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You might have spent so much time creating awesome content for YouTube, and after some time, you have got your audience because YouTube is a platform where people are always looking for different videos. In general, people are more interested in graphical content than words, and being one of the most popular platforms, it is like a golden chance for you to start your YouTube ads campaign.

In these recent years, Google has updated its policies, allowing users to freely display their ads over YouTube because this is an excellent platform for them to evolve. There are different ad campaigns to be shown over YouTube, like there are the ones that you generally see over the homepage, there are others that you have to watch while video streaming. These different ad types have helped various companies to broaden their reach with a huge traffic boost.

YouTube Campaign Strategies

This whole idea of starting a YouTube ad campaign might seem simple, but you must understand that this is one of the most popular platforms worldwide. And every other brand wants to display their content over YouTube ads because it has helped so many different companies to be lucrative in the end.

Things are not as simple as they look because this is one of the most competitive platforms for ad campaigns, but Digital Express is one of the SEM agencies in Dubai that has managed to pull successful ads out of this platform. Overcoming the challenges within the industry and our expert team of video content PPC management, Digital Express was able to pull through as one of the best in the industry. We have developed specific strategies that have been able to help us fulfill our client’s demands and requirements. Few of those strategies include,

Catching Attention Suddenly

Usually, people get irritated by the sudden appearance of ads while streaming videos, but they have to watch it for a few seconds before they can skip it. Now, these seconds are when the viewer is going to decide if that product or service is useful for him. So, our expert team of marketers ensures to grab this opportunity to catch viewers' attention in just these few seconds and make them click over them.

Connect with the Story

Ad will only be useful for the user when they find some relevance in the video and your ad content. Just suppose you are watching a video about cars, and suddenly an ad pops out for home finance. This irrelevancy is the main thing that irritates the user. So, our highly skilled marketers ensure that the ad content is somehow related to the video content so that the viewer shows some interest towards it.

Guide Viewers

This is no doubt one of the most critical strategies that Digital Express has developed over recent years. This strategy is also related to CTAs, where you urge viewers to click over your ads. When an individual is watching a YouTube ad campaign, they have no idea what to do next. So, we let them know how exactly they can successfully purchase products from our clients.

Digital Express YouTube advertising Campaign Services

When clients hire us for their YouTube advertising campaigns, we always prioritize their expectations because, for us, there is nothing more important than providing positive output for them. Generating traffic for a website might seem simple, but turning that traffic into sales is the real deal when it comes to SEM services. So, at Digital Express, we provide such services that have helped hundreds of our clients get high profits from our YouTube campaigns. We always believe in offering top of the scale service for our clients, which includes,

  • There are so many different ad formats available on this platform, and it is essential to understand which one would help you in your current state. So, we choose the perfect one for you after finalizing your goals.

  • While creating an ad campaign would be a total waste of money if it is not filtered correctly. We always use these filters to manage to pull good traffic for our clients’ websites.

  • As far as YouTube campaigns are concerned, then this platform allows certain benefits for advertisers like remarketing. So, we take advantage of this strategy and ensure a high traffic boost for our clients.

  • Viewers generally like native content because that easily attracts their attention. So, we always provide native ad content according to the region where it will be displayed.


1. What exactly is a YouTube ad Campaign??

YouTube is a video streaming platform currently owned by Google. If you display your ads over this platform in different formats, that particular activity is known as the YouTube ad campaign.

2. What is the cost of a YouTube ad Campaign?

When it comes to the YouTube advertising campaign, this platform charges really low than any other ad campaign type. If you want to display your ads on this platform, you would require a budget of around $2,000 to $4,000 for a month.

3. Is YouTube worthy enough for ad campaigns?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to video streaming. Millions of visitors come here with different mindsets, and providing them with attractive and native ads would help you generate a higher profit.

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