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An Overview of the Best Online Advertising Strategies in 2020

January 7, 2020

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Every day is a new opportunity, presenting a chance for a fresh start and to achieve something radical. Same goes for the digital industry that moves at a light speed in terms of technology, breakthrough concepts and creativity that has no boundaries. While businesses are keen to accept almost all the new trends, they’re often disappointed later.

Before lifting the veil off the best online advertising strategies, one thing’s worth understanding is that this isn’t any magic or overnight success and neither a press button that can eventually increase web traffic and profit. Core purpose of all the strategies is grabbing customer’s attention, personalising the ads and campaigns accordingly. Read on to know more! 

Step in the Customer’s Shoes

Step into your customer shoes

Just because you’re appealed doesn’t mean the ad is perfect! Carefully conduct detailed research on the target audience, identify their problems, needs, fears and expected solutions to execute in the right direction. Having the information, you’ll know how to help a typical customer and show that you actually care. This’ll result in establishing a stronger brand reputation, customer retention as well as winning new ones.

Move with a Strategy

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Size and nature of a business comes second to clear understanding of the corporate goals. Though it’s acceptable having a start-up with only you knowing about the core plan, owner of a holding should know better to have all the participants involved in the process, hear their point of view and formulate a detailed strategy which is a combination of the best ideas.

Go Mobile

An undeniable fact is that the number of mobile users has grown exponentially over the years and the count is rising almost every minute. For digital advertising, every year is titled as “a mobile year” but the claim holds true today as users are twice as more than desktop. Businesses might just want to invest in mobile strategies when developing websites, applications and advertising campaigns for more interaction and greater impact on ROI.

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With mobile marketing, you can leverage on brand awareness, explore new audience, talk about discounts and allow to make direct purchases. Banners and native advertisements optimised for mobile can be used as embedded in the applications.

Reconsider Content Management Strategy

Ad blocking software gains popularity day by day because no one, not even digital advertising experts like ads popping up as they move across a website. This is one reason we need high quality, authentic and informative content to solve user problems or least communicate a positive message. It’s a win-win situation in a way that you’re existing clients would be more loyal whereas new ones are drawn to your business. 

You might even tap into a new market and people do appreciate if you’re considerate enough to remember them. Though you can email personally, approach them via social media for even better engagement. Share useful information in the form of infographics or opt for a short webinar.

Video Advertisement

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Videos have always been a preferred communication medium to deliver the message in a most effective and efficient manner. Even on the digital front, online video advertising gained momentum with only difference to rule above all other advertising strategies while having the potential to hold its own ground. A common example can be of vlogs or video blogs which market certain products and services via video clips.

Make Interactive Content

interactive content
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Apart from bulk text and endless paragraphs, online users are more appealed with content that’s interactive. It includes multimedia files that keeps the audience engaged such as quizzes, infographics, educational games, quests and likewise activities that eventually became popular. If you haven’t, now is the time to make your next advertising strategy based on interactive content.

Social Media

Social media platforms are perfect to launch a campaign if you wish to connect with global audience and some of the biggest brands. Of the many social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are most active and leading platforms. But each is developed for a different purpose and diverse audience so your advertising strategy should comply to the standards and audience interest. That said, social media also welcome celebrity endorsement and influencers which can truly take your brand advertising strategy sky-high.

social media ads
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In a world moved by digital technologies, power up your brand for more visibility and success by implementing the best advertising strategies.