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How Facebook Ads and Google Ads Adds to Your SEO Strategy?

March 19, 2020

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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two of the most effective digital marketing techniques. The two techniques when executed strategically can help online businesses reach high-quality leads and increased revenue within a short span of time.

Well, in this blog we have come up with some key aspects in which you can supplement your SEO strategy by strategically implementing Google Ads and Facebook Ads. So, continue to read on as we get through the relationship between three of the important digital marketing techniques.

How Facebook Ads supplements your SEO campaign?

Facebook ads aren’t just meant to give you instant leads and sale (yes, those are an important component of the campaign), because if those are your only concern then you may be missing out on some crucial links. 

In reality, your Facebook Ads can serve a much greater aspect for your business, to be precise, the campaign can serve as a direct line of engagement with your audience. By talking through the leads gained through the Facebook Ads campaign, you can connect emotionally and personally with potential clients. This, in essence, will serve as your brand awareness campaign as well, driving more traffic to your website and consequently supplementing your SEO campaign invaluably.

How Google Ads Supplements your SEO campaign?

Again, while there may not seem to be any direct connection between Google Ads and SEO, there surely is an indirect and subtle impact of Google Ads over SEO campaign; when executed professionally.

Again, Google Ads serves as an excellent technique to market your product directly to customers who are “hunting’ your products/services. The PPC campaign doesn’t just enable you to improve your leads and sales, but also allows you to connect with potential customers, engage them and transform them into loyal customers.

How Google Ads adds to the value of your SEO campaign

  1. Double Exposure

When you run a PPC campaign simultaneously with an SEO campaign, you get the benefit to exploit double exposure.

This means that, while the PPC campaign will help your business placed right at the top of the search engine ranking page SERP (as an ad), you will also be listed in the organic search below.

So, even though if the user bypass the Ads section (which many users did past through), seeing your website ranked organically as well will establish a positive impression about the credibility and authority of your business.

This subsequently leads to more number of people clicking through either the Ads or organic results, resulting in increased traffic on your site (an added benefit for an SEO campaign), as well as, give you an opportunity to connects with the larger audience as an authorized brand (branding needs delivered).

  • Get Access to High-Value Organic Keywords

Keywords research and targeting is an important component of all SEO campaigns. To be able to drive high-quality and targeted traffic to your website, you need to target the right search queries (keywords).

Now, while the SEO results do allow you to estimate the effectiveness of selected search queries, the process is slow and time-intensive.

Alternatively, Google Ads gives you fast and instant estimates to gauge the effectiveness of individual keywords in your campaign, which in turn can be used to optimize your SEO keywords targeting and achieve better results.

By analyzing the data from PPC campaigns, you would get much-needed insights about the market trend to feed into the SEO campaigns and subsequently improve the performance of your SEO campaign.

  • Google Ads help build brand awareness

Google Ads help improve the traffic on your website. Now, as users land on your website by clicking through the Google Ads, they get to interact with your business by reading through the content and browsing through the products and services on offer.

Now, even when the user didn’t convert (which may seem disappointing and lost revenue), in reality, it serves your business indirectly as brand awareness.

When the same user lands on another business listing searching for the same product/services and finds your website listed over there, there are far greater chances that the user is going to click through the link to re-land on your website.

This is because, users are more likely to purchase through a familiar website and since they have already learned about your company, they will be more tempted to revisit your website and ultimately convert.

So effectively, Google Ads help builds your brand awareness which indirectly leads to more traffic and conversion for your business.

  • Helps you get more local leads

Local customers are an important audience segment for any business. According to statistics, over 60% of Google search queries are made for local search. This means that in order to increase traffic and sales, you need to attract local traffic.

Google Ads gives you an ideal platform to target local searches and improve your brand awareness in this important market segment. As a local search is made by the user, your Ad will be displayed at top of SERP, and since the majority of the local searches are made using mobile devices, your ad is almost the only result they see the first thing on their screens.

This means that by placing your Google Ad at top of the SERP for local searches, you immediately reap the benefit of attracting local users who will either click it or past below to the organic results. Now, if they do pass the ads, they will again see your business listed in Google My Business Listing and even if they happen to ignore that also, they will once again see your business third time, listed as organic results.

So, this triple exposure essentially seals the deal for your business and lead users to believe in the credibility and authority of your business.

Digital Express Tip: Make sure your website is mobile-responsive to reap most benefit of the PPC campaign, as well as, for SEO campaign.

How Facebook Ads adds to the value of your SEO campaign:

Now, that we are done with looking at ways how Google Ads help improve your SEO results, let’s move to see how Facebook Ads complements your SEO campaign

  1. Link Building

Social media posts are natural links for your website. A professional created social media campaign won’t just help you with brand awareness, but also help to become a credible link to be shared around blogs, comments, websites, and other link building forums.

Again, while the social media posts links won’t directly influence your SEO campaign, however, sharing the links onto different platforms and listing will help to improve traffic to your site, which in turn impacts your SEO ranking.

To even add to its efficiency, Facebook ads can be highly targeted to users using various filters like age, region, interest, sex, etc. This means that the traffic which you receive from Facebook Ads will be highly-optimized for conversion.

  • Exposure

Just like Google Ads, Facebook Ads inevitably assist your business to get more exposure amongst the target audience. Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion monthly active users in an innumerably valuable resource from where you can maximize your brand awareness by reaching out to the right target.

Again, while you can’t specifically target your audience through organic posts, Facebook Ads enable you to narrow down the target audience with various filters and maximize your brand awareness in front of people who are “hunting” for your business.

The exposure gained through Facebook Ads can be of great value to business start-ups, as they are looking to gain traction for their businesses, as well as, to generate some revenues for continual operations.

Digital Gravity Tip: Make sure your Facebook Ad copy is made professionally and serve preference of the audience in terms of content, design and colors.

  • Ranking Facebook Profile in Google

Last but not the least, by expertly executing a Facebook Ads campaign, you get a chance to reclaim some more space in Google search engine results.

Remember, as we discussed above with the Google Ads, the more users get to see your business listed in SERPs, the better your chances to attract them and make sales. So, by launching a Facebook Ads campaign, you get a chance to reclaim some more space on search engine pages by ranking your Facebook profiles below your organic search results. This way, you get more exposure and essentially better chances to claim customers’ trust and credibility in your business.