Beginners Guide For Keyword Research

January 22, 2019


Keyword research is an integral part of digital marketing and every digital agency is concerned about this phenomenon while designing any strategy for SEO. People who live in Dubai or anywhere in the world, this guide will help them understand what keyword research is and how it helps with optimization. In this guide, we have highlighted some important points related to Keyword Research.  Continue reading for details.

What is Keyword Research?

People use different search queries in search engines to discover things about different businesses. Thus keyword research can be defined as a process that helps to get an idea about these search queries or keywords. This research gives marketers an idea about most famous keywords and their subsequent demand in market. It also gives an idea that how difficult it can be to compete with those keywords in search engines. This requires more directed optimization on part of marketers.

While conducting this keyword research you have to focus on 4 main points. These are as follows:

  1. Determine the seed keywords for business:

This is a very basic step of keyword research process. In this step, you are required to define the core topics related to your business that will appear in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If you are a Dubai based company, call your client and prepare a list of all those keywords that are related to his business and identify with that business’s idea. These are called the seed keywords. Another important thing about keyword research is that it must be data driven. There are plenty of tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner etc. which provide a great insight regarding website traffic, keyword volumes and back-links. These are very useful software which can be utilized to get an idea that what are the popular keywords that a particular site is using for higher traffic. You have to identify the top 10 seed keywords for your business. For SEO in Dubai, this process is the same.

  1. Explore branches of these seed keywords:

Second step is to create the branches of these seed keywords and create a different group of potential keywords for targeting which are related to core search queries.

Keywords can be categorized in many ways but there is one most common way of dividing them. In this method, they are divided into 3 main groups like Fat head, Chunky Middle and Long tail. In Fat head, very competitive keywords are included. In Chunky Middle, competitive keywords are included but these keywords have fairly high amount of search volume. In Long tail, low-competitive keywords are included and their search volume is also very low.  Focus on Fat head group is generally not recommended for the beginners because its conversion rate is low. People who use these search queries; they are generally on the awareness stage. So they just need instant solutions of their problem. So, beginners are advised to focus on the keywords from Chunky Middle and Long tail categories.

Here is another important tip for beginners in Dubai who are learning SEO and keyword research; they should pay attention to the targeted keywords of their competitors. If the keywords of competitor are getting good rankling as compared to yours, it means that there is a huge keyword gap that needs your attention. This tip is also very useful for the digital marketers who are working on SEO in Dubai.

  1. Divide into further smaller categories: When you are done with your list of seed keywords and related keyword, then there is a need of further categorization. In this procedure of segmentation, you have to divide the search queries into further smaller categories. Whenever you are dealing with a website whether creating or updating it, there is need for a set of keywords that will appear in a web page. Chances of overlapping of keywords are always there but you should avoid repetition of keywords on multiple pages.

Keyword Cannibalization is a general phenomenon these days and Dubai websites are no exception. This term is used when two or more than two pages are ranked for the same keyword and they are added in SERP. This is not a good because it damages the quality of content and it becomes hard to achieve the high ranking for a potential content. Google will be confused among more number of pages and search of people will be affected. So whenever you are intended to research, you have to initiate this process with seed keywords and its related ones.

In every category, intent and segment of each keyword is determined. And this determination is based on the particular stage of conversation funnel that a person utilizes for query. Conversation funnel has three stages.

  • Acquisition
  • Behaviors
  • Conversion

Once the segmentation by intent is done then the hierarchy of the site must be designed. While designing the website, you need to utilize the keywords carefully. Each keyword according to its intent must be placed in an appropriate category like product page would be a suitable place for a conversion keyword whereas a keyword for acquisitional intent should be placed in category page.

  1. Keywords must be tracked: In the keyword research, this is the final step. Here you need to track performance of each page. Review your targeted keywords after regular intervals to check their performance. If you feel that certain pages need more optimization then go for it. You can employ a tool called STAT to check ranking trends of your targeted keywords. This is an SERP analytical platform that monitors the ranking of keywords and provides up to date feedback. Dubai based companies also use this tool for SEO in Dubai.


In short, SEO demands a comprehensive keyword research strategy. By targeting the relevant research queries, it would be easy for digital agency and digital marketers to create an amazing content and get higher rank in SERP. This guide can be very useful for beginners to understand keyword research and its related aspect for SEO in Dubai.

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Keyword research is an integral part of digital marketing and every digital agency is concerned about this phenomenon while designing any strategy for SEO.
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