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Our wide-spectrum services provide tailored made social media marketing, advertising and ad campaigns to generate more ROIs.

We work directly with key players of social media channels to offer you a powerful landscape and absolute connection with global audience.


Today, being on social media is imperative for all businesses. Not only do you gain massive business exposure to expand your business, but also get the opportunity to meet your potential clients and stay in touch with the existing ones.


A strong social media presence allows you to spread your wings and truly display your brand personality and form a community with customers who resonate with you. Today, there are various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube etc, giving you various creative opportunities to display your brand.


All these platforms have huge global audiences and serve different purposes, but they all have one thing in common - they are remarkable advertising tools for business and brands.


It's easy to get lost in the pomp and show of likes and followers as a result of social media strategy. A dynamic social media strategy is your gateway to boosting website conversions and amplifying your revenues.


At Digital Express, we devise strategic social media campaigns that raise awareness, bring organic engagement, drive traffic and generate more conversions. Our social media experts design creative digital marketing campaigns that meet your advertising and business goals.


As a full service social media management agency, our social specialists excel at campaign optimization by demographic, conversation and keyword targeting. We fine tune all our social campaigns with precise Geo, gender, language, and age targeting as well as Interest and follower look-alikes targeting to meet your goals and achieve ROI.


We at Digital Express, offer exceptional social media services that build brands and make them known. Our extensive social media management services include facebook advertising, Pinterest advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, Snapchat advertising, LinkedIn advertising as well as Content marketing.


Facebook is the largest social media platform that offers incredible reach to brands and businesses. Our facebook PPC marketing specialists leverage its sophisticated advertising prowess to build organic facebook presence, generate quality leads and boost sales.As full service facebook advertising agency Dubai, we rock at creating effective facebook ad campaigns that help you achieve your goals and create impact.


Pinterest is an incredibly effective social media platform that influences the buying decision of its users. Therefore, it's important for your business to develop a creative Pinterest presence and advertise your products to gain huge reach. As a one of the top Dubai web design and social media marketing agencies, we curate intelligent Pinterest advertising campaigns that promote your pins and make your content go viral.


Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms where users love to spend their time. It is the ultimate advertising platform to showcase creativity and generate consumer interest. Digital Express has an in-house team of Instagram marketing experts and has close liaisons with some of the top social media influencers. Our expertise and connections allows us to create powerful influencer campaigns and in-depth advertising campaigns consisting of photo ads, story ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads etc, that build your business on instagram.


The most important conversations around the globe today happen on Twitter and so your brand should also be part of these conversations. Twitter’s targeting tools combined with the massive influx of posts it receives, make Twitter an attractive advertising platform for brands around the world. As professional Dubai web development and social media marketing agency, our expertise in twitter engager, twitter analytics and twitter ads bidding and auctions means we devise winning twitter ads campaigns that boost engagements through retweets, hashtags and tweet responses.


Looking to connect with a younger audience? Snapchat advertising is the answer. Snapchat rose to fame quickly amongst younger members of the audience and has since been an enticing advertising avenue for brands. It offers top notch location based targeting and its instant create tool, gives brands the chance to make precise winning campaigns. Our team at Digital Express, a top Dubai website development company, has extensive expertise in Snapchat ads and Snap pixel to optimize your campaigns and drive results.


A platform that brings professionals together, LinkedIn has become the go-to advertising platform for the B2B sector. With state of the art Linked campaign manager and sponsored inmail services, LinkedIn marketing strategies by Dubai Linkedin ads agency bring excellent results. Our marketing professionals have proven expertise in LinkedIn audits, LinkedIn Outsourcing, LinkedIn ppc management etc, which means we at Digital Express are well equipped to B2B business and devise a ROI driven LinkedIn marketing strategy.


Compelling content is the key to attracting customers, driving traffic and boosting conversions. Various forms of content such as social media images, videos, infographics, SEO optimised articles is an excellent way to generate leads and build trust with your customers. At Digital Express, a full service Dubai website digital design and website development agency, our content marketers and SEO specialists carry out extensive keyword research and plan social campaigns that entice, connect and convert your target audience.


