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Google Ads Editor v1.5 – Manage Campaigns Easily with Google New Release

January 24, 2021

Google had recently announced the launch of Google Ads Editor v1.5 on December 16th, 2020. Google claims that the Editor’s new version will contribute to greater changes with bigger impacts on advertisements. The new features and additions are optimized to produce exceptional results. Advertisers may benefit from knowing how to efficiently use the revised Editor to add to their performance and business campaigns in place of using the web interface. 

According to Google: “This release includes new tools to help you improve your ad strength, support for additional recommendations, and image extensions.” While this seems like a good addition for advertisers, we will go over the basics of Google Ads Editor v.15 for you to make the most out of your brand advertisements.

What is Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads Editor is a downloadable application for you to manage your Google Ads campaigns. The Editor is free, and enabling it allows you to download several ad accounts, make bulk changes and amendments offline, and finally upload your amendments to Google Ads. 

With over 2.14 billion digital buyers around the globe in 2021, managing your ads will never be more important until today. Google Ads editor is a great strategy for those of you who wish to manage multiple campaigns and a number of keywords with your accounts.

How Google Ads Editor v1.5 Works?

Account and Campaign management offline

The new ads editor tools allow businesses to pre-download their campaigns so they can continue editing them online and offline.

Maximize the potential of bulk editing tools

Bulk editing offers a convenient way of editing and making changes to multiple accounts at the same time. The changes help you search and replace text, redo or reverse changes and move items around multiple campaigns. From bulk uploads to bulk in-line editing, you have the option to efficiently manage more than one account at a time and cater to large scale changes across all your ads and campaigns running.


After you have meticulously designed your ad campaigns and made changes to them, it is a good idea to review them before it gets the final go. Visit drafts to view your edits before implying them across all your campaigns. You can even have your colleague review changes by exporting and importing files for them.

Performance stats

Once your campaign is up and running, you can now view performance statistics. Keep track of important figures like position, cost, conversion rate, and click-through information.

Schedule Your Ads

You have a say in how often you want your ad to appear in search results online. You can copy ad scheduling settings and place them across campaigns on Google Ads Editor.

 With ad scheduling, you can choose to show your ads on specific days or only during productive hours when you can cater to business and customer inquiries.

New Features and Enhancements

Now that we’ve gone over how the Google Ads Editor v.1.5 works, let’s get into the details of the version’s prominent features targeted to enhance the customer experience.

Ad Strength for Responsive Search and Display Ads

Ad strength measures the relevance and uniqueness of your ad content to optimize search results for customers. With google ads editor v.1.5, you can now keep track of and review your ad strength in a new column, making it convenient for you to improve responsive display ads and responsive search ads.

Additional and detailed recommendation support

Google ads Editor v.1.5 will have the support and benefit of six additional recommendation types. These types have been integrated as a new feature to optimize businesses’ campaign performance at scale and to improve the content you add to the Editor. Previously, what may have shown up as error messages will be replaced with recommendations. 

With recommendation support, you will find ways to adopt target return on ad spend (ROAS), ad creatives, mitigating keywords with poor performance, and enhance responsive search ads. The recommendations do not end here as Google claims’ new recommendations will be added in Editor over the coming months.’

Source: Surfside PPC

Image extensions

Image extensions are now offered full support by the new version of the Google Ads Editor. This will allow you to easily incorporate additional information like website links and call buttons to expand your ad.

List of Additional Features for Google Ads Editor v. 1.5’s

  • Filter by label
  • Filter by campaigns, ad groups, account, or all items with the same label
  • Shortcut to jump to the previous type
  • Improved messages for account limit errors
  • Update to statics columns
  • App pre-registration campaigns
  • Merchant feed for App Campaigns
  • Dynamic ads feed
  • Tips for new users
  • Business name for Local ads

How is it Helping Businesses?

With 76% of the search engine market belonging to Google and over 63% of people clicking on a Google Ad, creating a campaign using Google Ads has statistically proved to be an effective digital marketing strategy for many.

Using the Google Ads Editor v.1.5 can significantly up your advertising game and enhance your performance, creating a better appeal than ever to customers using the new tools and features of the v.15 editor. 

With the ability to work offline and make bulk changes or search and replace text across multiple campaigns, Google Ads Editor v.1.5 can be a breakthrough for advertisers wishing to maximize their reach with Google Ads.

Google Ads Editor v1.5 - Manage Campaigns Easily with Google New Release
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Google Ads Editor v1.5 - Manage Campaigns Easily with Google New Release