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Are You Considering a Logo Redesign? This Is How It Is Done

November 25, 2021

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Contrary to the belief, re-designing a logo isn’t a problem, it’s an innovation. There is no issue in redesigning a logo unless you are doing it multiple times.  Logo redesigning does not only give you a fresh look but it also helps with the hype of your business. With the constant activity on social media, you can take advantage of the surprise element. 

The process of logo designing is quite different from re-designing. When you re-design a logo you consider different aspects and ask yourself different questions. 

The Process of Re-Designing A Logo

Select Refreshing Vs Redesigning Your Logo:

There is an enormous difference between redesigning a logo and refreshing a log. Refreshing is modifying the existing elements of the logo by adding messaging, updating colors, or simplifying the entire look and feel. In refreshing the logo the signature elements remain the same. Refreshing a logo usually has very minor changes and does not bring a drastic change in the look. 

Whereas new logo design includes new messaging, a new color scheme, even a new take on your company’s name. A very easily recognized example is Federal Express to FedEx. Redesigning a logo means a drastic change to your business look. Redesigning the logo will require you to change several aspects and create a branding strategy to introduce the new logo or else the customer brand association will be affected. 

A logo design Dubai based agency is your perfect option to help choose whether the company needs logo refreshing or logo re-designing. 

Dismantle Your Existing Logo:

Dismantling your logo means separating the elements from each other including the font, color, images, illustrations, and any other elements. Dismantling the logo helps you see the prominent elements associated with your brand and the elements you can or want to change. As you dismantle your logo you will notice the tiny details as well.  The key elements/ reasons you should consider before redesigning your logo are as follows: 

Business Changes or Expansion: If your business has seen drastic development and expansion in the last couple of years, it’s a good reason to turn yours into a premium brand by redesigning the logo. The expansion of business also includes the introduction of a new product line. Both of the introductions shouldn’t be done side by side however if you are introducing the start product, you can introduce it with a redesigned logo. 

Another reason is that it is a good idea to redesign your company if the company values and mission have changed or the targeted audience. It’s rare that any business completely changes its values and mission, however, revamping them according to the new current social norms and consumer interest. 

Competition and Trends: Competition and trends are often the biggest factors for any company to redesign a growing competition or the attractiveness of the new trends. Both are pretty valid reasons to redesign a logo. Certain logo designs give your business an outdated look and it’s important to change that to stand prominent among the emerging competitors. On the other hand, adapting to the new trends of logo design gives your business an active and innovative look. If your logo redesigning means you are adopting a new trend make sure it’s not a temporary one. 

Attracting New Audience: Re-designing the logo also means you have to revamp your website, business theme, and accessories as well. The business theme will also influence your social media marketing approach as well. All in all with all the small changes, together will create a business revamped look and enhance the probability of attracting a new audience. 

Sketching Drafts for Logo Redesign: 

Before skipping to the dramatic branding you must ask three crucial questions that concern the destruction of the logo. The first question you should ask is “why is the current logo isn’t working?” 

The answer could further help you solidify the answer and narrow down the things you don’t want to be included in the logo to repeat the same mistakes. Following up on the first question, does the current logo have any sort of association with the audience? 

Audience association with the brand is highly important and redesigning the logo heavily influences it, especially if your audience is not tech-savvy to receive the news through social media marketing. It’s important to ask yourself how the new or redesigned elements will affect the association. To maintain the association ask yourself how the elements would affect the audience association. Asking these questions will help you think of a design that’s new but represents the old business simultaneously. 

Another important thing that one shouldn’t do while drafting a new logo is compared the success of the new and old logo. If your new logo isn’t out yet, you can’t measure its success anyway. 

Branding and Marketing Collateral:

The last process of redesigning a logo is changing the branding and marketing collateral. We are skipping the actual process of redesigning a logo because it is the same as designing a logo, the responsibility of your designer. However, once the logo is ready you will have to update your logo across all platforms and company materials including email, web masthead, Twitter handle, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, and so on. 

If your social media is also heavily influenced according to your company theme, i.e you prefer creating social media posts matching the brand theme that you will have to change that as well.