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Pay per click is one of the most effective strategy of digital world. It is a practice where the brand advertisers pay a nominal fee every time the ad is clicked. It is a practice that will buy you clicks towards your website. It is a practice won by bidding for an ad placement and when the relevant keyword is searched the ad will shoe in the top results. The amount is paid to the search engine every time the ad is clicked generating traffic towards the advertiser’s website.

It is a tried and tested method of generating traffic towards the website bringing your potential customers to you. At Digital Express we have experts of PPC that with years of experience in the field bringing the strategies that allow your customers to reach you with ease and convenience.

PPC campaign winning is a complex process and requires a lot of hard work including selection of the right keyword, bidding strategies and set up of PPC landing pages. The landing pages are then optimized to increase conversion rate. With our PPC well-aligned strategies, your digital appearance will get the required boost and brand recognition.

PPC by Digital Express

Pay per click or PPC is a type of Search engine marketing technique, and as it is evident by the name that it is a paid service used for marketing purposes. PPC provides an opportunity for the advertisers to display their ads on different platforms with a considerable budget required for this project, because every time a viewer clicks on your ad, you will be the one to pay for that single click. Similarly more the clicks mean more payment you have to pay to that platform. Now the price for each ad varies on different factors like,

  • Keyword CPC that you choose for your ad
  • Platforms to display those adsd
  • The target audience you want to cover

  • The main target of these ads is that when a user is searching for a specific term or phrase on the internet, your ad suddenly appears on his screen ready to rescue them. Usually, when a person is searching for something over a search engine, different sites are displayed according to their ranks. That would be SEO, but when your ad appears on the top of the screen, that is what is called SEM or PPC.


    While generating considerable traffic for the client’s website, different techniques are applied by a Digital Marketing firm. This is what we do at Digital Express being one of the most famous PPC Agency Dubai. When it comes to organic traffic, those are the long-term projects, as it requires considerable time to manage to generate traffic for your site. Whereas when it comes to Dubai's PPC services, we excel in developing a huge traffic boost to your site. At Digital Express, our PPC management applies different paid strategies that would be helpful for your business.

    Creating Campaign for Brands

    These are campaigns where different brands or merchants want to generate a massive boost to their website traffic. We always target a specific keyword or term instead of normal phrases or other top ranked keywords in these types of campaigns. This is one of the most manageable campaigns for getting traffic because brands usually generate a considerable traffic to their website, but they always need something extra. So, this campaign is simply a pushover to their usual traffic.

    Creating Campaign for a Solution

    These are the types of campaigns that our PPC experts create to attract attention to their PPC ads whenever a person is typing a specific phrase or terms related to a problem. For example, a person is trying to recover their files, and if we are an advertiser promoting the services of a file recovery tool, our ad will suddenly appear on the user’s screen. These ads typically help the viewers just when they need it and urge them to click our ads because they need some high-quality tool, and that is what we are providing.

    Digital Express PPC Services

    Digital Express is, without any doubt, one of the top PPC marketing Agency Dubai, from where you will be able to grow your business in the online world. Although it is not an easy task, we have managed to get it done for ease. Our team of PPC managers can help in your business with our best quality services which include,

    Optimization for Landing Pages

    When it comes to PPC deliverables, it is not just the ads that require proper management, but it also involves optimization for the landing page where those ads will redirect the user.

    High-Quality Keyword Research

    All the keywords that are used in a PPC ad depend on the type of Campaign that has been created. Suppose if Campaign for the brand is created then direct brand keywords will be used despite their PPC rate or difficulty. So, our expert team members always ensure the type and CPC for each keyword in your benefit.

    Regular Ads Optimization

    Like SEO, this is also a constant process because we are not alone in the world to use PPC to generate leads. So regular optimization is required, to ensure that our ads are the ones that should appear instantly for users.


    1. How exactly PPC Works?

    PPC is an essential technique used in SEM or Paid marketing, where advertisers have to pay for each click made by the users. These PPC ads appear on different platforms, including search engines, video streaming, and various websites.

    2. PPC vs SEO Which one is better?

    SEO is the technique which generates organic traffic to your website, but it is a slow process and may take up to, a few months or even a year to get you the considerable result. Whereas PPC is the paid marketing tactic with a significant budget requirement, this technique generates an instant boost to your website traffic.

    3. Does PPC require a huge budget?

    PPC is both expensive and inexpensive; not this might be a bit confusing. So, you must understand that for PPC advertisers are the one to pay for every click, depending on the click your PPC ad gets. As a result, it will generate massive traffic for your site that will make a considerable profit.


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    SEO Services

    Our result-oriented SEO services are a perfect blend of creativity, staunch market analysis and compliance to the industry standards ensuring optimal visibility and web traffic.

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    PPC Advertising

    At Digital Express, we realise the value of every cent you invest on clickable ads and set your PPC advertising campaigns accordingly to guarantee maximum return with minimal waste.

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    It takes a perfect selection of words and creativity to effective content marketing and we have just the expertise to ensure content remains the king for your business, garnering long-term profit.

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    Reputation management at Digital Express guarantees business resilience and consumer retention across the internet and social media with careful strategies in compliance to your services.

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    We have a specialized team that is proficient in all the tools available in the market and they can fetch results with complete understanding to enhance your conversion rates.

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