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How to Convert a Website Visitor Into Leads

December 11, 2019

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To every business, acquiring customers and retaining them is the essence of their existence. And the only way to do it right, especially in the digital world is to generate leads, meaning to convert visitors into actual buyers. This is the reason most of the companies focus more on customer acquisition than retention which is yet another challenge because it involves identifying strategies that can generate more customers. For businesses struggling to convert website traffic into profitable leads, the details below would surely be helpful. So, read on to find out!

The Landing Page

Landing page is what a visitor’s experience first before exploring a website further which definitely raise the stakes high to make it as perfect as can be. B2B companies, having a certain online presence, generate above 70% leads from the landing pages. To do it right, a few things to pay close attention to are:

  • Striking Headlines

If a landing page headline is catchy, surely a visitor would like to explore deeper and generate successful leads. People are 5-times greater to read the content body only if the headline’s attention-grabbing.

  • Effective Copy

Following the headline comes the copy itself which needs to deliver the message in a highly effective and efficient manner. In short, it has to tap into human emotion, connect with the visitors’ pain points which encourages them to ease the pain through lucrative solutions.

  • Call to Action

Call to action button on a landing page is extremely important which would decide on the success or failure of the page itself. To make it highly enticing, expert digital marketers suggest avoiding the ‘sign up’ and go for something more actionable, descriptive such as ‘try’, ‘get’, ‘today’, ‘now’, ‘go for’ and so on.

  • Lead Magnet

A written resource which is then shared with the visitors to get their email address is known as a lead magnet. It’s difficult to get visitors share their email address without a perk or something appealing in return. Make sure the lead magnet is useful, valuable and easily readable for the audience that can be eBooks, white papers, free demonstration/tutorials, checklist or anything interesting to the target audience. Lead magnet is quite useful to help audience get more from the Facebook ads which is why it must be loaded with valuable information.

Content Marketing

Lots of digital advertising companies and business owners execute content marketing strategies to generate sales lead as well as win new customers. Approximately 93% B2B companies cited that content marketing strategies when planned and executed correctly can generate far greater leads than traditional practices. It’s the content that helps in driving real traffic from the search engine as well as convert them into leads.

Additionally, infographics and videos are highly interactive and engaging to the audience whereas one of the greatest ways to viral your website through content marketing is ‘blogging’. You’ll be surprised to know that more or less two billion blogposts are published almost everyday on the internet due to being highly effective.

Around 70% digital marketers have an active blog and the only way to keep it successful is through regular posts. Besides just the textual content, a good and acceptable blog include a combination of rich media like audio/visual, infographic, high-definition images, downloadable files such as eBooks, webinars, tutorials and much more. For a more convertible content:

  • Upgrade the Existing with Search Intent

Upgraded content can be in any form such as a checklist, cheat-sheet, eBook, videos and/or podcast. It’s created to summarise a large blog post into bite-size or understandable chunks. This is helpful is acquiring new leads to drive conversion rate from approximately 0.50%-to-5% which is nearly 790% increase.

From Facebook leads to Google Ads and much more, the digital landscape is abundant with creative solutions to boost website traffic into actual leads.

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