visually attractive ads rather than stuffing them with ineffective information. Other marketers might not focus on this, but at Digital Express, we take care of your Display Campaigns from every end. So, we always try to make it visually attractive, providing all those intricate details that deal with visual design.

Constant Optimizations

It is simple and straightforward that in Digital Marketing, each and everything requires constant marketing. So, just like other factors where optimization is necessary, this campaign also needs attention, which our highly skilled marketers provide in the form of their incredible optimization skills.

Digital Express Display Campaign Services

When it comes to Digital Express, we always believe in providing top of the scale services, and fulfilling our clients' expectations has always been our top priorities. So, when it comes to PPC management, we have managed a team of highly skilled and expert marketers who fully understand what our clients expect from us and how we can fulfill their requirements.

  • With Display Campaigns, it is not just about the visual ads but also about the website and landing page that also needs optimization. So, we always research target keywords for our client’s websites and their landing pages to arrange good traffic.

  • At Digital Express, we do not just target a random audience because achieving the target of useful traffic won’t be achieved. So, our Ads placement is always according to specific regions.

  • Digital Express also targets specific websites and platforms where those ads are to be displayed.

  • We always find interesting subjects and tiles for your Display Ads to make them catchy and noticeable.


1. What Exactly is a Display Campaign?

Search Engines like Google allow different visitors to widen their audience reach by advertising other Display ads on their platforms. Using this campaign, visitors usually experience different banners that suddenly appear on their screen regarding different companies and their services.

2. What are the Different Types of Google Display Campaigns?

There are many different types of display ads provided by the Google Search engine to boost advertisers' traffic boost. The first one is the video ads, and then there are remarketing ads and finally native ads.


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