Difference between SEO and PPC


How is SEO different from PPC?

December 16, 2018


SEO and PPC are two sources of having traffic on your website in order to increase the ranking and value of your website. This traffic is based on quality and not just quantity. The purpose is to bring the visitors to your website who can find some meaning in what you offer and make use of it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the sources that are absolutely free. You do not a pay a single penny to direct traffic to your website. The sources are termed as free, organic, natural or editorial. The Search engine jots down the relevant websites for you and lists them before you.


Pay-Per-Click is another way of getting traffic on your website, but in this you literally buy the traffic. You place the ad of your website on the related websites or the websites that your target market visits on a frequent basis. The target audience is suggested to visit your website by clicking on your link and every time a user clicks on the link, the host website is paid for it, hence pay-per-click.

Difference between SEO and PPC      

Position in Search Results

  • SEO: You get a higher position in the search results if your website is optimized for search engines. The optimization depends on a number of factors such as, page title, meta-description, keywords usage etc.
  • PPC: The position gets better in the search results if you pay well for each click.


  • SEO: The process of getting traffic may be free but the process of getting your website a high position is costly, as you need to hire an SEO expert who does the job for you.
  • PPC: The only cost you bear in this case is paying the host when people click on your link.


  • SEO: Conversions are basically visitors turning into customers or subscribers. In case of SEO, the keywords added initially in the content may become less useful with the passage of time and hence may not be generating as many conversions as expected.
  • PPC: In Pay-Per-Click, the reason a user will click on the website is because he will be interested in the content you offer and the context your link is advertised in. Hence, this will increase the rate of conversion as compared to SEO.

 Traffic Potential

  • SEO: SEO can get you much more traffic if you manage to have your website ranked well, with respect to the most common and popular keywords. If your keywords are the most searched ones then as a result your website will appear in the top 5 positions in the search results and usually the first 5 are the most commonly visited. This way the traffic will be flowing in continuously round the clock and you don’t even have to pay anything for that.
  • PPC: One way you can attract more visitors to your website is by paying extra to the host which will eventually give you a better ranking and secondly, place your ad on a lot of places so you get the exposure that you require in order to have a higher number of visitors.

SEO is a good option in case you have budget constraints while in case of extra funding available, PPC is the right choice. SEO may take a while in establishing a ranking for your website but the results are long lasting, however, for PPC, if you stop paying the host, your ad will no longer benefit anyone and as a result there will be no traffic generated, Best SEO Company Dubai.