All you need to know about SEO Mobile Optimization

January 22, 2019


With the advent of latest technology, our first interaction in a day happens with our mobile phones. We are either spending a weekend away in the warm desserts of Dubai or it is a Monday morning when we have to get up, get ready and go to office and attend meeting with our clients from a digital agency in Dubai, we always come in contact with our mobile phones first. Considering user needs mobile optimization has become the key for every single thing on World Wide Web.

Now it brings us to the immediate question of what Mobile Optimization is?

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile Optimization is a process where it is made sure that mobile users who access a particular website have an experience specifically optimized for that device.  This mobile optimization is not only related to how your website appears on a particular device when you are accessing websites in Dubai or other parts of the world, but it also refers to how different search engines specially Google do indexing and ranking of your website. This as a result, affects your website in many ways. Mobile optimization helps increase web traffic and user engagement.

Mobile optimization is a key for SEO in Dubai, for example if you have a  mobile friendly website, it will enable you to get more traffic and extended user engagement which will help you to realize your ultimate goals for SEO in Dubai,i.e. better indexing and top rankings in search engines.

Why you need mobile optimization?

It has been seen that with every passing day, more and more people are shifting from desktops to mobiles and tablets. Every other month companies are launching new mobile models and that’s because people use mobiles more than any other device with every passing year. But it has been observed that there are many websites in Dubai and other parts of the world which are not designed to fit mobile screens and their loading time is more as compared to their desktop versions. This is why; mobile optimization helps to look into details like website structure, site design and page speed so that it can ensure that you are not sending those potential customers away for just not providing good mobile user experience.

All you need to know

Steps for making your website mobile friendly

For making your website mobile friendly and optimizing it for mobiles for SEO in Dubai, below mentioned steps can help you a lot.

No more Flash

This is an era of new and advanced technologies. There is no place for old stuff. So, to give best user experience to your mobile users, get rid of Flash as soon as possible and try to use HTML5. The latter will help you to create some highly improved special effects which will assist your mobile website to engage more users and will give them a very unique experience.

No Pop-ups

Pop-ups may be helpful for some website with desktop versions but for mobile optimization for SEO in Dubai, it can be a killer of mood for mobile users. Immediately eliminate any pop-ups for mobiles and try keeping that bounce rate low as these pop-up are very annoying for mobile users.

Adjustment of titles and Meta descriptions

As we know that screen size of a mobile is very small when compared with desktop screens. So, you need to make sure that your brand information in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) is very concise when creating your titles, Meta Descriptions and URLs. But make sure that important information is not sacrificed while adjusting titles and descriptions. Just be concise.

Separate mobile URL

While using some websites on mobile, you may have seen that in the URL, there is an additional ‘m’ sub-domain which means mobile. These are parallel mobile websites. Parallel mobile sites allow the website owners to create custom content for mobile users. Putting ‘m’ as sub-domain avoids the confusion of URL and visitors know that they are using mobile version of the site.

Optimization for local content

Is your business local? If yes then you should optimize your mobile content according to local searches. It means standardizing your name, phone number, address, city, state in Metadata of your website. This really helps your website when users run some searches to locate a local restaurant, repair shop or a coffee shop in nearby vicinity they are visiting.

Page speed

Last but not the least, page speed for mobile optimization is very crucial. Page speed has even become more crucial for mobile users than desktop users due to connectivity issues and hardware. You also do not want to consume more data of your mobile users with late loading of web pages. So leverage browser caching, optimize images, minify codes and reduce redirects for better speed for providing great user experience.

Google has started indexing and ranking according to Mobile First Ranking System

It has become need of the hour to do mobile optimization for your websites because Google has announced lately that it is now switching to mobile-first ranking system. It will now rank websites by analyzing them for accessibility and quality of their mobile versions, instead of desktop versions.  Now, new Google bot systems will crawl your website to see if user experience, performance and quality of your website are according to new standards. Even if you think that your target is not mobile users, you have to make it mobile friendly for Google indexing and ranking, otherwise your website will not show up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and your online business may see its last days.


To realize your dreams for SEO in Dubai and to rank higher in search engines, your website needs mobile optimization more than ever before. If you do not want to send your visitors away by giving them bad user experience on your website when they approach your website from their tablets and mobile, you should ask digital agency in Dubai to help you with mobile optimization.

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With the advent of latest technology, our first interaction in a day happens with our mobile phones. We are either spending a weekend away in the warm desserts of Dubai
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