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Unable to secure that sweet spot in SERPs? It’s time for an in-depth SEO technical audit.

You already have a fantastic business idea that will revolutionize your customer’s life and a stunning website that is every bit as good as your idea. But are you still struggling with low traffic, poor conversion rates, and sub-par sales numbers? The problem lies with your SEO.

Digital Race To Top

The digital landscape is exceptionally dynamic, and the race to reach the top of search engine result pages or SERPs is incredibly fierce. Being the top contender within the digital arena is not an easy feat to achieve in this day and age. It requires in-depth SEO knowledge and long-standing proven expertise to develop a robust strategy that will bring you up-front to meet your potential clients.

Before we develop a revolutionary SEO strategy for your business, it's essential to understand and highlight the current inefficiencies of your business’s Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and this is where SEO Technical audit comes into action.

In-Depth SEO Technical Audit Services in Dubai

A highly customized SEO strategy that fits your business like a glove can only be put together after a thorough SEO Technical audit.

Digital Express is a leader in SEO services in Dubai. As an experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai, we help businesses realize their true potential by setting them up for success when it comes to top rankings in SERPs.

Meticulous Strategies that Deliver

Transforming brands to get the attention they deserve by implementing top-notch SEO services is our core expertise. No matter how complicated your business is or how ambitious your SEO goals are, with our impactful SEO technical audit services in Dubai, we win at deploying strategies that will help you reach your goals.

Professionals that Drive Change

Our team of enthusiastic and detail-oriented professionals dig deep into your website and leave no stone unturned to investigate what is hindering your journey to success. Our SEO experts perform comprehensive analyses to understand your website’s pain-points and put-together an all-encompassing powerful SEO plan to maximize your online visibility.

How we lead you to success

Our SEO Technical audit services in Dubai are very thorough and comprehensive. It gives us a detailed picture of your business and helps us understand what is affecting your search engine rankings and how we can draft a plan to address those issues.

What Drives Us

At Digital Express, our SEO Technical Audit specialists in Dubai start this complex task with the aim to help your business outshine the competition, increase traffic tremendously, give a massive boost to conversion rates and drive exceptional sales results.

Our Mapped-Out Strategic Process

Our SEO professionals at Digital Express analyze your website and identify on-page and off-page shortcomings acting as roadblocks.

On-Page Analysis

Your website consists of several pages, and all those pages have the ability to affect your search engine rankings. As a web development agency in Dubai, when conducting an on-page analysis of your business, we assess a plethora of essential factors such as content quality, keyword selection and performance, website design, URL structures, meta-text, and many more. The objective is to develop a deep understanding of how to get your business to the top of the SERPs.

Off-Page Analysis

After conducting a detailed on-page analysis and developing a thorough understanding of your business, we move on to implementing our off-page analysis protocols to determine how your business is looked at by those around you. We accomplish this by assessing the websites that carry your inbound links. This tells us whether they are relevant to your business and have a positive reputation or not. And if anything doesn’t seem right for your business, our professionals make a plan to fix that, including but not limited to parting ways with such

Server Files

While most web development and marketing agencies in Dubai finish their SEO Technical Audit with off-page analysis, our SEO experts team doesn’t. We go one step ahead and examine all your server files. Your server files can affect how search engines such as google etc., access and index your web content. Server files analysis includes optimization of files such as .htaccess, robots.txt, Sitemap, etc. Apart from these files, we also analyze your HTTP headers, 404 message errors, and page load times since all these factors can play a role in your search engine rankings.

Audit Recommendations

Once our team of professional SEO specialists in Dubai is satisfied with the SEO Technical Audit, we compile a very comprehensive report detailing all our findings. Our report also elaborates specific recommendations about how you can make amends to your SEO practices to elevate your search engine rankings and bask in the glory of increased traffic, high conversion rates, and unmatched sales numbers.

Tools we employ

As a full service Dubai web development agency, we have expertise and access to premium tools that are industry standard and offer excellent results. Some of the most popular tools we use to conduct an in-depth SEO technical audit are Google analytics, Ahrefs, Search console, SEMrush etc,.

SEO Technical Audit Deliverables

Digital Express is a professional web design and web development company in dubai, that has been operating for decades. Our comprehensive SEO technical audit services ensure that you get a clear picture of your business standing and how you improve it.

When you partner with Digital Express, you can expect the following deliverables.

  • On-page Analysis
  • Off-page Analysis
  • Server files Analysis>
  • Audit recommendations
  • Keyword Research
  • URL actions
  • OnCrawl report
  • Keyword research gap analysis
  • Content audit
  • And so much more
  • Why Partner With An Award-Winning Web and App development Agency in Dubai?

    To proclaim, we want to see your business succeed is an understatement.

    International Clientele

    At Digital Express, we have decades of experience in digital marketing services and web and app development services in Dubai. Our dedicated team has helped thousands of businesses across the borders realize their true potential and outshine the competition.

    Dedicated Team Members

    We have a specialized team of in-house SEO experts in Dubai who are committed to providing the best SEO services in Dubai and all over the UAE. Equipped with in-depth technical knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and a vehement passion for customer satisfaction, we partner with businesses that have an inspiring journey and operate on various levels.

    Ethical Practices and Affordable Pricing

    Our professional SEO Technical Audit services in Dubai are competitively priced and offer affordable solutions to our clients. We offer unmatched white-hat SEO services that are accompanied by absolute transparency and no shady practices. Our clients are always aware of their project progress and get detailed bi-weekly reports as well.

    Taking on complex challenges, providing exceptional services, meeting deadlines, playing it fair, and emerging successfully is how we operate at Digital Express.

    So if you are looking for a way to achieve long-term success for your business, get in touch with us today.


    Why do I need an SEO audit for my site?

    If your site is not appearing at the top of SERPs and thus driving less traffic to your site, then your site needs a detailed Technical SEO audit. It will be beneficial for your site, because it will highlight what are the hurdles that are affecting your site’s rating and assist your business in devising a SEO strategy that will bring your website to the top of SERPs and drive more traffic and boost your conversion rates.

    How much time is required for Site audit?

    Conducting a thorough SEO technical site audit is a complex process, one that requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Therefore, the length of a site audit depends on the complexity and size of the site as well as particular client requirements. If you are looking to get your site SEO Technical audit, then get in touch with us today!

    How often should I get an SEO audit done?

    This largely depends on the size of your website and what your SEO goals are. As a general practice it is recommended to get your SEO technical audit done every twelve to eighteen months, so that you stay on top of everything. However, if your site is undergoing major changes, then it is recommended to get a SEO technical audit per-changes and post-changes as well.

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