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Are you the owner of a business or are you running an E-commerce store? Then surely a Google Shopping Campaign is the best solution for your business to boost itself.. This is the type of Campaign where a search engine or any other website will display your products in the form of an ad banner, and that banner represents an image and price of your product, a brief description, and title of your business or online store.

You might be wondering where all of the magic happens, well Google Merchant is the beginning of all these processes. First of all, a list of all the products is provided, including business title, product ID number, brief description, stock information, price, category, and link for the Landing page.

Shopping Campaign Strategies

Digital Express is not just a team of some random marketers, but now we have become a Marketing Brand in Dubai, and that has been only made possible due to our team of expert marketers. We have been working successfully for many past years, and during this tenure, have managed to ensure few strategies that have been proven useful for Shopping Campaigns. Fulfilling all the clients' demands and following strict deadlines sure was challenging, but with the collaboration of our experienced PPC Management and expert marketers, we have completed different projects with complete success.

Single Campaign for Startups

It is not necessary during the startup that complicated optimization processes are to be applied because a single campaign is enough. This campaign will include your entire inventory at once, and the rest leave for the platform to manage.

Campaigns According to Priority

If multiple campaigns are to be generated, each one is handled according to their priorities. Besides, negative keywords are used as well, which are finalized after in-depth keyword research. With these keywords, we have broadened our clients' reach because now visitors will find these Shopping campaigns when they search for the relevant keyword.

Reasonable Price Indication

When Shopping ads are created, it is understood that there is not just a simple company representing similar products. So, here everyone competes, due to which we always try to attract users' attention by providing the most reasonable and exciting price that will indeed create an urge among the users to click over our ads.

Product Ads Optimization

Now and then, you are required to change your Product ads, not only because they may be outdated, but they are required to be changed a lot according to the recent trends or sales.

Retargeting Technique

Once a user clicks over our product’s ad, the cookie will be installed in the user’s system. This might sound a little bit odd, but this is a helpful strategy, because next time, when users search for any similar term, our ads should be the first thing they see.

Target Audience

Similarly, when it comes to getting traffic, only useful traffic must be acquired. So, our expert marketers target just that audience interested in purchasing the products from our clients.

Introduce Special Offers

When it comes to getting profit for our clients, then we leave no chance in vain. Rarely an individual in this world is not attracted by special offers or discounts. So, now and then we introduce special offers over our client’s products with a strict deadline. This urges them to purchase that product at such a low price as soon as possible.

Digital Express Google Shopping Campaign Services

The only reason that these strategies work is because we have provided high-quality services for our clients. This is when the Google Shopping Campaign competition is at the edge, which is when every other company has hired different marketing firms to start their Campaign ads. When it comes to Digital Express, we understand how to raise the bar in this highly competitive market.

  • We provide our services to divide our search terms into different segments. This is necessary because usually when a user searches for something specific, it is unnecessary to purchase exactly that product. We will look for something similar before designing and incorporating features at a low price.

  • We perform detailed research over the same category products and their prices as well. This research helps us further find a competitive price and description for our clients’ Shopping campaigns, enhancing our client’s experience with us.

  • All the keywords we use are finalized after in-depth research to ensure maximum search traffic is diverted to our Google Shopping ads.

Similarly, we offer few other services to boost the client’s website and get them higher profits out of these Shopping Campaigns.


1. What is precisely meant by Shopping ads?

Google Shopping ads are those particular types of marketing ads that appear on your screen while searching for some specific product. These ads are typically displayed in a banner where different aspects of a specific product are represented.

2. Does Shopping Campaign Help with the Progress of a Business?

Shopping Ads Campaign is the best possible method to display your products over search engines and other different platforms. This type of campaign helps smaller brands grow and let these businesses increase their sales.


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