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Google BERT – Here’s All to Know About the Latest Algorithm Update

November 4, 2019

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In recent years, search engine giant; none other than Google has been actively updating its algorithms. The latest one however is the biggest and has been planned for long enough, aimed at improving the search results, making them more human especially when it comes to reading prepositions like “the, a, to” and more.

Known as BERT for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”, this particular algorithm is based in neural network technique for language processing which makes search results more relevant and conversational for human understanding.

More on BERT

With the release of BERT, Google now claims that it can offer more relevant results in U.S. English where support for other languages and native coming soon. However, the update is globally live for featured snippets. The search engine giant further said that BERT is better for conversational and more longer queries since interpreting a full sentence is easier than sequential keywords.

Google first announced of BERT being the next plan for opensource code implementation and pre-trained models. Considering machine learning, ‘transformers’ has been more of a recent development that work exceptionally well for sequential data, making it a useful tool to adapt natural language and thus search queries.

All that said, BERT also make Google the first to use latest Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) chips serving for the search results. Search console would now better understand user preferences and return more relevant results with featured snippets. The update just rolled out recently which means deeper effects on the search results are yet to be felt in coming days.

From Google Itself

“Well, by applying BERT models to both rankings and featured snippets in search, we’re able to do a much better job helping you find useful information.”

BERT’s impact would be 10% against the U.S. search queries whereas for the featured snippets, it’s already live worldwide.

On-Page SEO Effects

One of the good news that came along with the update is that the recent algorithm wouldn’t penalise any website but only improves search intent and queries. Flip the coin and you’ll see that BERT won’t favour websites having poorly written content which means no more sloppy text or jargons.

Search engine experts and digital marketers suggest that BERT would support websites with tons of well-written, meaningful and good content. All those who’ve been ignoring quality content for quantity must now revise their strategy.

Putting it simple, BERT is a language understanding model that work amazingly on large text corpus and downstream the NLP tasks a user is most interested in. Have a look at the examples provided below for clarity:

Source: https://github.com/google-research/bert

Time To Change Your SEO Strategy

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai and worldwide need to change their SEO approach now that BERT is making its impact. A typical internet user would normally perform three types of search activities that is:

  • Informational
  • Navigational and,
  • Transactional

Let’s have a detailed look at each for clarity.

An informational query can be anything a user’s interested in, particularly a question that begins with “how to”. On searching, the result would be a relevant solution but a more specific search with name, brand or title falls in a navigational query.

On figuring out the exact solution, it’s possible a user wishes to know the cost or buy against which another query is placed known as transactional. So far, BERT is impacting on top-of-the-funnel keywords that are mostly informational.

In order to maintain the ranking and take on your competitor, being very specific with the content is the ultimate and simplest solution now. Content creation likewise has to incorporate informational queries with detailed, super-long content. Remember to keep the quality as best as can be for ranking on Google.

Impact on Brands

Brands are likely to remain unaffected with the algorithm update. This is because BERT let search engines understand longer and more conversational requests also known as “long-tail queries” as per SEO, brands don’t do that, rather they track short-tailed queries which increase traffic for brand-specific website. In case SEO strategy for a particular brand is unfocused on long-tail enquiries, it would be least effected by BERT. In coming weeks or months, brands are likely to opt for more long-term inquiries thus maintain their ranking on the digital front.

Follow the link provided below for the video announcement and updateh


All You Need To Know About - Google Bert Update - From SEO Prespect
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All You Need To Know About - Google Bert Update - From SEO Prespect
The BERT update let Google understand prepositions for more relevant and meaningful results. Websites with genuine and human-friendly content dominates the search engine
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