13 Dos and Don’ts of Business Email Etiquette

May 9, 2019

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Are you thinking about doing an email marketing campaign? Well, that is a very good idea in order to market your product on a larger scale in lesser time, but did you know there is a thorough list of etiquettes to be followed? We are sure you didn’t which is why we are here to make sure you do not make some uncanny mistakes while you market your product through emails.

Email marketing is very crucial for any business, either a startup or a multinational. If you are hiring a website design company in Dubai, they will absolutely mention this technique in order to reach out a larger target market. but keep in mind, an unprofessionally written email can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Some email marketers make common mistakes while writing a professional email. We have combined a list of 13 dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind to while you articulate your mail. If you keep these in mind, you will be creating an imprint of your brand values on the reader.

Let’s discuss the Dos

  1. A clear subject line

Did you know that most of the email do not get read because their subject line doesn’t entice the receiver? Never leave a subject line blank and create your subject line keeping the body of the email in mind. Avoid jargons and write it as professionally as it can be.

  • Always use professional email address

Never create an email marketing campaign with your personal account, it looks unprofessional and skeptical in many ways. Always go with a professional email account that depicts your brand’s name so that the receiver knows exactly where the email is coming from.

  • Always use a proper salutation

A professional email is not going to sound professional unless you use a proper salutation. “Hey, Hi” is not going to sound professional nor it will seem that the email is from a professional environment. Use “Good Morning or Good Evening” to greet instead.

  • Include a signature

Every email marketing campaign must include a signature block of the company. It looks professional and leaves a very decent impression on the reader. Use your company’s logo to create a signature block on your email.

  • Introduction is always important

Before getting to business, always introduce yourself and what your brand is really about. It gives an understanding to the reader about your background and it makes them aware of what kind of offer he should expect.

  • Know about the culture

Let’s say you are sending out emails to different groups of diversified cultures. It is always best to inquire about their culture and how they talk beforehand. For an instance, in Japan, it is always considered polite to ask about the weather in the first sentence. It leaves a good impression on the reader.

  • Always double-check the mail

If you are attaching different infographics to the email or anything else for that matter, make sure you double check before clicking the “send” button. You do not want to leave anything in the middle. Also, make sure to check your email for any grammatical mistakes.

These were the dos and now let’s talk about the don’ts.

  1. Don’t hit reply all

Always reply to those who are expecting a reply to your email. Never hit “reply all” because it is no use of getting your email deleted by 20 other people. Make sure you keep a positive impact.

  • Don’t use emojis

As many people love including emojis in their day-to-day conversations, emojis are a thing that must be avoided when writing a professional email. It leaves a very childish impression on the reader when he is reading something of professional value.

  • Don’t use humor

Humor is another thing that needs to be avoided when you are writing a professional email. It always makes your mail look childish and doesn’t lets it have a professional tone. Keep your words as professional as they can be.

  • Don’t leave a negative impression

Your email needs to be positive and should be respectful towards the reader. An email that contains words in entire uppercase letters leaves an image of anger. Do not use uppercase words in your email and be polite.

  • Don’t forget to give a proper closure

Always provide closing remarks properly. Don’t leave your email open ended. You can always add the closing remarks such as “no response needed or see you in the meeting on Tuesday”. It shows that a response to this email isn’t necessary.

  • Don’t invade someone’s privacy

While you construct your email, make sure you are not invading someone’s privacy. Try to keep to your boundaries and maintain an excellent pace. It shows the reader you care about their privacy and at the end of the day, their choice is what matters the most.

13 Dos and Don’ts of Business Email Etiquette
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13 Dos and Don’ts of Business Email Etiquette
We are sure you didn’t which is why we are here to make sure you do not make some uncanny mistakes while you market your product through emails.
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