Our high converting razor sharp social media services have benefited brands and businesses across the continents. As a global website development and website design agency, we have had the privilege to reshape and uplift social media presence of various businesses operating in numerous industries. Some of the industries that have benefited from our expert social media services dubai are listed below.

  • Insurance
  • Government & politics
  • Health
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Auto
  • Ecommerce

  • FAQs

    1. Can gender, device, language, and/or geo-targeting be added to targeted campaigns?

    Yes, today sophisticated targeted campaigns on most social media platforms allow precision targeting. This means you have the option to select specific gender, language, and/or geo-targeting when you are setting up your targeted campaigns on social media platforms.

    2. How do I know which social media platforms are right for me?

    Most resource strapped businesses are not sure which social media platform will prove to be the most beneficial for them. Unfortunately, there is no one right or wrong answer, but it entirely depends on the nature, audience, and goals of your business etc,. For instance, if you are a B2B business looking to run a marketing campaign on social media, then LinkedIn might be appropriate for you. In any case, if you want to find out which social media platform is right for you, get in touch with us today and we will help you devise the best social media strategy.

    3. What’s the deal with social media and ROI?

    Social Media is a relatively newer marketing channel and thus the debate around social media and ROI is still on-going. Nonetheless, while there isn’t one specific metric for ROI, numerous other metrics are used to determine ROI depending upon your campaign goals. Many such metrics involve, post engagement, reach, conversion rates, traffic directed to websites and sales generated.

    4. Social media seems expensive! Why?

    Similar to other marketing channels, social media has free as well as premium features that allow businesses to market their products and services to huge audiences. Advertising on social media platforms requires sophisticated expertise to make precise targeted campaigns that are well worth the money you spend. Spending money on social media advertising without having those expertise means you will not get your money’s worth, and hence why social media seems expensive. Partnering with a top Dubai digital web development and marketing agency such as Digital Express, will ensure that your resources are well spent and you meet your desired advertising goals.

    5. Why do we need social media marketing?

    If your goal is to reach your audience and form long term connections with them, then social media marketing is a must for your business. It allows you to be part of conversations around your industry and brand and gather important insights about your customers. Social media marketing also plays a huge role in SEO and driving traffic to your website and boosting your conversions. If you are looking for social media marketing for your business, get in touch with Digital Express today.

    6. How do you deal with negative feedback or commentary?

    Our social media experts actively engage in social listening so that all consumer queries are heard and solved. We also proactively participate in conversations around the brand so that any misunderstanding is noted and resolved.

    7. How can we trust you to represent our brand correctly?

    Digital Express has been working as a digital marketing agency in Dubai for over a decade. We have worked with startups as well as well-established international brands. Our in-house expertise and our long standing experience enables us to take on any client and achieve results that surpass their expectations.

    8. What is the estimated response time for our social media communities?

    Our social media experts at Digital Express, manage various social media communities for our clients. Our average estimated response time for the social media communities we manage is 60 to 90 minutes.

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    SEO Services

    Our result-oriented SEO services are a perfect blend of creativity, staunch market analysis and compliance to the industry standards ensuring optimal visibility and web traffic.

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    At Digital Express, we realise the value of every cent you invest on clickable ads and set your PPC advertising campaigns accordingly to guarantee maximum return with minimal waste.

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    It takes a perfect selection of words and creativity to effective content marketing and we have just the expertise to ensure content remains the king for your business, garnering long-term profit.

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    From Facebook posts to Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins, social media marketing team at Digital Express understand the norms of social platform for 100 percent strong presence of your brand.

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    Reputation management at Digital Express guarantees business resilience and consumer retention across the internet and social media with careful strategies in compliance to your services.

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    Our expertise in online advertising and range of internet tools will put your business on top of every search query with a flawless combination of SEO, SEM, SMM, display and mobile advertising.

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    Digital Express provides complete email marketing solutions at affordable prices to help your business establish a lasting relationship with valuable clients and customers across the globe.

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    We have a specialized team that is proficient in all the tools available in the market and they can fetch results with complete understanding to enhance your conversion rates.

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