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How Digital Express Agency is excelling amongst other companies in Dubai?

May 23, 2019

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Digital Express is a Digital marketing agency in Dubai which aims to provide all the services relevant to this field. Digital Express is amongst the top web design agencies in Dubai and it has been working for years to satisfy the digital needs of the people. This company observes the emerging digital trends with an open eye and its professional staff has an ability to deliver what is in the best interest of its clients.

Digital Express is a very affordable web development company in Dubai. Its professional and trained staff with its immense experience is capable to exactly transform your dreams in the form of your desired website. It has innovative yet customized web development solutions that fullfills all your business needs. Digital Express provides the following web development services to its valuable clients.

Digital Express as a web development company in Dubai/UAE:

PHP development services:

Digital Express is the best web development company in Dubai which provides multiple web development services. PHP Development is one of those services. There is a proper team of PHP programmers who understand the needs of the clients and deliver robust programs.  Under the head of PHP development services, DE offers PHP integration projects with Flex, payment gateway projects, PHP application migration projects, CMS networks, shopping cart development and e-commerce services.

Word Press development:

Digital Express is the most professional website agency in Dubai that has an ability to cater your business website needs fully. It aims to provide spam protected and versatile platform for your business with the help of WordPress. Businesses can stay connected with their customers through Word Press web development easily.

Joomla Development:

Joomla is the most promising web development tool that has empowered so many websites. Our experienced and professional UAE staff has a great command over this technique. We provide bespoke Joomla Websites and these Joomla websites allow our clients to use this tool in the best interest of their business. 

E-commerce Development:

In this revolutionized world, it is very difficult for a business to survive without an e-commerce website. Digital Express helps the businesses in creating useful e-commerce websites that provide a great shopping experience to the buyers. This company designs the best e-commerce websites and they are perfect in every way. We also try to introduce advanced and convenient features of stock updating, payment methods in these websites.

Asp.net. Development Dubai:

Digital Express is amongst the top web design agencies in Dubai that is known for its services in APS.net development industry. APS.net is actually a product of Microsoft that helps to construct state of the art websites. So at Digital Express people can get cost effective yet advanced APS.net development services. It will ensure the availability of your website at multiple devices so ultimately it helps to increase your revenue.

Enterprise Development:

Business of the clients matter a lot for Digital Express Company. So it tries to provide authentic enterprise development services and solutions to its clients. The designed enterprise programs of this company prove very handy for business operations and integration.

Magneto Development:

Magneto is a tool that is used for developing the e-commerce websites. This platform is very beneficial for both the parties that are admin and buyers. As far as Digital Express is concerned, it is a professional Magneto e-commerce development company. It has created numerous Magneto e-commerce stores for the famous brands. It has wide range of clients who like to hire the Magneto services of this company. It offers different innovative features with the traditional ones like cart creation, smooth check out process, online shop system etc.

DotNetNuke Development:

Digital Express is known as the best web development company in Dubai because of its remarkable services. When we talk about DotNetNuke, we come to know that this platform is powered by Microsoft and it has a big share in market for its web development. This web development can be related to every niche. Digital Express also utilizes the DotNetNuke platform for developing websites. These websites are up to the mark and they perfectly fulfill the needs of the clients. Digital Express is working with this type of platform from a long time so it is able to create the websites that are in the best interest of its clients.

ERP Software:

Digital Express is an affordable web development company in Dubai that offers affordable ERP software and solutions to its clients.

These are the services that are related to website development and Digital Express is using all of these web development techniques in a right way to their clients. There are so many other services that are provided by Digital Express. These services are worth mentioning too because Digital Express is marking its prominent place in digital industry due to these services as a whole. These premium services are as follow:

UX and UI design Dubai:

Businesses or companies that want to give some shape to their brands, they can avail the UX and UI design services of Digital Express. Digital Express does not only provide these services but also it helps in creating awesome logs and works for graphic designing too. At Digital express, we aim to provide the best solutions that distinguish your products from the others. People truly feel the difference when they avail our services in any related field.

Digital marketing:

Digital Express provides so many services under the head of digital marketing like SEO, website analysis, PPC advertising etc. We are living in a world where trends have changed to a great extent. There was a time when digital marketing was a rare phenomenon. But now the situation is changed. So at Digital Express we aim to provide the best digital marketing services that are not only budget friendly but also they cater your desired audience. Our skilled staff provides considerable digital marketing services in every niche this is why we try to present a soft image of your brand in the mind of the targeted audience. Advertising campaigns are also launched according to the needs of the business enterprises.

