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Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Social media marketing Dubai is a super important marketing tool in today’s world. It can reinforce a business’s marketing and amplify its organic SEO efforts. It is a marvelous way to reach consumers and possible business partners alike.

Social media marketing and management experts in Dubai who provides SMM solutions powered by tried and tested gameplans.

You can use social media marketing campaigns to ignite excitement about your latest products by sharing, using pictures, and getting the word out about them.

Businesses need to keep up with the radically evolving world of social media. Knowing techniques to propel a plan is fundamental for a social media footprint that overpowers that of the competitors. Social media management companies are fighting for a social media edge for their clients due to the tremendously growing longing for a robust social media presence.

Social media marketing companies in Dubai need to create out-of-the-box social media post designs that arrest the viewers at first glance. Remember users’ attention span on social media is very low. An exceptional social media post is born from a creative thought process. This thought process determines the goal of the post to scale up the performance of the post.

When it comes to social media, you need to keep a balance between what your customers are finding and what is feasible for you to offer. Social media sites are enjoyable but demanding.

Talented social media professionals who utilize analytics to the fullest are rare. They know the magic of attracting quality and relevant visitors to your social media campaign. A great social media marketing strategy can allow your business to jump from a startup to a well-known brand.


Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai

Digital Express is a forward-thinking social media marketing services company in Dubai. Our services can steer your business towards success by pumping up your SMM campaigns and attracting more sales. Here are some of our most popular services.

SMM services for a certain channel

We ask our clients about the platforms they want to use. If you don’t know which social media channel or channels will be beneficial for your business, don’t fret. Our social media management company Dubai will figure out which social media platform or platforms will be the most suitable for your business. For example, LinkedIn would work well for a b2b company more than it will work for a business whose customers are millennials.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook which makes it the hottest social media advertising site. Next to it are networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ depending on the target customers.

Making a powerful action plan

Our social media agency services include crafting a robust social media plan for our clients. Our social media experts have been creating content strategies for different clients for a long time.

WOur social media marketing services involve research about customers and social keywords, experimenting with and assessing myriad platforms and kinds of content. With aspects like an editorial calendar, our well-defined social media plan can be followed to attain specific objectives. Furthermore, we can assist you in implementing your social media marketing strategy.

Creating an account and social media branding

This service is for our clients who are just going to start social media advertising. Our dedicated team can set up your social media accounts/profiles, optimize them for search engines and make sure that they work for your business. We can also schedule posts to kick start your journey in the initial weeks.

Creating social media posts and ads

A functional social media campaign is incomplete without content creation. Our social media magicians know the art of creating engaging content and inspiring shares that will aid you in spreading your message.

Our social media marketing Dubai services include making videos and graphics, writing articles and social media posts, and referring to shareable posts/blogs to share from different businesses and sources.

As the competition in social media marketing Dubai is tough, winning social media content should be useful and able to begin conversations. Creativity, analytics, and data are the main ingredients of a killing social media campaign.

Moreover, our professionals are masters at designing content specifically for social media as well as picking your content from some other platform to use for your social media marketing in Dubai.

On different platforms, you are only allowed to put up images of specific dimensions. In addition to that, marketers have to stick with certain best practices and rules and consider several kinds of text formatting for different social media sites. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry, our premium social media marketing services in Dubai can take care of all that.

Social Media Marketing Advertising Company in Dubai

Our SMM services also involve planning and publishing content and conducting in-depth research about your brand, target audience, and competitors. We further analyze the insights we gain to guide your social media promotion strategy. This then helps in boosting lead generation.

Posting content

Don't try to be a jack of all trades by juggling all tasks including posting social media content yourself. A result-oriented social media management company like Digital Express can schedule and publish your social media ads and posts on different social media channels.

You will save a lot of precious time that you can use for the advancement of your business. Also, newbies don't know what are the suitable times to publish content. And it becomes even more challenging if you are targeting an international market.

Our social media agency services in Dubai in terms of content publication are: being consistent, planning time-dependent posts, including others, developing an archive, and imposing a strong sharing ratio.

We will craft a bespoke content calendar for your brand to guide you on when you should publish a certain post. Our content calendar will be flexible enough for you to make changes if required.

Plus, our social media marketing services company can take care of your SMM in Dubai through 24 hours monitoring and real-time action. This will help you in sidestepping unpleasant circumstances due to the scheduled content confronting topical events.

