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Facebook – What’s New and Benefits for Businesses in 2021

February 3, 2021

Currently, it is possible to say that a company that has no online existence will die eventually. After all, most of the potential customers belonging to all industries take the help of the internet to find solutions for any of their needs. That’s where social media platforms come into play. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in the world, which has been helping SMEs with increasing their brand awareness with a low budget. Facebook not only helps companies in marketing their brands but also in managing other aspects of their operations. 

Integration of Facebook as a Management Tool

A Facebook presence has its advantages and disadvantages for companies in helping them uplift their brand image. Some of these include:

Brand Visibility

Many people today use Facebook in a similar way to a search engine when it comes to getting information. A well-maintained Facebook page makes it easier for a company to be found on the internet.

Increase in Engagement on the Website

Facebook offers companies to link their website to their social media page. Since such linking increases the relevance of the URL in Google’s algorithm, it helps the website to rank on the search engine.

Advertising to the Target Audience

Facebook Ads are very inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. Algorithms in the background try to present these ads as efficiently as possible to target audience of the company.

Ease in Communication with Customers

A Facebook presence enables direct contact with customers. A company can easily answer customer queries, which in turn results in consumer loyalty. Such pages also help managements in getting feedback from clients and improve their operations. Information about malfunctions, problems, or new products can also be passed on quickly.

Facebook Stories for SME Branding and Marketing

During the launch of Facebook Stories, people did not consider it as an important marketing tool. However, these stories have proven to be a real model of success.  Facebook Stories gained 500 million daily users in the first quarter of 2019. 

This statistic shows that Facebook stories have some advantages that are particularly interesting for companies:

High visibility:

The prominent position of stories at the top of the page attracts an extra dose of attention and reduces the risk of them getting lost in the crowd.

Time Limit:

The fact that stories are only visible for 24 hours only gives them a certain time limit. It does not make the post last long enough to become irrelevant.

More interaction:

Facebook stories encourage interaction, for example, by giving users the opportunity to send your company a message while they are viewing them.


By clicking on the view button, you can always find out who viewed your story.

In many cases, these advantages are also noticeable at the point of sale. In a survey, 62% of respondents said that they were more interested in a product or a brand after they had seen a Facebook story about it.

Facebook Ads to Increase Brand Awareness and Attract More Customers

With paid ads on Facebook, individually designed content can be displayed to a specific target group to increase engagement. Facebook advertising can have a wide variety of goals. 

Ad Formats

A number of ad formats are available to businesses to design their content according to their needs. The popular ones in 2021 include: 

  • Image Ads
  • Videos Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads

Facebook Business Manager

Business owners need Facebook Business Manager when either several employees or service providers manage their Facebook or Instagram pages or business owners manage several pages themselves. If you are only responsible for a single page of your own, it is not necessary to use the Facebook Business Manager. It can then complicate managing your site without adding any real value. However, if you are handling multiple pages at the same time or outsourcing social media managing services, Facebook Business Manager is the tool that you need. 

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager for SMEs

The goal of the Facebook Business Manager is to enable multiple people to work on one page without the owner having to grant access to every manager. Moreover, the tool makes it easier for a user to manage multiple pages at the same time in order to improve the visibility of multiple brands. That is why various data from different sources flow together in Facebook Business Manager. 

The tool has been designed to deal with complicated tasks. The more Facebook features a company uses, the more practical Facebook Business Manager is to them. This is especially true for the agencies that oversee the advertising campaigns or social media strategies of several companies.

Facebook Business Manager As A Project Management Tool

To some extent, Facebook Business Manager can even replace a project management tool. You can assign tasks to each user in it. So all employees know what their next task is. This allows you to implement your social media strategy on Facebook in a more planned way. It also allows you to keep an eye on the contribution of each individual along with the results in the form of engagement of the audience.

Some of the functions of Facebook Business Manager are: 

  • Create and manage company pages
  • Collect statistics via Facebook Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Target group insights
  • Create and manage events
  • Place and track advertisements
  • Creative Hub
  • Integration with Instagram

In conclusion, with the passage of time, Facebook has become an essential tool for all the companies, which are looking forward to gaining customers with low budget. Not only this platform helps SMEs in marketing their brand and services, but it also helps them in managing their operations and customer relations. 

Facebook – What’s New and Benefits for Businesses in 2021
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Facebook – What’s New and Benefits for Businesses in 2021