Best ways to secure more sales by social proofing your business!

March 22, 2020

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Humans are social animals with a pack mentality. This means that we are easily moved by thoughts and opinions of people in your surroundings. The concept of social proof as “Hard Morality” was first coined by a German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. The idea put forwards the common human mentality of preferring group’s instinct over their own.  

To summarize it rather nicely from the business point of view, your potential customers are looking around for social proofing (opinions, views, recommendation) for your business, before taking actions.

Social proof adds to the trust and value of your business, thus helping you attract more traffic and boost sales for your business.

According to studies, trusted reviews for your business can increase sales by as much as 90%, while also increasing the conversion rates by over 200%.

These aren’t any ordinary numbers and shows clearly the influence and impacts of social proofing for your business sales. Below, we have come up with some of the best techniques to add social proofing to your business and get ready to pump the adrenaline rush to your business.

Best ways to social proof your business!

  1. Exploit the power of recommendations/reviews

It’s always hard to put your money on a product that you haven’t used nor able to physically experience. In such cases, the prime human instincts come into play as they resort to looking for others’ opinions about the product in for of recommendations and reviews.

It’s not surprising that over 90% of online shoppers like to conduct at least a basic level of online research; looking out for reviews or recommendations before actually making the transaction. Another study suggests that over 80% of online users like to read up to 10 reviews/recommendations before they establish trust in a business.

So, how can you use recommendations/reviews to boost business sales?

Well, you need to encourage users to leave you some positive reviews for your products/services. Now, asking for reviews is an art in itself and you would need to learn some nitty-gritty of asking for recommendations to be successful, however, once you learn the trade you will surely reap many benefits.

You can also exploit sites like G2Crowd, Capterra and others to ask your loyal customers to leave you some recommendations or answer some questions like “How’s the customer service?” or “what do you like best about the business?”. You can then use recommendations/reviews from these platforms as social proof for your business.

  • Influencer Marketing / Expert Recommendation

Influencer marketing is the fastest and surest way to skyrocket your business social proofing.

The modest recommendation from a celebrity like Oprah or Kim Kardashian can transform your business into multi-million-dollar empires in no time. That’s because people trust and relate to these celebrities and they are household names in businesses.

Now, we understand that not everyone can get the recommendation from Oprah, Kim or other big-shot celebrities, but then it’s not really important to have the highest paying celebrities on your side. All you need is a field expert in your industry to recommend your business, which will act as a testimony for the expertise and you are ready to go.

  • Certification and Badges

All through our academic and professional lives, we are taught the importance of accolades and certifications for success. Even each one of you must have kept at least some sort of badges and certifications as achievements, which you can use to boost your chest for expertise and experience.

The same applies to your business. You need some sort of professional certification and badges displayed loud and clear on your website, to impress users for your experience and expertise. This could be anything related to your field, like displaying Google Certification for your digital marketing agency Dubai or Facebook certification for Social media marketing agency. These certificates act as reassurance and social proof to your customers, making them feel more comfortable in dealing with your business and have faith in your capabilities.

  • Social Following

Today, the number of monthly active users of different social networks are in billions. Facebook alone boasts 2 billion active monthly users, and that’s only one of the many social media platforms which we are talking about.

Now, with such massive fan following, you simply can’t ignore the impact and influence of social following as social proof for your business. Hundreds of thousands of businesses purely establish their brands through active social fan following, which in today’s world is one of the most important marketing tricks for all businesses.

The problem is, earning a large and loyal social media fan following isn’t an easy feat to achieve. Not to forget, social media users tend to be blunt about their views and would hold to bear to tarnish your reputation if they aren’t satisfied with your products/services or even customer support. This means that while the social following may act as a jackpot for businesses, you need to be extra cautious and professional in your dealing with social media users.

That’s one reason why going with a professional digital marketing agency is highly recommended. A professional agency can help you build your online reputation in line with brand philosophy by actively engaging customers, interacting with them consistently and most importantly by continually producing interactive and high-quality content for your brand to build its credibility and authority.

  • User-Generated Content

Another great way to add social proofing to your business is by encouraging users to generate content for your brand.

This is quite related to the social following, where your campaigns are meant to encourage users to actively participate in content creation, which adds to the trust and reliability of your business, most naturally. Again, going with a professional digital marketing agency can help you greatly in designing and executing compelling campaigns to encourage users to participate and creating high brand value for your business.

When customers create content on your social media channels everyone can see and take part in it. In doing so, it will be easy to establish trust for the company and promote your content in the most natural way. You can ask customers to be part of a marketing campaign or request them to share content with a specific hashtag and you’ll be amazed by the content that people generate. This approach will distinguish your company’s worth as a brand.

  • Trust Seals

Adding trust seals like industry certifications or accreditations to your website or marketing materials can boost your sales.

Some brands have been able to boost their sales by over 40% using Verisign, McAfee, Norton and other trust seals in the checkout page.

Again, by adding trust seals to your business, you are actually adding the social proof for users, reassuring them to have confidence in your business.

  • Include numbers or statistics

Numbers tend to have some sort of psychological power to attract humans.

I mean who doesn’t love to add several subscribers, customers, and traffic to their business.

By simply displaying boldly your achievements in numbers like the number of clients serves, number of applications developed, numbers of years of experience, numbers of products sold, etc. you are just adding the social proof to your business. 

We love businesses that have more subscribers, customers, and reviews. If it’s tried and tested by a lot of people, then it’s probably worth it.

Are you ready for the social proof of your business?

By now, you must have had the insight into the importance and impacts of adding social proof to your online business.

Remember, not being able to hook a celebrity for recommendation won’t mean the end of the road for you (it surely turns some heads turn), rather all you need to do is to intelligently cushion your business with gradual social proofs and use them to your advantage.

Perhaps, the first step towards social proofing your business is to start with reviews, seals, certifications and media mentions. This will help you to gain more customer base and brand perception, which you can then exploit to expand your business further.