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2021 Guide and Importance of Ads Tech

January 30, 2021

Ads tech is a term used for advertisement technology. In advertisement technology, all the tools and software used by the companies for their advertisement purpose or to strategize their advertisement are used.

Advertisement technology is a vast concept, including many different tools by different brands and agencies, after the major resolution on advertisement agency that started with 486 x60 banners. 

Now the brand is relying mostly on advertisement technology to take their brands to the maximum reach. Due to all this, the ads tech is at best now is working its way towards even better opportunities for companies all over.

How can we rely on advertisement technology?

Reliance on ads tech is increasing, so to support that reliance, companies at different ends are working to make it possible for the brands to utilize the best advertising technology. There are three different ends on which the advertisement technology is used and on which the companies rely. Following the names of this platform find how they work

  • The demand-side platform, also known as the DSP, is the platform where the search, mobile, and video ads are available for the publishers to make the publishers’ advertisement inventory.
  • The second platform is the supply-side platform (SSP), where the ad inventories are managed to distribute and supply in the market.
  •  The data management platform (DMP) is the platform to manage first, second-, and third-party data and activate it. This data is managed from online, offline, and mobile sources.

All these parties rely on ad-tech technology. Ad tech analytics have improved over time and are giving the best benefits for all the emerging brands to send their brand message to the people creatively.

Global events related to Ad Tech

Ad Tech events happen globally, and going to such events as the supplier or advertiser is a great opportunity. These events will help you network with all the new and old ad tech companies and be a way for you to enjoy a free vacation. You get to meet a lot of consultants, companies, and vendors all over. Following are the list of biggest ad conferences that happen all around the world

  •  Admonsters
  •  Programmatic IO
  • Affiliate summit
  • Digiday publisher summit
  • Mediapost
  •  Dmexco

Apart from all these, the TECHSPO is an exhibition event that happens for people worldwide and is conducted in the United States.

Impact of ad tech on advertisement industry

The improvement in advertisement technology has brought such a positive impact on the advertisement industry. Better technology tools have been built that target only the specific type of audience. The means of the advertisement have changed, and most of the advertisement is done through online means. 

With more means, authentic content and information are made available for the people. New businesses emerge fast based on these advertisement technologies, and people can earn more out of their investments. Due to this, the ad spending on this means of the advertisement has been $151.29 billion, whereas only 107.13 billion were spent on traditional means in the US in the year 2021

Regulatory authorities for Ad tech

Regulatory authorities are responsible for the improvement in ad tech to provide better advertisement opportunities for the companies. Without these regulatory authorities, there would be no rules and regulations and no companies’ rights.

  • Ad tech has improved a lot since a regulatory authority was founded in 1995, known as Interactive Authority Bureau. This bureau is at the top of advertising technology and controls the advertising market at large; this is responsible for making all the standards for advertisement, conducting all the research, and the legal support for the advertising agencies.
  • Apart from this bureau, the regulatory authority is present in each country. They ensure that the platform at each end of the advertisement is working according to the rules set by the regulatory authority; the advertisement technology keeps the privacy of people a priority and provides maximum benefit to the businesses with promised quality.

Ad tech companies

Many ad tech companies are working to develop better tools for creative advertisement schemes. Some of the major companies that are the names behind the leading ad technologies are as follows

  • Marketo
  •  Adobe
  •  Oracle
  •   HubSpot Marketing Hub
  •  Pardot
  •  Google marketing platform

All these companies are responsible for generating some amazing advertisement tools.

Limitations to Ad tech

Advertisement technology has to face many different challenges; some of these challenges are as follows

  • Click fraud is a real thing, and it is a pay-per-click online advertisement scheme. In this method, the owner of the website is getting paid for each click on the advertisement. Such a scheme is considered click fraud.
  • Transparency fraud is another thing the people face, where the publishers mimic and ad inventory and disappear.
  • Duplication of content is also very common.
  • The off-target audience can also become a huge drawback

So, these are some of the challenges faced due to ad technology. The ad technology has its perks, and it is also giving some fraud people a way to commit their fraud. This is what the regulatory authorities are working against. Privacy concern is also real, so that is why 82% of marketers plan to increase their use of first-party data instead of third-party data.