How To Boost CTR Using Meta Descriptions

January 22, 2019


We are living in the 21st century where it is quite difficult for a business to survive by overlooking the importance of online presence. Now a day, whether a business is small or big, working in Dubai or in any other country, it should try to improve its ranking in Search Engine Research Pages because it can greatly boost the sales of a business. But to get high click-through rates (CTR), businesses are required to optimize the ways they usually appear in search engines and that can be done using Meta descriptions today.

So, first of all, we need to understand what Meta descriptions are and how they work for boosting CTR.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta Descriptions are used at the backend of the websites and they are an important part of HTML code. Meta Descriptions appear directly on the Search Engine Research Pages (SERP) and you can say that they are the very first official content that people see from your side. They can be located under the tag of Title. They provide an idea to the users what type of information they will get after clicking through to a certain website.

Generally, owner of the websites put the Meta descriptions and Google publishes this text. But sometimes it happens that Google selects a more relevant Meta description from your page to answer a search query. People who deal with SEO in Dubai, they must understand the importance of Meta descriptions in Dubai based search queries as they help a lot in getting those precious clicks. The digital agency also greatly focuses on Meta description while devising SEO strategies.

Why Meta Description is important?

The first impression matters a lot in every case. Same is with Meta descriptions. They are crucial for a website because they are considered the first impression of a website. They are accounted for satisfying the query of a researcher and inform him about the content of the pages. In this way, they provoke the researcher to visit your website. For example, if somebody is looking for the best places to visit in Dubai, by providing a comprehensive Meta description, your web page can give an idea about some fun activities visitors can do. If you give exactly what customers need, it will help your website to get that click.

Although Meta descriptions cannot directly influence the ranking of a website in Google SERP somehow indirectly they can help in improving the SERP ranking. So they are a crucial part of any website and they must be designed carefully.

How Meta descriptions can be optimized?

As we said earlier, Meta descriptions are important for any website so there is a need to understand how these descriptions can be optimized to improve your ranking in SERP.

  1. Decide which pages need your attention first: Importance of Meta descriptions cannot be ignored for a whole website but there is a need to prioritize some pages. Home page and some other pages like main category pages are mainly responsible to bring traffic to your website so there is a need to focus on these pages initially. On the other hand, pages of your website that are running short of click-through rate; they also need your attention. If a page is getting high ranking in SERP but it is fetching low CTR, it means that the Meta description is not fully optimized. While devising strategies for SEO in Dubai, do not forget this crucial point.
  2. Relevant to the website content and user intent: It is another important feature of Meta Descriptions. For example, if you are a Dubai based company and you want to post the top 10 foods for cats, you need to conduct detailed research. This research will let you know what types of keywords are used by potential customers to find the data that is similar to your content. These Meta descriptions must have a correlation with user intent. User intents are generally of following types like Transactional, informational and Navigational intent. In transactional intent, users are researching for buying something. In informational intent, users are searching for some useful information whereas in navigational intent user is concerned about a specific website. So after conducting comprehensive research, you have to make use of this research in the Meta descriptions of your website. SEO in Dubai can bring you great Click Through Rates, if you keenly work on user intent to give them right answers, right there with Meta Descriptions.

Another important thing is to avoid keywords stuffing in these descriptions. Use only most relevant keywords.

  1. Length of Meta Descriptions also matter a lot: It is a key point; the length of Meta descriptions should be neither too long nor too short. If it will be too long, Google will cut its non essential parts itself. On the other hand, if it is too short then Google will perceive it negatively. It would be rejected by the Google algorithm and Google will choose some text from inside the page or will put what it deems relevant. So there is a need of an ideal length for Meta description. An ideal Meta description contains 130 to 160 characters.
  2. Try to involve structured content: Structured content is considered as an integral part of copy writing. So you must try to use active voice. If you conclude it with a call to action content then it can work wonders for you. If you add some phrases like ‘order now, hurry up and avail discount’ etc. then you can attract the attention of potential researchers and they would be interested to visit your site immediately. In this way, your Click Through Rate will also increase. Experts who deal with SEO in Dubai, they usually put a lot of ‘call to actions’ in copy writing as a huge number of people visit Dubai every year and love to shop different packages of fun activities, hotel deals and other stuff.

In short, Meta description should be an integral part of SEO strategies. Digital agency that designs a website on behalf of its client, it should also pay considerable attention to Meta descriptions while writing content as it will help in getting higher click through rates which increase profits and brings more traffic.

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We are living in 21st century where it is quite difficult for a business to survive by overlooking the importance of online presence.
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