Alibaba vs. Aliexpress/ Key facts

February 25, 2019

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There was a time when online buying was a rare phenomenon. People were reluctant to buy anything from online platforms. But the things have not been the same in last few years. Trends have changed. Now people are more likely to buy things online because online buying saves their time and energy and things are available at their doorsteps without much effort. When we talk about online buying, we come to know that there are countless suppliers and platforms available that are ready to serve you on your one click and here you cannot ignore the companies like Alibaba and Aliexpress. These are the two most famous platforms that are preferred by the people for online shopping. People are generally confused about Alibaba vs. Aliexpress and it is hard for them to decide which one is the best. So here we will look into the key facts and the drop shipping features of these two online entities.

Key facts about Alibaba and Aliexpress :

           Here are some key facts about Alibaba:

  • It has a business to business portal which mainly connects Chinese manufacturers with the overseas buyers.
  • There is no built in shopping cart system in Alibaba. Orders are confirmed and rates are negotiated via mail or chats.
  • Alibaba do not charge any fee or commission on the transactions. Suppliers have to pay the Gold supplier membership fee. It is mandatory for the suppliers to be a legally registered company.
  • At this platform, readymade products are not promoted. Suppliers prepare products according to the demands of buyers. Suppliers generally list reference products on this platform.

Some key facts about Aliexpress are also mentioned below:

  • It is a B2B (business to business) and B2C (Business to customer) platform. It helps to create a connection between trading companies and the overseas buyers. And these trading companies are mostly Chinese companies.
  • At this platform, readymade products are focused. This platform is the good choice for small and medium scale importers for whom it is difficult to buy the whole container of products.

 Alibaba drop shipping vs. Aliexpress drop shipping:

There are many people who are confused about Alibaba vs. Aliexpress drop shipping services. Both of the sites provide drop shipping suppliers so here we will make a comparison. It will help you to make a decision that which one is the best for you.

  1. Alibaba drop shipping:

Alibaba is known for the whole selling products. Individual things are not sold by the suppliers at this platform. There are some suppliers who can give you the facility of Minimum order volume ( MOV) otherwise things are sold in bulk.

  • At this platform, buyer can negotiate the prices with supplier.
  • Alibaba deals in more than 20 million products. These products may include bike mirrors, trucks and even buses. When we talk about drop shipping, Alibaba offers low prices in comparison to Aliexpress.
  • Rating of products is not allowed at this website. Buyers can only rate the suppliers. A form is available on the Alibaba.com. Buyers have to fill the whole form to rate the suppliers. After getting a review from the buyer, Alibaba examines the site of supplier. After checking all the conditions, supplier is provided with the rating of Gold supplier.
  • Feature of tracking the shipment is not available at Alibaba.com. Buyer can contact the supplier and get the information about shipment. Shipping is not free. You have to add the cost of shipping in the price of the product to know about its total price.
  • Alibaba provides multiple options for payment. So drop shippers do not need to worry who want to use the platform as wholesaler.
  1. AliExpress drop shipping:

AliExpress is a good place for drop shipping for those who want to buy the individual products. There is no                need to buy the products in bulk.

  • Prices that are offered on AliExpress are quite reasonable. Price of every product is different. It depends on the supplier. Multiple suppliers are available so you can select a product with the most reasonable price.
  • AliExpress offers plenty of products. You can get almost everything from this site. All the products belong to Hong Kong or China. So shipping charges vary from product to product.
  • A rating bar is available on this site. Buyers can check the rating of the supplier before placing an order.
  • It is a matter of fact that people like AliExpress for drop shipping because it offers the feature of ePacket shipping. At the same time, there are many suppliers who provide the option of free shipping on AliExpress. Buyers can easily save some money on actual cost.
  • Buyers generally prefer Aliexpress because it provides plenty of payment options to them.

This comparison of Alibaba vs. Aliexpress gives a clear distinction between the two companies and how they operate.

Alibaba vs. Aliexpress/ Key facts
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Alibaba vs. Aliexpress/ Key facts
There was a time when online buying was a rare phenomenon. People were reluctant to buy anything from online platforms
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