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Dubai official Government Websites

May 8, 2019

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There are 31 Government Sector Websites of Dubai which are projecting their causes online. Below is the list of these official government websites of Dubai and what functions they perform.

Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation:

The prime function of this website is to develop endowments and empower the minors. Care for minor is a strategic goal of this govt. department.

Centre of Ambulance Services:

This is the website of government department for emergency services to provide immediate medical services to people in need with sending ambulances.

Community Development Authority:

This government department is charged with the responsibility of providing social services to the people of the Emirate and creates an efficient management system for achieving the goals.

Department of Economic Development:

This department aims to achieve the target of economic development in Dubai. It also regulates the economic and commercial affairs.

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing:

This website has been designed to government rules and legislation that are related to the Dubai Tourism Industry.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority:

The aim of this department is to provide an ideal and instant place for business in Dubai Airport Free Zone. It also facilitates the businessmen in their set ups by providing all information online.

Dubai Chamber:

Dubai Chamber works for the Business community. It is entitled to represent and protect the rights and interests of business community in Dubai.

Dubai Civil Aviation authority:

This department does not only monitor all the aviation activities but also deals with the air transport industry.

Dubai Civil Defense:

Purpose of this government department is to enhance the quality of life of the UAE community by providing them safety and security services.

Dubai Courts:

This government department aims to provide justice speedily. Its purpose is to facilitate UAE community with accessible judicial services. People can check the status of their applications and register their cases online.

Dubai culture:

This department was launched to promote Dubai as a place of creative and sustainable culture where art and literature has a significant importance. This website helps empowering the literature sectors too.

Dubai Department of Finance:

This department is entitled to supervise the accounting and financial affairs of the Dubai government. It is also responsible to issue the consolidated statements of the government of Dubai.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority:

It is responsible for the continuous supply of electricity and water to the residents of UAE and it helps to reduce losses in power distribution and transmission. People can check their bills online and pay through the official website.

Dubai Export Development Corporation:

This website is amongst the leading Government Sector websites of Dubai that provides export related information and services to different businesses.

Dubai Government workshop:

This website has been designed to provide the best and quality services in Dubai to Sheikhs and Govt. Departments for ensuring their vehicle confidentiality and data security.

Dubai Health Authority:

This department deals with providing best health care services. People can visit the site and know what type of medical services they are entitled to and information about fees is also available on the website.

Dubai Media Corporation:

This department works in a dynamic media environment to provide cultural and useful content to the UAE viewers keeping in view social, family and cultural values of the people. It works in accordance with the strategic goals of the UAE Government.

Dubai Municipality:

Its aim is to make Dubai a sustainable and happy city and planning the projects in most efficient way.

Dubai Police:

This is the first official website of Dubai police which have introduced the electronic services. The website allows paying traffic fines, accessing diplomatic services, night work permits etc.

Dubai Public Prosecution:

Dubai Public Prosecution website has been designed to provide electronic judicial services to its customers. People can access court session schedules, object to a traffic violation, get information about Dubai Laws etc.

Dubai Sports Council:

This purpose of this department is to develop a very robust and holistic sports culture in the city.

Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology:

This government department is working on various space projects which also includes Emirates Mars Mission. The website provides related information and news about space satellite programs.

Financial Audit Department:

This department mainly conducts audits for the government of Dubai. E-Services are not only provided to the Government but also to the staff of FAD too.

General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai:

The key purpose behind establishing this department is to provide safe and the best residential services to the people of Dubai.

Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department:

This website is known as the electronic version of the department. It allows the people to access all the electronic publications of this Department like books, magazines etc.

Knowledge and Human Development Authority:

This website has been designed to promote private education in Dubai.

Land Department:

This website is entitled to provide real estate related services and information to the people. Its basic purpose is to promote Dubai as the world’s no. 1 real estate destination.

Muhammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment:  

This establishment provides the appropriate housing options to the nationals of Emirate of Dubai.

Protocol and Guest House Department:

The key purpose of this website is to manage and keep track of all national and international protocols.

Road and Transport Authority:

This website deals with services that are related to transportation. Safe and smooth transport for all is the key purpose of this department.

Statistic Centre of Dubai:

This website focuses on those statistics that support the sustainable development of Dubai.

So, above is the list of leading Government Sector Websites of Dubai which are performing their respective functions in Dubai.

Dubai official Government Websites
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Dubai official Government Websites
Below is the list of these official government websites of Dubai and what functions they perform
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