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A Leading ASP.Net Development Company In Dubai

ASP.NET is a platform used for building desktop applications using C# and Visual Basic. As a server-side framework, developers use it for creating dynamic websites, applications, and services. One of the reasons why this framework is quite popular today is it is suitable both for small to mid-scale projects and for large enterprise applications.

ASP.NET has been a game-changer in the software development industry. Developers today use it to create powerful applications that not only simplify a job or solve a problem but also run smoothly across various platforms.

Since ASP.NET follows the MVC architecture, any programming enthusiast can learn it in a short period of time. What’s more, you can create big applications using ASP.NET with the help of a minimum code. ASP.NET offers enhanced performance and scalability with the help of some amazing features, such as just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization and caching services, and many more.

Despite being really simple, ASP.NET offers a world-class toolbox in the form of a Visual Studio integrated development environment. This toolbox comes in extremely useful for building high-performance apps and aids the engineers to create applications quickly.

And when it comes to choosing the best .NET Development services, Digital Express is a great choice. Our expert ASP.NET developers in Dubai are capable of creating all kinds of web and desktop applications. We create internet and intranet-oriented website designs and functionalities, keeping robustness and multi-functionality in mind.

Over the years we’ve used ASP.NET to create several powerful web and desktop applications for our clients. Due to its amazing capabilities, ASP.NET is a great framework to consider for creating your next app.

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Why Choose Digital Express for ASP.Net Web Development

ASP.NET is nothing new to us. Our ASP.NET developers know how to make the best use of it to create web applications that transform your business. Thus, choosing Digital Express should be a no-brainer. Here’s why our clients choose us:


While ASP.NET is quite powerful, you still need an experienced team of developers to execute your plan and meet your requirements. What makes us the best ASP.Net development company Dubai is our experience. We’ve an in-house team of ASP.NET developers who are vastly experienced in this domain. Our experts leverage this experience to create experiences that work and are guaranteed to fulfill your objectives.

Scalable & Engaging Apps

Due to our experience, we know what kind of apps work in today’s saturated online environment. With thousands of apps being launched on a daily basis, there’s no space for low-performance apps. Thus, we make sure the web apps we create are scalable and engaging.

Transparent Process

No matter what we are doing, whether it’s ASP.NET application development or digital marketing, transparency and honesty remain two integral parts of our business operations. During the whole development process, we’ll keep you updated with your app’s progress. And there will be 100% transparency as your satisfaction is our top priority.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re not going anywhere until you are satisfied. Our expert ASP.NET Developers in Dubai offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee against every service, be it web design or development or ASP.NET development. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, we’ll be happy to make improvements until you are happy with your app.

Sharjah CO-OP
Sharjah CO-OP

Sharjah CO-OP sells everything from household products to food and beverages, electronics, baby items, and much more. Our WordPress development agency in Dubai & UAE was tasked to create a user-friendly website for Sharjah CO-OP to create a secure online selling platform for the company.

Rose Al Jazira
Rose Al Jazira

Since 2000, Rose Al Jazira has been a big name in the medical, diagnostics, and medical-cosmetics business in the Middle East region. Our team redesigned the company’s website and used the WooCommerce plugin to include advanced functionalities into it.

Salama Digitailor
Salama Digitailor

Salama Digitailor is an emerging fashion brand in the UAE. Our web design and development company gathered fresh ideas for the company’s website and crafted a compelling User Experience. After a lot of research, planning, and execution, we finally managed to develop a website that properly reflects the potential of the brand.

ASP.Net Development Company Dubai For All Industries

We do ASP.NET development for all industries. From real estate to blockchain, healthcare, fashion and beauty, apparel brands, food brands, and everything in between, our services are apt for everyone. We know what functionalities your website or web applications need to drive engagement.

Our team takes pride in delivering high-end ASP.NET-based solutions. Over the years we’ve delivered so many of them that we know everything about this technology like the back of our hand. Thus, they are able to build platforms that expand your business and help you transform it into an agile, high-performing competitor.

We have the experience of working with the following industries:

Real Estate: Several of our clients come from the real estate industry. We have designed and developed web as well as mobile applications for them while incorporating the best possible features and functionalities into them.

Ecommerce: If you are an ecommerce seller in Dubai, collaborate with Digital Express. Our team has created dozens of ecommerce websites using the most advanced frameworks and standard technology stacks.

Food: Do you own a restaurant, and want to get more visitors daily by promoting your dishes and deals through a website? You’re at the right place. We’ve served big names like Coroli with their web site's development and branding.

Automotive: If you’re in the automotive industry, you can’t grow without a professional-looking website. We’ve the experience of serving quite a few automotive brands with our web design and development services.

Healthcare: Capital Health Screening Center is one of our top clients from the healthcare industry. We help healthcare providers enhance their reach and connect with their audience through a personalized channel in the form of a website.

ASP.Net Development Service offered by us

Our ASP.NET development services include but are not limited to:

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Custom Solutions

We use an agile process to build custom ASP.NET applications for all your needs. Hire our ASP.NET development company and we’ll employ best coding practices to leverage the framework’s best features and functions to your benefit. Be it a web application or a desktop app, our products are robust and tailor-made to your needs.

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Building & Managing Microsoft Azure Projects

As a leading ASP.Net development company Dubai, we can help you become a cloud computing powerhouse. Hire our Microsoft Azure service which is managed by experienced cloud professionals. We’ll design your Azure cloud computing projects so you can make collaboration among employees and teammates seamless, fast and efficient!

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Migrating Existing Apps to ASP.NET Core

Do you already have a website or any application and want to migrate it to ASP.NET Core? We’ll help you in this venture. Our team is proficient in migrating existing apps to the new framework in a safe, risk-free way. One of the major benefits of migrating to ASP.NET Core is you can target Windows, Linux, and Apple users. Though the process is a little complex, with Digital Express’ experienced developers at your help, you don’t need to worry. We’ll get the job done in a neat manner!

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Optimizing App Performance

Is your app performing poorly? Or maybe there are bugs — bugs that are costing you business. To optimize your app’s performance, you need the help of ASP.NET experts. We’ll make sure your app is running rapidly with an intuitive UI. At Digital Express, we offer ASP Net core development services with your business’s best interest in mind. We want you to grow and scale up your business, fast!

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It depends on the task and its complexity. Do you need a complete website or software? Or are you looking for maintenance and update services? Reach out to us for a custom quote.
ASP.NET is a great framework. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use. Thus, many web development companies in Dubai use ASP.NET for creating robust applications.
You can use ASP.NET for building both dynamic websites as well as web applications.
That’s entirely up to you. Both PHP and ASP.NET have pros and cons. BTW, we offer both PHP and ASP.NET development services. If you are confused and need consultation in this regard, reach out to us via email and we’ll guide you.
Yes, we do have a resource outsourcing department. If you’re looking for a dedicated resource to work on your project, fill out the form and our team will contact you shortly.

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