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How to Grow Your Online Business in Dubai

January 10, 2019


According to the stats, by the mid of year 2018 over 55% of the world’s population had an access to internet. This highlights the significance of having the presence of your business online. Focusing on a few aspects that are about formalities and legalities, you can do great by having an online presence of your business. This is possible by your collaboration with a successful web agency, which can result in a productive web design that helps you in targeting and retaining your customers.

Online shopping is convenient and addictive! A few main reasons people shop online is either because they do not have time to get out of their homes or offices and get the stuff they want, or they simply like to add the latest to their collection of goods from different places in the world. Online shopping has become a trend and it is only escalating.

Online Businesses are very successful in Dubai. The market may not be as large as Asia but still it has a lot of potential to grow. There are a few steps that you need to go through in order to establish and promote your online business in Dubai.

  • Draft a plan: It is very important to map every necessary detail down before you step into the practicalities. You need to be sure of what you want to sell and how it is beneficial for the market. Your budget needs to be the next concern. A decent amount of investment that could bear initial break even must be at hand.
  • Licensing: This is an extremely important aspect that needs attention. You would not want your business to be shut down before it booms, or claimed illegal while it is popular, just because you were too lenient towards this legal requirement. In order to be an authentic web-based business, you need a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Developing a Website: In order to have your presence online and let the customers know what you offer, you need to have a well-designed and functional website.  A well-known web agency can help you create a web design which guarantees a good user experience and generation of profit. Your website should be operative 24/7. For this you first need to pick a domain name and get it registered. Dubai has a lot of companies that offer services regarding the domain name registration.
  • Bank Account: Your online business will obviously require buying and selling transactions and for that you require a bank account that’s registered in the company’s name, in one of the well-known banks of Dubai. The bank must be provided with all the legal documents.
  • Local Service Agent: If you are from another country and you plan on setting up your online business in Dubai, you require an office set up and a license to run your business. This will have to be followed by a local service agent. This agent will provide the government registration services for a fixed amount of fee, on an annual basis. He does not have any shareholding in your business.

When it comes to outlets customers walk in, we ensure that the products are displayed properly and the theme of the shop is well synced with the company logo and brand name. We also pay close attention to how the salesmen deal with the customers so that maximum number of visitors turn into our customers. Similarly, for an online business, a website is your online retail shop. Your Call-to-Action buttons are your salesmen and the content displayed is what you and how you offer your products. To make sure all of this is inclined towards your brand name and image, you must invest carefully in the web design and continuously monitor, so that there are more conversions and your online venture becomes a success.

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According to the stats, by the mid of year 2018 over 55% of the world’s population had an access to internet. This highlights the significance of having the presence of your business online.
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