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Beginner Guide – How to optimize Landing Pages

April 15, 2021

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What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization is the process of enhancing or improving elements to increase conversions on your website. The main goal to design landing pages is to boost the sales and to increase the business results. Do you know the best part? You can analyze by surveying your target audience before your website goes live.

However, optimizing a landing page improves the performance and ensures the highest conversion rate of visitors into business. 

Best Practices for 2021 to Optimize your Landing Pages:

Best practices describe how to start and approach the process of optimization to achieve a perfect landing page, but it doesn’t mean that you get perfect results from day one. It might take a few attempts to appeal to your target audience and raise the percentage of visitors for your business results.

Avoid unnecessary Functionalities:

A simple landing page design without any unnecessary actions and functionalities can add volume to the page and convert visitors into leads. The example below demonstrates very well about how a simple landing page looks like.

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Call to Action:

A call-to-action (CTA) button should be simple, so the visitors typically interpret the commands to perform the action. Mostly the leading companies avoid the fancy language when it comes to business and keep it simple by good design, high visibility, short in length, Actionable text, and text urgency. A case study from Marketing Experiment stated that CTA at the bottom of the page enhances the increase in conversions and revenue to 274%.

Have a look at the simple CTA example:

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Fast Load time:

Page load time plays an important role in user experience. It varies from many factors such as hosting server, page elements, design, device type and browser but the ideal time should be no longer than 2 seconds. You can easily monitor your page speed these days with Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom tools, WebPage Test and many more.

Search Engine Optimization for Landing Pages:

Your landing page becomes useless if the target audience doesn’t know about your website. Search engines for landing pages are totally optimized for searches and the relevant results. It focuses on a set of keywords to send organic traffic to the landing page by adding an instant CTA. SEO gets the right audience to your landing page and the targeted keywords ranks you up to increase lead conversion.

While creating SEO landing pages you must pay attention to the URLs, understand the keywords strategy, content should be structured, build backlinks, monitor page performance.

Smart Marketing:

“Good marketing makes the company look smart, (but) Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”  

     Joe Chernov

Effective marketing is very important for your landing page. This standalone webpage can make the customer feel smart and make the positive customer experience. Analyze the customer’s targeted goal and offer the goal in the excited headline to boost conversion traffic into leads.

Contact Information:

Make it easy for visitors to ask for information or help by providing contact information, FAQs, links to the help center in order to resolve their query. Many companies provide links to the visitors for easy understanding and communication like Shopify.

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Social Proof

In this era of the internet, people need verification and authentication of your product by availing the service through the internet. You can establish credibility by adding partner logos, customer reviews, feedback from social media, trust badges with money back guarantee and other types of social proofs to your landing page.


is the best software for social proof notification through the market. It notifies the visitors how the other people are interacting with your website.

Exit-Intent Technology:

You can add Exit-Intent to your landing page to keep your visitors attracted to the offer. Doing online business is not a piece of cake these days because there are so many distractions and competitors online. Most of the time visitors never came back to the website that is why you can re-attract them by the campaign you designed to get them back through exit-intent popups.

Simple Text:

Text plays a vital role in the optimization list. It does not matter what type of landing page you are creating or what you are including in your landing pages either long form pages or short form pages, you need strong headlines, concise sub-texts, clear and effective text for the business regarding offers.

A/B Testing:

A/B testing is also known as split testing or bucket testing. It is a method where comparison of two or more versions of a webpage occurs and determines the statistical analysis for better optimization. This determines the effect of change of the landing page on visitor’s behavior before the website goes live.

The analysis helps to improvise the design by collecting the data, analysis helps you to identify your goals, generate the hypothesis for a better solution, create variations, run the experiment and analyze the results.

Landing page Optimization Tools: 

In the latest landing page optimization world, here are some of the leading tools in 2021 which helps digital marketers to customize their landing pages, perform experiments with A/B tests, and help in PPC advertising to maximize the traffic conversion rates.


Unbounce is one of the most popular optimization tools. It provides comprehensive drag and drop customized designs and tests the variants to convert traffic smartly. It provides solutions for landing pages, traffic conversions, Ecommerce with new AI feature marketing strategies and help marketers in their paid search campaigns. 

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This platform helps marketers to customize their page, build variants and measure visitor’s behavior. Instapage users can get access to their library more than 200 landing page templates to customize their pages and can also utilize built-in heatmap to check user behavior.

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Lead pages provides services to their users to build customized landing pages with drag and drop builder. It is the most affordable landing page for small digital marketing businesses or freelancers. Its users can build pop up forms easily and alert bars to increase the conversion rates. 

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This platform uses heatmaps to track user behavior which helps digital marketers to analyze and interpret how the visitors are interacting with your website. It instantly analyzes and collects feedback that can lead to help marketers in optimization decision making.

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Optimizely is one of the best platforms available that offers digital marketers to easily build landing page variations by a codeless visual editor and analyze the impact of the variations into the conversion rates.

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Mobile Landing Page:

In today’s world, most of the traffic comes from mobile and the percentage is growing day by day. It is important to customize your landing page for the mobile users to enhance the mobile website experience for more conversion rates. The best mobile landing pages contain users’ attention, demand action and convert traffic into leads.

Here are some of the tips to build best mobile landing pages:

  • Mobile landing page must be specifically designed for mobile.
  • Create responsive design to through the customer’s journey.
  • Call to action button must be easy to spot and responsive.
  • Implementation of click to scroll buttons to allow users browse easily.
  • Sticky navigation help users find easily what they are looking for.
  • Optimized pop-ups for mobile can be very useful and effective,
  •  It should have an abbreviated and shorter copy from the desktop version.
  • Minimize the number of images and videos on the mobile landing page.
  • Speed up the load time as it is the most important factor.


Landing page optimization helps to improve variations to get more conversion rates. There are many factors in the digital world to capture leads or generate sales. The blueprint above helps you to figure out the new technologies in the optimization world. Now it is time to put the strategies into actions and conquer the digital world.