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"Top Web Development Company in UAE."

Digital Marketing Portfolio


24 gold

Case Study

24Gold DMCC is a Dubai-based precious metals company that assists in gold trading and hedging. Our SEO team took on the challenge to grow the company's organic traffic. The scope of work included SEO keyword research, advising on a blog content calendar, and writing compelling and keyword-rich copy.


Al Malaky Royal

Case Study:

Al Malaky is one of the top names in the production of honey & beehives at a global scale. The brand approached us for assistance in getting them to rank on the first page for the high-volume terms. Our SEO team prepared a comprehensive content marketing strategy to target the required keywords and drive maximum conversions through the website.



Case Study:

The Reliable Technical Service does everything from electric repairs to interior decoration, plumbing work, wood repair, garden maintenance, and much more. With a solid content plan and link-building strategy, our SEO team has managed to push the RTS’ website on the first page of Google against a dozen different commercial queries.

Facebook Marketing in Dubai

Facebook is one of the most popular platform for digital marketing. After the success of various campaigns on social media, the platform has introduced many tools and services that allow the brands to market their products and serviced and get the best results, increased online presence, improved number of audience and unmatchable reach increasing the ROI if the company.

Digital Express is one of the most prestigious digital marketing company that has a team of experts who are proficient in designing campaigns customized for the platform. Facebook marketing is a strategy that enables the brands to directly interact with their customers at a personal level. Over the years we have proved ourselves to be the digital agency especially excelling in Facebook marketing. Our specifically designed campaigns that are in complete compliance with your brand’s ideology have provided numerous renowned brands a competitive edge.

We design customized campaigns that include regular positing of art works, surveys, polls, questioners, and contest to enhance customer engagement increasing the brand’s reach, traffic diversion to your website, lead generation, app awareness and return on investment. We ensure that our regular engagement strategies will provide your brand the exposure and approach it requires to enhance customer base.

Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook for Business?

Facebook has been ranked #1 on social media usage for the last 5 years. It has more than 3 billion users worldwide per month, with nearly 2 billion people connected to a small business and more than 10 million using Facebook’s advertising services. Meaning you can reach your potential customers using this widespread and accessible platform.

Digital Express helps you connect with your customers using customized Facebook Advertising Campaigns set for success!

With the growing shift to online platforms, it is essential for businesses to adapt to the changing landscape and Facebook provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Success statistics for brands to establish a strong online presence:

  • 51% of businesses report they are able to interact more frequently with clients via social media.
  • Online tools are used by 36% of the personal businesses conducting all their sales online.
  • Among the businesses that have restructured, 35% are using digital payments more effectively.
  • Social media is a crucial part of brand identity for 80% of business executives.
  • More than 45% of internet users consult social media before they make a purchase.

Facebook Advertising gives brands the option to achieve KPIs of all kinds by simple yet effective campaigns, track their performance and effectively grow their brand presence in an immensely dynamic, diverse and attractive online environment.

Our skilled and experienced Facebook marketing specialists at Digital Express ensure that your campaigns run flawlessly and effectively to reach all your goals to the best of their abilities.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Digital Express and Facebook helps you create a trustworthy, discoverable and engaging brand to help you grow, maximize profits and reduce revenue uncertainty.

Some of Facebook’s ad management objectives are:

Awareness – This includes brand awareness and reach. It focuses on generating an interest in your brand’s products and services by telling people about what makes your business valuable and unique.

Consideration – This includes traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation and messages. It gets people to think about your business, seek more information by visiting your site etc., and learning about your story and unique offerings.

Conversion – This includes lead conversion, catalog sales and store traffic. It encourages people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service i.e., take action and convert from mere viewers to customers.

Digital express uses different Facebook Advertising formats to design campaigns that capture attention and prompt action. By efficiently utilizing Facebook Advertising, your brand can reach new heights as it would enable you to show ads across devices with greater creativity and flexibility, engage with your audience via interactive features, adapt to stay competitive, get the best ROI and expand beyond borders.

