Best Ideas to Upgrade App UI in 2020

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Best Ideas to Upgrade App UI in 2020

March 24, 2020

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The UI design has remained one of the most powerful and influencing components of a mobile app. Over the years, it has become the single most crucial component for a mobile app’s success, by attracting the hearts and minds of users.

Unfortunately, many mobile apps don’t relish the true potential of UI design. For many mobile app development processes, the UI design takes the secondary thought and thus miss out big time on the gains they had reaped otherwise.

Now, if you are looking for ways to make your mobile app’s UI design more interactive and engaging for users, we have to bring you everything you will need to know. Continue to read below as we go through in detail about the future of UI design for mobile apps, the best inspirations and tips and trends you need to implement to go viral in the mobile world.

Let’s begin our guide by looking at some of the best UI design inspirations, to get you a little more exciting.

Best UI Design Apps Inspiration

1. Netflix

Well, this one doesn’t need any introduction for sure. Netflix has simply revolutionized the movie streaming industry catching everyone else off-guard with its robust functionality and breathtaking UI design.

The Netflix app is an intelligent integration of incredible layout, colors, and functionalities. Apart from offering enchanting aesthetics, the simplicity of the navigation process further adds to the interactivity of the app. And it’s not surprising that the app has become the modern-day legend across the mobile industry with millions of monthly downloads.

2. Splitwise

Splitwise is yet another demonstration of the power and influence of simple, interactive and pleasant UI design. The color palette of the app is perhaps the most incredible component that effortlessly complements the UI design and all other elements of the mobile app.

3. Spring

Spring is no newcomer in the eCommerce industry, and the company has certainly kept up with its reputation with its exquisite UI design.

The mobile app for spring is a simple yet effective combination of clean interface with easy navigation and intelligent use of icons for functionalities. To optimize the UI experience, the app seamlessly exploits varying font sizes and styles, which gives enriched user experience.

4. Trello

Trello is a popular productivity application that helps businesses manage their tasks effortlessly. Now, What differentiates Trello from other office productivity applications is the fact that they have somehow managed to pull in one of the simplest, cleanest and interactive office productivity design that’s not just incredibly robust in functionalities but super easy to use.

The designers have certainly performed a job well-done by adding sophisticated looks and ease of use to all aspects of the UI design, thus making it an instant success amongst the competitors.

5. Shine

Shine is yet another great example of how a clean and aesthetic UI design can add to the popularity and success of a mobile app.

The Shine app comes with stunning abstract aesthetics that are fully customizable by users. By intelligently playing around the UI design with soft shapes and calm colors, the designers have managed to pull out an amazing UI design, which is certainly an inspiration for others.

6. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular online course and certification website that has managed to achieve some incredible goals of the design world.

The app comes with a clean, uncluttered and smooth interface with easy navigation and a smartly organized syllabus. By using varying colors and font styles, the designers have ensured to offer maximum interaction for users.

Best Ideas to Upgrade APP UI in 2020

Now that we are done with some inspiring examples of real UI designs, let’s move towards our main topic that is the best ideas to upgrade the app UI in 2020

1. Minimalist Approach

If you have carefully read all of the inspiring examples we have mentioned above, you would have noticed one common trait amongst all, which is a clean and simple UI design.

That’s because keeping a spacious and clean UI design with a minimalist approach you offer users plenty of breathing space, so they don’t get lost in unnecessary details. A minimalist and simple UI design ensure that your users remain focused on the primary elements, thus improving the retention rates, as well as, increasing the chances of getting conversions.

For instance, if you are a web design agency Dubai (DG), you don’t necessarily have to stuff the interface with unwanted icons and content to distract users. Rather, just adding some amazing design portfolio and completed projects in a clean and uncluttered manner will add to your credibility and conversion rates.

2. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is yet another important aspect that influences the overall user experience of your mobile app.

Remember, users today will access your mobile app using all shapes and sizes of devices and it’s important that all elements of your UI design nicely fit and perform aptly to the varying screen sizes. This will ensure that you don’t lose any losers and rather engage them effectively on your platform.

3. Use Popular Icons

Over the years users have gotten familiar with some of the more common icons and feel confident when they find popular icons in an app. That’s because seeing the poplar icon in your app gives them more confidence, as they are better able to relate to the functionalities for which the icons are used.

Thereby, going with popular icons not only safe you time and hassle to come up with new icons, but it also helps users to relate with your app; something that’s absolutely essential for the success of your app. This eventually translates into increased customer engagement and higher ROIs for your mobile app.

