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Feel the excitement as PSL 2019 begins!

February 17, 2019

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Passion For PSL

The craze and obsession of Pakistani nation for cricket is not new and it is on the verge nowadays due to one and only PSL. Pakistan Super League has been a special event for Pakistanis for many reasons and a source of joy and excitement. It is our local tournament, it brought International cricket to Pakistan and in the last two years since the final is being held in our beloved country, the arrival of many international cricket stars, changed the perspective of Pakistan globally. The arrival of those celebrities of the sports showed the positive face of Pakistan all around the globe building bringing back the trust and sense of security which got lost in the last few decades.

As Pakistanis we are more prone to bad news than the good ones and the last few decades have been quite tough on the nation. PSL was a breath of fresh air in such circumstances as we Pakistanis are the happiest when we are eating our favorite local cuisines or playing cricket. The event brings unmatchable excitement and enthusiasm in every city. It has become the main factor to develop ownership of their respective cities in the heart of the locals and the idea could be further developed by increasing the awareness of individual responsibility bestowed upon every citizen for the betterment of the towns.

The youth are always enthusiastic and passionate and being in the 20-20 format it is the perfect cricket format for youth who have limited attention span, well it is the core reason of the enthralling excitement also. The feeling of blood rushing with every ball, the skipping of heart beats with each catch, the sky high expectations of a sixer or a four with every held up shot, is enticing at every level.

It is undoubted that the platform is getting better and exciting every year with the grand opening ceremonies and alluring ending ceremonies, filled with gratifying performances of international and local heartthrobs and the long list of our favorite players playing against each other in the teams, representing the major cities of Pakistan. Each team has its special aura with vibrant logos and flamboyant kits making the cricketers look dashing.

Pakistan Super league is a perfect match of sports and entertainment and an engrossing event anxiously looked forward by the nation every year to celebrate cricket and to show the world what an amazing and fun loving nation we are.

Feel the excitement as PSL 2019 begins!
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Feel the excitement as PSL 2019 begins!
The craze and obsession of Pakistani nation for cricket is not new and it is on the verge nowadays due to one and only PSL.
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