How can your business benefit from Facebook Advertising?

At Digital Express, we acknowledge and cater to your brand’s specific needs using Facebook’s broad range of services that help you fulfill your goals. Whether you want to use video, images or words – or a combination of these elements – we ensure there's a Facebook ad format that fits your brand’s ideology perfectly.

Some Facebook’s ad formats include:

  • Stories Ads – Stories are the perfect way to keep your audience continuously engaged and updated via a steady stream of exciting and interactive content either in the form of pictures, videos, filters, posts and so on. These are a customizable and enriching experience that lets your consumers interact and immerse in your content to pursue their passions, engage with your brand and products, as well as take action for an external cause.

  • Photo Ads – Photo ads provide a visually attractive and simple, yet effective, method of conveying your message using high-quality images or illustrations. These not only stimulate your consumer’s sensory experiences but also relate with them to create a distinct brand identity that the consumer may value and appreciate.

  • Video Ads – Using a combination of sound, sight and motion, videos allow the consumer to have a complete and enriching experience. Video ads offer a range of lengths and styles, such as in-stream, feed and stories, giving your business the full autonomy to select a video ad created to portray your brand identity most appealingly and efficiently.

  • Messenger Ads – Messenger ads assist your audience to connect and start conversations with your brand. They allow you to get personal with your customers, both exciting and new, add interactive or automated features, capture attention and reach audiences over a vast demographic.

  • Carousel Ads – These take up more space as compared to normal Facebook posts and allow you to showcase up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each with its distinct link and caption. Carousel ads give your brand greater creative freedom to convey your message in an extremely interesting and attractive way.

  • Slideshow Ads – Similar to Video ads, slideshow ads allow you to convey your message using a series of lightweight clips with sound, images, text and motion, but at a more affordable cost and simpler way, as they load quickly and run smoothly on any connection speed.

  • Collection Ads – Collection ads enable a consumer to easily discover, browse and avail your products or services by simply clicking on a specific ad to expand its details with a fast-loading experience.

  • Playable Ads – These allow your customers to interact and preview your product before purchasing or downloading it. Playable ads provide a try-before-you-buy experience leading to higher customer satisfaction and conversion of higher quality and higher-intent users. These are specifically valuable for apps and games.

Why choose Digital Express?

Posting randomly on social media often does not result in your desired results due to the hyper-competitive online market. A detailed and well-thought-out strategy needs to be implemented in order to effectively reach your business and marketing goals.

Our diverse team of highly motivated, professional, results-oriented and talented individuals makes us a one-stop-shop catering to all your Facebook marketing and designing needs. With numerous certifications, experiential learning and out-of-the-box thinking, our team creates and deploys a campaign set for guaranteed success and fulfillment of your brand’s objectives most efficiently and sustainably.

Being experts in the field, we use multiple tools to make your advertising creative, more engaging and fruitfully address the needs of the time using innovative, affordable and effective solutions to industry challenges.

Digital Express is one of the best Facebook marketing agencies in Dubai and takes pride in its ingenious and authentic campaign ideas, designed specifically keeping your brand in mind. We are a result-oriented Facebook advertising agency that customizes our plans to best address your concerns, understand your target audience, define your theme and put your message in action aligned with the brand image you wish to put forward.

Winning Strategy

As one of the leading Dubai Facebook advertising company, Digital Express has digital marketing specialists who have proven expertise in crafting ROI driven Facebook advertising strategies.

Strategic Vision

We design Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients with the aim to gain traction, generate buzz, bring growth and drive sales. Being one of the top Facebook ads agencies in Dubai, all our Facebook advertising strategies revolve around achieving campaign and business goals as well as outshining the competition.