Researching and assessing for SMM marketing

Research about a brand is essential for social media advertising. Our adept team can research your target audience and their personality, likes, dislikes, and problems.

Our research encompasses your competitors as well. This will include the activities and methods they are using for their social media promotion. Our comprehensive competitor research will enable you to pinpoint your competitors’ strong and weak points. Then, our social media marketing agency will use this knowledge to improve your strategy for social media marketing in Dubai for your brand.

Social Media Marketing Services

24 gold
Case Study for 24 gold

24Gold DMCC is a Dubai-based precious metals company that assists in gold trading and hedging. Our SEO team took on the challenge to grow the company's organic traffic. The scope of work included SEO keyword research, advising on a blog content calendar, and writing compelling and keyword-rich copy.

Al Malaky Royal
Case Study for Al Malaky Royal

Al Malaky is one of the top names in the production of honey & beehives at a global scale. The brand approached us for assistance in getting them to rank on the first page for the high-volume terms. Our SEO team prepared a comprehensive content marketing strategy to target the required keywords and drive maximum conversions through the website.

Case Study for RTS

The Reliable Technical Service does everything from electric repairs to interior decoration, plumbing work, wood repair, garden maintenance, and much more. With a solid content plan and link-building strategy, our SEO team has managed to push the RTS’ website on the first page of Google against a dozen different commercial queries.

Services offered by Us

SEO Services Dubai Icon

SEO Services

Our result-oriented SEO services are a perfect blend of creativity, staunch market analysis and compliance to the industry standards ensuring optimal visibility and web traffic.

PPC Advertising Dubai Icon

PPC Advertising

At Digital Express, we realise the value of every cent you invest on clickable ads and set your PPC advertising campaigns accordingly to guarantee maximum return with minimal waste.

Content Marketing Icon

Content Marketing

It takes a perfect selection of words and creativity to effective content marketing and we have just the expertise to ensure content remains the king for your business, garnering long-term profit.

Social Media Marketing Icon

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook posts to Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins, social media marketing team at Digital Express understand the norms of social platform for 100 percent strong presence of your brand.

Reputation Management Icon

Reputation Management

Reputation management at Digital Express guarantees business resilience and consumer retention across the internet and social media with careful strategies in compliance to your services.

Online Advertising Dubai Icon

Online Advertising

Our expertise in online advertising and range of internet tools will put your business on top of every search query with a flawless combination of SEO, SEM, SMM, display and mobile advertising.

Email Marketing Icon

Email Marketing

Digital Express provides complete email marketing solutions at affordable prices to help your business establish a lasting relationship with valuable clients and customers across the globe.

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Web Analytics

We have a specialized team that is proficient in all the tools available in the market and they can fetch results with complete understanding to enhance your conversion rates.

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The social media marketers at Digital express choose metrics based on a business’s objectives. Some metrics that our social media agency usually employs to scale a brand’s social media marketing performance are:
Engagement: the number of users commenting on your posts and sharing them
Impressions: the number of users who view your business on social platforms
Mentions: the number of times a user mentions your brand
Followers: the number of users in your immediate social media channels
Social Referral Traffic: the number of users who opened a link on one of your social posts
Social media marketing in Dubai has become an essential element of a powerful digital marketing plan. Companies utilize social media for ToFu (top-of-funnel) marketing. Then, they put up paid ads on social media networks to propel bottom-of-funnel or middle-of-funnel efforts.
Social media marketing in Dubai has significantly impacted design and video tactics because people now want information immediately. For instance, we see that people love those videos that they can understand even when the video is mute. It helps them to enjoy that content even when they are in a public place.
Digital Express is a social media management company that will establish a suitable and bespoke campaign structure for your brand. This will ensure that your social media ads influence viewers.
Furthermore, we keep optimizing your ad campaigns. With our vast experience, we can always discover new methods to optimize social media campaigns and boosts performance. Most importantly, social media marketing in Dubai can increase your sales. Our team knows the tips and tricks to make the most of a budget to attain a business’s objectives. To do this, they use their knowledge of the nuts and bolts of different social media sites.
Businesses attain what they offer on social media sites. It's essential to share relevant information, “real-time” images, and user-generated posts regularly. To be successful at social media marketing in Dubai, brands should give a personal touch to their brand voice. Businesses should interact with other businesses and their target consumers from a personable position.

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