Apps Development:

Apps development is another core working side of Digital Express. There was a time when mobile phones were not so common. There were few people who were used to have mobile but now it is hard to think without mobile. Smart phones have revolutionized the working style of people. Most of the tasks are performed through different mobile apps. So keeping in view the importance of mobile networking, Digital Express develops bespoke applications. These applications include mobile apps, Android & IOS games and Face book apps. These customized apps cater all the needs of your business.

Enterprise App:

As we know that Digital Express is the most affordable web development company in Dubai so people belonging to different fields can easily avail the services of this company. This is a multi-tasking company that provides matchless services not only in web development but also it helps in developing different enterprise apps. At Digital Express, object oriented solutions and services are provided to the concerning people. It aims to provide premium enterprise services to different businesses. These enterprise services include payment gate ways, customized CMS development and multiple e-commerce solutions. These designed applications prove very handy for different business operations and integration.

Digital Content:

We are living in 21st century and it is hard to imagine a business without online presence. Now a day, digital content plays a key role in the online presence of a business. If a business have a unique and comprehensive digital content, it will be easy to attract the attention of the targeted audience. So keeping in view the importance of this content, Digital Express is here to serve the businesses in their best possible interests. Our digital content services include video production, emails, copy writing and display marketing. This content is designed to increase the ROI of the business. Our quality digital content also helps to achieve higher search rankings. Global reach is another illuminating benefit of our digital content.

Social Media campaigns:

Power of social media cannot be ignored at any cost in this modern world. Social media has a power to influence the lives of people. If we talk about Dubai/UAE, we come to know that Digital Express is the best digital agency that is serving other businesses and companies with its great digital services. Social media campaigns that are launched by this company for its clients are also worth mentioning here. The social media services of Digital Express mainly involve the advertising, social media marketing & ad campaigns. These services greatly help to generate more ROIs for the businesses. Our team of professionals directly works with the social media channels and provides you a clear yet powerful landscape for your working. So with the help of these social media services, business can create a connection with their global audience.

New trends of websites which Dubai based companies are using:

New Year has just started. Every New Year brings new trends with it. Same is the case with the website trends. In 2019, new web design trends are in practice. So let us discuss these web design trends one by one.

Broken Grid and asymmetrical layouts:

This lay out grid represents an imaginary plane where there are vertical and horizontal lines. These lines are used to support the layout elements on the screen. It is very easy to point out the grid in many websites. Generally by looking at the left side of the website, you can see many elements like title, logo, content etc. This type of layout is a way of experimenting with asymmetry and it is mostly used to draw the attention of people.

Fluid /organic designs and elements:

In this year, website developers have started to experiment with more fluid lines and shapes. We are used to see straight lines in routine on website platforms but when we see the organic and fluid shapes like circle, rectangles etc, it instantly draws our attention and website looks more appealing after the use of these shapes.

Retro design aesthetic:

Website developers are trying to experiment in 2019 with the web designs. They are creating web designs by experimenting on nostalgic and retro aesthetic styles. Different color schemes are being introduced which is very interesting.

Enhanced image treatments:

Images always draw the attention of people. Different types of images are getting used in web designs because they look more appealing. In some websites, hero style imagines are created where this image captures the whole space of screen. This is a new trend that is observed in the website designs these days.

Monochromatic and absence of colors:

It is good to play with different colors but it sounds strange if there is no color or web design is just based on one single color. This is a great idea and if it is incorporated well in a website design, it can work wonder. This trend is good because it helps to differentiate your web design from others and it makes your website memorable for the website viewer.

So these are the 6 most trending web designs of 2020 that are getting the attention of web developers. They are appealing in their own way and they are utilized in a proper way, they can help you to get the attention of your desired audience.

Let’s discuss website design of Digital Express:

Now is the time to look at the website design of Digital Express. DE has formed its own website which is dynamic in nature. It has been developed on HTML5 and the layout is highly responsive which makes it user-friendly. The screen of the website is adjustable for all screens which makes it one of the best website in Dubai for the features it offers. Video background on the Digital Express websites keeps the visitor captivated for few minutes which forms a lasting impact. Digital Express aims to provide its client with this high standard and quality web development services to maintain its name in the region. We help you create a website which caters all customers’ needs and also caters all social media, advertising, content and marketing needs alongside incorporating best tools and technologies related to web development as a professional website agency in Dubai

How Digital Express Agency is excelling amongst web development companies in Dubai?
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How Digital Express Agency is excelling amongst web development companies in Dubai?
Digital Express is a Digital marketing agency in Dubai which aims to provide all the services relevant to this field.
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