Campaigns That Connect

Our savvy social network advertising experts create sales driven ads campaigns that increase visits and purchases. With proven expertise in Facebook blueprint, Facebook business suite, CRO and increasing online engagement design campaigns that deliver.

Professionally Tailored Campaigns

Our marketing specialists create highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns for your business based on your target audience's gender, age, interests, locations and other unique features. Our highly specific campaigns translate into higher return on investment.

Click-Worthy Content

By taking creative inspiration from industry professionals and digging deep into our imagination to create irresistible and click-worthy content that piques your audience’s interest, leading to more inquiries and augmented conversion rates.

Facebook Ad Management Process

At Digital Express, a full-service Facebook marketing company, we follow a proven process of making winning Facebook advertising campaigns that are insightful and bring excellent results.

Our Facebook Ad Management Process

Defining Facebook Ad Audience

Once we get a brief from our clients and understand their business as well as campaign goals, and have defined a budget, we pull up our sleeves and get to work immediately. Our first step is to define the ideal Facebook Ads audience for the campaign. This is a crucial step, because an ultra-targeted campaign is the key to driving maximum results.

Deciding and Designing Facebook Ad Format

The next step is to decide which is the best Facebook Ad format for your campaign. Facebook offers various ad formats such as photo, video, carousel, slideshow etc. Once we choose the perfect ad format, we then put on our creative hats to design your Ad according to the chosen format.


No Ad can succeed without clever and engaging copywriting, and our ad copywriting specialists in Dubai, are the best to get the job done. We draft an ad copy that tells your brand story and connects with your audience.

Facebook Ad Optimization

To deliver high ROI on Facebook advertising services in Dubai, our social media experts stay on top of our Facebook ads campaign and keep Facebook Ad Management and optimizing it using insights from Facebook IQ.

Our aim is to see your brand flourish and achieve its goals effectively without putting a huge dent in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get a customized package and talk to our cooperative and highly talented team!

When you partner with top Dubai Facebook marketing company, Digital Express, you can expect data driven, ROI based advertising campaigns. Although our deliverables vary from client to client, here is a list of deliverables that most of our clients receive during a month.

  • 3-4 bespoke ads
  • 1-2 highly tailored ad campaigns
  • 3-4 adjustments in audience targeting
  • 3-4 revisions in ad copy
  • 1 on 1 meeting with our Facebook ad specialists
  • Boost in page views
  • Result analysis and ROI
  • Creative social media advertising strategy
  • CRO or Conversion Rate optimization
  • Top notch customer service with 24-48 hours response time
  • And so much more



How keyword research helps in improving rankings?


Keyword research is essential for an SEO campaign. Keyword research helps you to identify the keywords that your competitors are using and ranking higher using them. Also, you would be able to determine the long-tail keywords or phrases that should be focused on for on-site optimization. If you don’t carry out keyword research, you would find it hard to find out the search queries of your ideal customers and optimize your website according to them.


What steps are important to initiate a social media campaign for a company?


The first step in starting a social media campaign is putting up interactive posts on daily basis. This content should resonate well with your audience as well as be amusing and contain useful links. Then, of course, you would need to post on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, and Foursquare regularly. Additionally, power your social media marketing with ads. Promoted tweets and Facebook ads for mobile and desktop users supply almost 10 times more clicks than conventional online ads do.


What are the benefits of PPC advertising?


Many marvelous factors make pay-per-click marketing more valuable than other digital marketing methods. PPC advertising can be easily performed, scaled, and measured and gives results faster than SEO. Plus, it's more versatile, takes control of the search engine result pages, and engages and converts visitors.


Does email marketing still work?


Email marketing is a highly efficient way for a brand to access its consumers directly. When you put up content on your website or social media channels, you can only hope that users will visit and see it. However, through email marketing, you shoot your message directly which lands in each user’s inbox. Even if someone doesn't open your message, they will still glance at the subject line and your business’s name every time you send an email. It makes sure that you communicate directly and more closely with your target audience.

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