4. UI Design Consistency

Another important UI design aspect to consider is the consistency of the design. Now, this comes in line with your branding efforts as well. For most businesses, mobile apps are the first logical expansion from their web-based platform, which means that there will most likely be users coming with previous experience.

In order to engage existing users or new users with your brand, you need to give them a consistent UI design (colors, fonts, designs icons) across the web and mobile app platform. This won’t just help in getting more user engagement, but also helps in building brand awareness and recognition amongst users.

5. Follow Platform Rules

For any mobile app to become successful, it’s important to get ranked higher in its specific platform (Android or iOS). Now, both of these platforms come with their own unique set of guidelines to be followed to be able to rank higher on the respective platform. And to be able to get more downloads you need to get ranked higher in each of these platforms search query results (become the top trending apps).

Thereby, you can’t overlook the specific rules of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, when creating your app UI design.

6. Loading Speed

There is no way you can even think of getting a successful app without keeping its loading speed to a minimum. Most of the app designers in their efforts to create a powerful and stunning UI design, fill in too many elements, resulting in a heavy and slow loading app. This approach simply translates into more frustrated users and subsequently loss of users. Thereby, when designing the UI for your mobile app, make sure you keep the loading speed in check and optimized for smooth user experience.

7. Invest in Testing

You may be confident about the design and development of your app, however, there is no way you can guarantee the smooth and effective working of the design without investing intensively in testing the efficiency of the design. Remember, the slightest of the glitch in the UI design can utterly ruin your app’s goodwill.

Thereby, before launching an app, it’s important to invest your time and energies into the testing of all crucial UI elements including icons, screen testing, and other elements. This will ultimately help you in making the UI design more interactive and robust for users.

8. Continuous Iteration

The mobile app industry is a highly dynamic industry with constantly evolving user behavior and market trends. This means that you need to continuously update the UI design, keeping it current, fresh and in line with users’ preferences. By launching updates for UI design, you also get to increase your retention rates and subsequent increase in revenues.

Technologies and Trends That Will Dominate the Mobile app Industry in 2020

Now that we are done with discussing some of the best ideas to upgrade your app UI, let’s now finish it off by looking at some of the top technologies and trends that are going to dominate the mobile app industry in 2020.

1. Conversation Interface

The conversational interface is fast becoming the new face of mobile app UI design.

Some of the largest tech names including the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all have invested and progressed to the integration of Chatbots into their mobile apps to offer users the next level of engagement, interactivity, and conversational experience.

2. Overlapping Elements 

One of the most exciting parts about the UI design industry is the fact that today designers aren’t afraid to play around with new, bold designs and colors.

The overlapping elements design has become quite popular in recent times, where designers are placing different design elements over one another like text over image or even mixing different colors in a single screen.

The trend not only helps in creating nice, vibrant and trendy design elements but also creates an optical illusion of space, thus giving designers more freedom to play around their creativity and offer better user experience.

3. Typography 

Typography has been undergoing some radical shift in the past few years, with mobile app designers not shying away to user bold and asymmetrical typography.

The future of typography holds no limit, where we would see more and more apps deviating from the standard San-Serif fonts and exploring bold and interactive motion-based typography, even adding the three-dimensional effect to the typography.

4. Voice-Powered Interfaces

According to estimates, voice searches will become the dominant mode of search queries over search engines. We already are seeing some major traction in voice-governed interfaces with Google, Amazon, and Apple leading the industry. The trend will continue to rise in popularity to become the dominant search query mode in the future.

5. White space

We have already discussed the importance of white spaces in UI design above, and the trend will continue to influence the UI design industry in the foreseeable future.

White spaces are more like the breathing spaces for users, which enable them to focus on the most important design elements of a mobile app, without getting distracted in the cluttered design. Designers are already experimenting with big-time with their imagination and creativity to come up with UI designs that offer plenty of white spaces to users, adding value to businesses.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has already made expanded its footprint across all industries and mobile app UI design is no exception.

The technology won’t just help designers to come up with multiple versions of specific landing pages, but also enable them to create highly personalized design elements based on data from AI. While the use of AI in the UI design is still in its early stages, the technology will simply be going to transform the way apps UI is designed in the future.

Summing Up

Well, there you have it all. Everything you need to know about the UI design trends and technologies that are going to shape the future. To sum up our discussion, the UI designs are simply meant to increase the engagement of users, by offering them an interactive and personalized design that relate to their preferences and current market trends. So, when you are looking to launch your next mobile app, make sure you undertake all of these important UI considerations and come out at the top.