The Beginner’s Guide To Write Title Tags And Meta descriptions

January 22, 2019



Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are known as the backbone for search engine optimization. These two elements help improve the page ranking of your website in Google and other search engines.

Title Tags and Meta descriptions attract people to click on your web page instead of your competitors. This will definitely raise your interest in getting further understanding of what Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are and they can be very useful for SEO in Dubai. Below is a step by step guide line to help beginners for a complete understanding of the subject.

What are Meta tags?

Generally, Meta tags are divided into two HTML elements.

  1. Title tags.
  2. Meta descriptions.

These are in fact HTML codes which are inserted in headers of a web page as a code.

You can take these two as a cover page of your website which provides a summary of what your website is about.

AboutIn the above image, blue lines are title tags while grey lines signifies meta descriptions.

What is title tags used for?

The title tag is the key component of any web page that outlines the content placed on a web page or a website. Take it as a title of a book or a chapter of a book. The title tag of your website can be utilized at many places , but it usually appears in three main places e.g. when you share your content on different social media sites like Face book, twitter, the title tag of your web page will show there. These title tags also become visible in your search engine result pages. Third place is your browser. Keep one thing in mind, the main purpose of your website is to optimize it for different search engines. So, search engines anticipate a title tag to incorporate authentic keywords and phrases that explain properly what your web page is about. So, if you do not design a relevant title tag for your website, Google can suggest a different name for it. I am sure, nobody wants this because title tag gives you a chance to attract the audience to your website, so go for an interesting, short and exact title tag for your web page. If, it is difficult for you to create a title tag, you can consult any digital agency for this task in Dubai.

The Meta description

The main purpose of Meta description is to convey a short summary of the content found on the website. On the other hand, title tag is quite precise and limited but a Meta description is designed to give audience a bit more detail about what your web page is about. At the same time, it’s a big opportunity for you to give an appealing reason to your visitors to click through to your web page. Dubai based digital agency can help create some interesting meta descriptions to be shown in search engines for SEO in Dubai.

How to write title tags?

Here are few tips that will help you about how to write appropriate title tags for your web page.

  • Title must relate to the content that is found on that particular web page.
  • Put main keywords and phrases in the first part of the title tag so it catches the attention of the audience.
  • Do not over – do your content with keywords. Keep it natural and simple.
  • Do not prefer duplicate titles. Each page will introduce a new theme, so there should be a new title for each topic.
  • Try to place your brand name at the end of the title, but focus on one thing, your message should be your first priority.
  • Add 60 – 64 characters in a title tag, even you can include more characters but it should fit into a 512 – pixel display. If you write a longer title beyond this limit, it will automatically cut off, displaying an ellipsis…. .
  • Create a compelling and unique title tag, which should be engaging enough to grab the attention of your visitors. They should not resist finding out more about your brand and its services.

How to write Meta descriptions?

  • Create exceptional descriptions for every web page.
  • Use relevant keywords to generate a unique description.
  • Create the element of excitement. Provide basic information about your brand or business, but do not pour too much on your web page so it kills the element of curiosity.
  • Do not attempt for long Meta descriptions. It should be between 150 – 160 characters. If you create too long descriptions, Google will erase the extra characters automatically.
  • Include clear instructions about your brand in Meta description and your audience should be clear what actions should they take and what is it offering.

In Dubai, companies use automatic tools to check length of their title tags and Meta descriptions for SEO in Dubai.

How to choose right keywords?

The keywords that you use in your Meta descriptions and title tags, should relate to the content on your web page or website. So if you have a page, where you promote wedding invitations in Dubai, try to use keywords like “chic wedding invitations in Dubai”.

Optimization of Meta Tags

The most important thing is how you will get to know that you title tags and Meta descriptions are working well for your SEO in Dubai. It is all about focusing on the data and sees what works for you. The best option is to observe clicks through rates in Google Search Console and locate pages with high CTR and low conversion volumes.

Just focus on one thing; monitor your Meta tags constantly. But do not try to make quick changes, obviously, everything takes time to have an impact, if you keep on making changes, you will never get to know, what is working for your website.


Meta descriptions and title tags are crucial for user engagement. They are the only connection between a visitor and search engine results, so make them interesting, informative and catchy for users to click.

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Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are known as the backbone for search engine optimization. These two elements help improve the page ranking of your website in Google and other search engines.
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