Mobile Friendly Website


10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website

January 9, 2019


Websites, along with the relevance that they have been able to create in the lives of internet users, now have another angle that has become unavoidable. This is the use of websites on mobile phones. The use of smartphones has increased to such a great level, that besides the social media platforms being accessible on the mobile phones, it is impossible to not give users an access to websites.

Rather than building up two different websites and paying for the development and designing of both, it is suggested to have one ‘responsive design’ made. This design automatically adjusts the layout and all the elements according to the screen size of the gadget. This web design is for desktops, smartphones, tablets etc.

Reasons for switching to a Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Google suggests a Mobile Friendly website: Since the algorithm update in April 2015, Google has started giving preference to mobile friendly (responsive design) websites, rather than a separate mobile website.
  • Increasing number of Mobile Users: As per research, 4 out of 5 consumers shop online using their phones. This shows how the use of mobile phones has taken over and therefore, it will be a wrong move to not take your business to that level where you allow the consumers to get in touch with you using their mobile phones.
  • User Experience: As we discussed above, catering to the target market only through desktop websites is not enough, in fact it is beneficial to provide them with a mobile friendly website. Instead of pinching the screen and zooming in and out, they will be conveniently viewing the websites on their phones and that would lead to a better user experience resulting in more conversions.
  • Loads Up Quickly: The desktop version tends to take longer in loading up on a mobile screen, as compared to the mobile version of the same website. A slow website can leave the user frustrated and that can easily result in less conversions.
  • Bounce rates: It must be noted that the bounce rates can go up if the page is not responsive and the elements available in the desktop version are not available in the mobile version. Therefore, it is best to have a responsive design so that whatever is there on a desktop website is also accessible when using a smartphone.
  • Saving Costs: When you get two versions designed, it obviously increases the web designing cost. If you get a single responsive web design made, it will save you designing cost as well as the maintenance cost in the future.
  • SEO charges: When you build a website, your aim is to target maximum traffic and for that you consult an SEO company. SEO charges are not a small amount of money that you invest in your business and hence, instead of bearing these charges for two separate websites, it is better to get this service for one single website.
  • Futuristic: Mobile friendly websites are a great invention for the future. With the increase in number of internet users and specially the rise in people accessing websites through their smartphones, this option of a responsive design is definitely worth investing in. As per studies, out of the time spent on the digital media, 78% is through mobile phones which means that 1.2 billion users are accessing web pages from their phones.
  • Competitive Edge: This design may give you an edge over your competitors. In case your competitor does not own a responsive design and you do, it can guarantee an increase in your sales as the users will be more comfortable in navigating through your website than the competitor’s.
  • Easy Access: This is the most basic factor that since it is a mobile phone, the mobility plays a major role in buying as well. The mobile phone users can be wherever, whenever and still be connected to the businesses they interact with the most. They are well informed about any new arrivals, change in policy, discounts and so much more. This round the clock access to mobile phones as opposed to the desktop computers makes it super convenient for the users to check out what you offer, read reviews and make a transaction right away, hence more conversions.

Keeping in mind the above details, it must have been clear to you how a responsive; mobile friendly website can help your business and add to your bucket of trusted conversions.