Business-Friendly Modern LinkedIn Ads Formats

January 27, 2021

LinkedIn is changing the advertising game for businesses worldwide, possessing a user base of over 706 million members worldwide. With so many digital marketing options available, this corporate social network has turned into an exciting playground for marketers exposed to endless opportunities to reach their target audiences. LinkedIn has emerged with ‘LinkedIn Ads,’ a tool used for brand awareness and digital advertising that has led many retail and e-commerce companies to switch to LinkedIn advertising instead of other platforms.

Like most platforms, LinkedIn ads too have their limitations and advantages. This article will walk you through all there is to know about LinkedIn advertising and how you can make the most out of them for your business.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an American social networking platform that revolves around providing online services for business and employment opportunities operating via mobile apps and websites. This platform is mainly used to connect job seekers (who create their profiles with their resumes) to employers who post various jobs online. Stats show over 35.5 million have been hired by a person they connect with via LinkedIn.38% of LinkedIn’s user base consists of Millennials, making up a fourth of the 2 billion millennials’ population globally. It is no wonder why most businesses resort to LinkedIn to advertise their brand, catering to a more extensive corporate network.

LinkedIn Ads for an Impactful Campaign

LinkedIn provides advertisers with plenty of ad options to choose from for their campaigns. This rundown is everything you need to know about choosing the right type of ad in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager that will make an impact. Regardless of the options, you choose LinkedIn advertising to support website visits, engagement, brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and job applications.

Sponsored InMail

This LinkedIn ads feature allows businesses to send customized messages to highly active LinkedIn members. Considering it delivers to only highly targeted recipients, know that your messages will always land in a potential client’s inbox.

In-built functionalities include A/B testing for optimization and running several variations. You can also target your customers by tailoring the content directly and using the CTA button accessible from any device, contributing to a responsive design.

 Sponsored and Direct Sponsored Content

These sponsored posts are typical of the average LinkedIn post. With direct sponsored and sponsored content, advertisers can promote the latest updates in the company and encourage users to your landing page to share infographics and pieces of content while catering to a targeted audience over mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Sponsored content allows you to advertise pre-existing content within your LinkedIn profile. In contrast, direct sponsored content allows personalization so you can create your posts in your LinkedIn news feed.

Text Ads

This is part of the pay-per-click (PPC) LinkedIn feature, which is the best bet for your money. Advertisers only have to pay based on the amount of user clicks on the ad, allowing you to validate your investments. Text ads are easy to design and are typically displayed inline or to the side. LinkedIn offers an extensive range to help you reach your target audience with

Programmatic Display Ads

B2B advertisers who had trouble finding their ideal advertising options can opt for this ad format to cater to the most extensive and professional persona-based audience. Businesses have the option to purchase these ads via private or open auctions and can customize them with easy ad creatives.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

These personalized ads appear on the right rail and include company spotlight, job, follower, and content ads that allow advertisers to target their audiences more effectively. Every dynamic ad allows businesses to target their viewers, addressing them as per their name while creating more driving traffic to their site. This ad format also comes with convenient ad creative options for better customization.

What are the Limitations?

Advertising Entity

LinkedIn only permits companies and employers of the company to run an advertising campaign on LinkedIn. Not to mention, companies do not have the permission to lend somebody else their account to advertise on their or their company’s behalf.

Minimum Budgets

A lot of the LinkedIn campaigns call for a minimum daily budget. Though this budget may be as reasonable as $10, it can be difficult for marketers to pull through with small and inflexible advertising budgets.

Audience Customization

While it claims to target the audience effectively, LinkedIn ad campaigns lack true audience customization in reality. Advertisers can create a custom audience with LinkedIn because it only permits advertisers to choose from a specific range of individual ages to reach out to. There may even be compliance limitations that prevent marketers from abstaining from specific locations or genders during the campaign.

Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

 Apart from the advertising concerns, LinkedIn has some pretty remarkable advertising success stories that have proven beneficial for businesses of all sorts. Here is how LinkedIn is the ultimate choice for your next ad campaign:

Lead Collection

LinkedIn allows recipients to fill forms through their LinkedIn profile information, which can be very useful for advertisers marketing gated content.

Diverse Ad Units

To keep up with the competition, LinkedIn has created a diverse range of ad units that allow advertisers to use promoted content, images, and videos, in addition to using the lead generation feature.

Low Entry Barriers

While it can be challenging to set up ad campaigns for other social networks, LinkedIn makes an exception. Advertisers can easily have their campaigns up and running within 5 minutes of setting them up, which is great for marketers who wish to see fast-paced progress.