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How to optimize your online presence for voice search?

May 7, 2020

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In the modern era, your online presence is going to matter a lot. There are many people who think that they need to be present on the online platform only when they are selling anything online but that’s not true. You should know that before buying your product or service, most of the people are going to first search about your company online, and only then they will do a transaction with you. If you will not have a good online presence, then you will always be at the risk of losing customers.

But in order to strengthen your online presence, you will need to keep optimizing it. Just building a website and leaving it on the fate of luck is never going to work on the online platform. From taking care of the keywords to using the right size of the image, your online presence needs to be optimized in every way so that you can become easily discoverable and boost your search engine ranking as well. Well, one of the main things that you will need to keep in mind while optimizing your online presence is to keep tabs on the latest trends. And in this blog post, we are going to talk about one such trend; voice search.

With more and more people accessing the internet through their mobile phones, the number of voice searches is going to keep on increasing. People type 3 times slower than they speak and when it comes to mobile phones, then people prefer voice searches over typing. Well, this paradigm shift will lead to major changes in your SEO strategy and the way you optimize your online presence. So, without any further ado, let’s see how you can optimize your online presence for voice searches.

Make sure that your websites load quickly

It’s a no brainer that while optimizing your website, you will need to make sure that your website loads quickly but this becomes more important with the arrival of voice searches. You should know that just like traditional search engine optimization, the Google voice search is going to reward those websites that will load quickly and if yours will not then you will be pushed back in voice search engine results. In order to make your website load quickly, you will have to choose a good web hosting company and you will also have to optimize your images along with compressing files.

An impeccable website for voice search will be responsive and it will load easily on mobile devices. If you will succeed in reducing the loading time of your website then you will be able to optimize your website for voice searches.

Use long-tail keywords

One of the main paradigm shift that will happen in terms of SEO is the shift from short-tail keywords to long-tail keywords. Till now, using long-tail keywords was like a luxury for most of the businesses. This means some businesses used long-tail keywords while others didn’t. But if you are looking forward to making your website voice search friendly then you will have to start focusing on long-tail keywords. You should know that using long-tail keywords might not be a panacea but it will surely work for voice searches.

People use long sentences during voice search because they don’t need to type. For example, while typing, a person may right only ‘best mobile phones’ in the search box but with voice search, a person may use ‘best mobile phone of 2020’. This is one of the main reasons why you will have to start using long-tail keywords in your content. Zero down the available long-tail keywords and use the most appropriate ones in your content strategy.

Focus on local searches

One of the main things that you need to know is more than 22% of voice searches are related to local searches. This means that a company will be able to provide more voice search-based content if they will include local searches. You will need to begin using phrases like ‘near me’ in your content if you are really looking forward to making the most of local searches that will keep on increasing due to the paradigm shift from typing to voice searches.

But just including phrases like ‘local’, ‘near me’, or ‘nearby’ in your blog posts and article will not be the right approach as you will have to make sure that you include such common local search phrases in your website content as well. If you will ignore this then your optimization strategy will be far cry from what you have imagined it to be.

Voice search is going to leave a big impact on the way you optimize your online presence. If you will be able to make the changes at the earliest then you will succeed in making the most of this change.

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