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"Top Web Development Company in USA."




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"Top Web Development Company in USA."

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Case Study

Jino is an on-demand car care service in Dubai. We reimagined Android and iOS apps for them with added functionalities, including search and request washers, rating systems, past order details, and invoice systems. To help them beat their competitors, we improved the user experience by adding in-app notifications.



Case Study:

PicPax is a company that offers supplements and diet plans to help people get fitter. We designed and introduced an algorithm to their site to deliver nutrition advice after assessing people’s health. PicPax is growing in its industry with the immersive and user-friendly website we created for them.



Case Study:

Injazat is a prominent company offering management and consultation services in the corporate sector. Digital Gravity builds a user-friendly, feature-packed mobile app to help them interact with potential clients. Along with an intuitive interface, the application also features an intelligent chatbot to answer user questions.

Your Go-To Company for Android Game Development

We are Digital Express, one of the leading Android game development companies in the UAE. Our Android game development company employs some amazing minds; front-end developers, animators, and game story developers. Together, they are capable of creating games that can literally shake the game development industry in Dubai.

Today, people are hooked on their mobile phones. From adults to children, grown ones to professionals who barely get any free time in their busy schedules, everybody loves these games. During short breaks or at the end of the day, and sometimes during the entire weekend, Android users play all sorts of exciting games to beat the stress.

As a result, the game development industry is growing fast. Chances are you too are familiar with the names like Symphony of the Night, Chrono Trigger, Crossy Road, Downwell, Dragalia Lost, and Final Fantasy VII. And these are just a few, hundreds of Android games are being developed and released daily. But only a few of them make a name for themselves in this saturated industry.

So, if you are looking to create one of your own Android games and make a few bucks by monetizing it, you are at the right place. Digital Express is your one-stop shop for game development needs. We employ the best Android game developers who are capable of creating extraordinary experiences for ordinary game lovers!

Android Game Development with Guaranteed Results

Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. When it comes to investing in Android game development, you are likely to have two different objectives: either you want to monetize it or you are crazy about Android games. In both cases, you can’t compromise on the quality.

An Android game should be simple, allow multi-tasking, give an illusion of control to the gamer, and acknowledge the player’s feats. While developing an Android game, we take care of all these aspects.

For Android game development, you should choose us because:

We Have A Dedicated Team

We do everything in-house. Whether you hire us for Android app development or Android games development, we’ll deploy a team of experts on your project. Our operations are taken care of by experts in each field, so you always get a user-friendly, enchanting digital product for all your needs. Furthermore, since all our operations are in-house, you get a prompt response against any query

Timely Delivery

It takes up to a complete year to finish an Android game and deploy it. But if the company you have hired isn’t serious about the delivery of your game, this timeline can further stretch. At Digital Express, we work day and night to meet the timeline. And because we work in a systematic way, taking one side of the project at a time and ensuring timely completion, we are able to deliver digital products in a timely manner.


Digital Express can do even more than mobile game development for you. We are a full-service mobile app development agency dealing in iOS apps, cross-platform apps, and apps for wearable devices. We can write code for you, perform maintenance tasks, and update your application whenever you need. Also, we can design a user-friendly, and interactive interface for it to help you produce better results with your branding efforts.

Android Game Development Company Creating Viral Games

We don’t just create Android games but digital experiences that keep the people hooked; games that have the potential to earn you a substantial amount of money through various monetization channels. Imagine people talking about your game, calling it “the next big thing” in the game industry.

Our Games Include Surprise & Delight

Have you ever gotten addicted to a game? Go over it again and you’ll realize that it has plenty of surprises and delight. People love such games, especially teenagers. A successful game has a blend of the real and virtual world, a world that sounds far from reality yet enjoyable.

Our Games have Socially Competitive Features

We create games that offer users the ability to play with their loved ones and compete against best friends and siblings. This feature adds a critical layer of engagement depth. All the popular games of the 21st century have this feature. Studies also back the fact that if a game has the option to feature six or more players, users will prefer it over single-player games.

Our Games Can Be Monetized

Surely, you’d love to earn a few bucks with your game. We create android game designs that people love, thus you can monetize them in various ways. When the game experience is so tempting that people can’t resist, they don’t mind paying a dime—and getting a dime from thousands of users every month can start passive income for you.

Built for Any Android Hardware

Digital Express is a game app development company that creates winning games for all hardware platforms from the ground up. No matter what Android version and phones you want to target, we’ll create games that will run seamlessly on all.

The Best Android Game Developers In Dubai

No matter what service you are looking for, from Android game development to Android game story development or UX/UI design, we have got you covered.

Assets Creation

Do you need our help with asset creation? Reach out to us, we can create eye-catching animations and juicy graphics for your Android game. We’ll turn a plane experience into an extraordinary interaction between the game and the user.

Full-Cycle Android Game Development

As a full-service Android app development agency in Dubai, we have the expertise and capabilities to create a game product from scratch of any complexity. Our team will research and implement the most relevant mechanics in the game so the end-users will like and appreciate it.

UX/UI Design

The user interface plays a huge role in the convenience of the game player interacting with your game. The better it is, the longer each session will be. At Digital Express, our UX/UI experts have some amazing ideas to develop your game’s UX/UI from scratch.


Our Android game development services include comprehensive and effective game controls based on your objectives and criteria. Based on those, we test your game until we are sure that it’s bug-free, and runs smoothly on all Android devices.

Support & Maintenance

Maintaining a website is easy, but when it comes to maintaining your Android game, you must be a developer to perform regular maintenance tasks. Fortunately, for any kind of support and maintenance, you can hire Digital Express. We’ll continue to offer you support even after the end of the development.



Who are the best game development companies in Dubai?


There are quite a few game development companies in Dubai, but Digital Express is one of the best when it comes to transparency, quality, and cost.


How much will a mobile game development company in Dubai charge me for creating an Android game?


A mid-level Android game will cost you between AED 50,000 to AED 100,000.


What tools do you use for Android game development Dubai?


Here are some of the tools Android companies use for game development:

  • Unity
  • Marmalade SDK
  • Unreal Engine
  • AppGameKit
  • Amazon LumberYard
  • Construct 2
  • Clickteam Fusion
  • GameMaker Studio
  • 4

    Do you create only Android games?


    We create both Android games as well as Android apps. If you need a mobile app, get in touch. We create apps for all industries with both simple and advanced functionalities.

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