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8 Best Online Payment Gateways You Can Get For Your Website

May 8, 2019

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What is the whole point of establishing your website when you happen to be a business owner? Sales and sales and some more sales, right? But how do you plan on selling your products and services if your website doesn’t offer a proper payment gateway?

Payment gateways for websites are highly important because they determine your entire sales revenue. The checkout experience for any customer or user needs to be smooth, concise and effective. It should never take a lot of time and neither should it malfunction at any cost.

So, what is the key to make your customer’s purchasing experience a solid one? It is by integrating the best payment gateway platform into your website.

What are payment gateways?

70% of the internet users around the globe have now begun to shop online. It is convenient and doesn’t take a lot of time. But what is the entire process that takes place while your customers enter their credit card numbers into your website and you get paid? How do purchases really get processed and how does the company gets paid?

The payment gateways, as mentioned before act as bridges, the provision of in-between services and taking charge of tricks tasks. They encrypt secure information, make the payment process easier and ensure safe transactions between your business and your customers.

But how would you know that which payment gateway is the safest to use? The one you should integrate into your website. Lucky for you, we have made a list of top payment gateways that will provide you with the best of services and are also safe to use.


Authorize.net is among the best online payment gateway service providers and it has proved its worth over three decades.  It is now one of the most sought after payment gateways.

According to a survey, more than 400,000 online merchants use Authorize.net as their payment gateways and it accepts payments through credit cards and electronic checks. The initial fees for installing this gateway are $49 and you will have to pay a monthly fees of $29 as well but that is nothing given to the quality of service and securite this payment gateway provides.


If you are looking for a payment gateway that can handle complex user requests, then you should definitely consider integrating WePay. This payment gateway is exclusively known for handling complex payment procedures such as crow funding campaigns and multiple payers.

The payment gateway works for different kinds of websites with different sizes and it is extremely easy to maintain. WePay is also known for offering modern payment methods such as Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Paypal Payment Standards

We are not exaggerating when we say that this one is the most commonly used payment gateway for online transactions. It ensures success and boosts the checkout conversion up to 44% for the businesses who use it.

What’s even better about this payment gateway is that the company offers live support, fraud protection and extension cart compatibility. PayPal works with all kinds of shopping carts along with major website platforms. Another benefit of choosing this payment gateway is that you can add this easily to your website and it doesn’t call for any kind of monthly subscriptions.


This payment gateway was launched in 1997. This payment gateway accepts transactions from online checks, shopping carts, mobile payments, and so on.

If you are planning on integrating this payment gateway to your website, you will first have to sign up on the website and it will charge $0.25 per transaction as its fees. You will also have to pay $400 for terminating your services, prior to the expiration of the service agreement with SecurePay.com payment gateway.

Amazon Payments

Amazon as world’s biggest online shopping website also offers its own payment gateway for different merchants. This payment gateway is similar to that of PayPal Payments Pro and this service is available for both, merchants and shoppers.

The best part about this online payment gateway is that it is compatible with numerous devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It doesn’t crash, it is highly secure and it also provides a complete dashboard to the merchant so he can keep a proper record of his website’s sales.


If you are looking for a customizable option for your website when it comes to online payment gateway service providers, then you should definitely consider 2Checkout.

The best part about this payment gateway is that it provides the user with a demo before he even thinks about using it. It walkthroughs the user from the entire process so the customer doesn’t get confused. It also offers the merchant with 15 different language options and 87 different currencies for the customers. It also provides an easy-to-incorporate payment API so payment processing can be embedded directly on your site.


Do not like the complexity of some payment gateways? Go for something simple and easy such as PaySimple. This payment gateway accepts all major credit cards and e-checks through your iPhone and iPad.

This online payment gateway is also known as the modern online payment gateways service provider. According to the users, PaySimple is one of the best payment gateways for small and mid-size business websites.


This specific payment gateway has been created exclusively for e-commerce businesses. Stripe is known for providing extensive functionality doesn’t matter what your business sells. The gateways also have a resume loaded with high-level customers like Slack, Lyft, Pinterest, and OpenTable.

Stripe is known for featuring some of the best modern day e-commerce payment solutions. It is secure, customizable, easy-to-setup, and quick and comes with a lot of extras that are going to win you over. It also provides complete analytics to keep a proper record of your sales and incoming profit.

So, these were a few online payment gateway service providers that you can choose from. All of these payment gateways are highly functional and they will work best for you. If you think we may have left another popular payment gateway out of this article, do let us know through your feedback.

8 Best Online Payment Gateways You Can Get For Your Website
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8 Best Online Payment Gateways You Can Get For Your Website
Payment gateways for websites are highly important because they determine your entire sales revenue.
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