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How Web Design and Web Development Combine To Bring You a Successful Website

December 10, 2018

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A website is a public domain, which consists of interlinked web pages. Websites can be created and run by individuals or businesses for a variety of purposes. Websites all over the world are a part of World Wide Web.

The web designing and development are two different and significant aspects of a website and the web designers and web developer Dubai are greatly emphasizing on how to enhance the productivity of a website by excelling in both these areas.

Web Designing

Web designing comes after brainstorming ideas about what is it that the client wants and what is it that the web designer suggests. The decision that is finalized after a detailed discussion between the two parties, is implemented in the form of web designing. It is a process that covers areas like web page layout, graphic designing and content production.

When creating a website, a markup language is required which happens to be HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. Web designers use this markup language to build web pages with HTML tags that define the content and the metadata of each page designed. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to design the layout and the appearance of the web-pages. The entire web designing is mostly done by using a combination of HTML and CSS.

Web designers tend to use some design principles that help them in creating a well-composed layout which has the potential of generating great user experience.

Design Principles

  • Purpose: It is very important to build something that has a purpose and an aim to fulfill that purpose. Web designers need to be sure that whatever they build, must fulfill the needs of the visitors. These could be transaction based, providing them with some useful information either about your business or some specific topic, entertainment etc.
  • Balance: It is important to have a balanced layout. Web designers must choose the right proportion of colors and font sizes for an appealing website design. The web designers divide the layout in two main kinds, namely heavy; large fonts and dark colors and light; small fonts and light colors.
  • Emphasis: The web designers play with the content in a way that seeks attention of the visitors. This is done by adding contrasting colors and highlighting certain texts and areas of the webpage. It must be kept into consideration that the highlighting must be done on a few important things and not every other thing, otherwise in the end nothing will stand out and the web page will start looking tacky.
  • Consistency: Web designers focus on consistency because this is something that tells you how the entire website including all web pages are a part of one story. It should seem like a theme and all the web pages and the content should seem like characters playing a role for the same story line.
  • Communication: Websites that are built with the purpose of delivering information about something specific, must provide that information in a detailed manner and in an organized way. With heading and points clearly stating each and everything makes it very easy and understandable for the readers to comprehend.
  • “F” Pattern Design: According to some studies, it has been identified that the computer screens which tend to have the ‘F’ pattern, really catch the viewer’s attention. This comes from the human behavior where a person usually tends to see what’s on the left top corner of the screen. So the information is displayed in such a way that it covers the left side of the screen with text going from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Load Time: When a website takes really long in loading up, the visitors get annoyed. Therefore, to avoid any such unpleasant situation, it is suggested to optimize the images with respect to size and scale, combine the code into a central CSS or JavaScript file which reduces the HTTP requests and minify the CSS, JavaScript or HTML, so that the functionality remains same but the unnecessary characters are removed from the source code.
  • Mobile Friendly: Websites are no longer restricted to desktop computers, but now they can be accessed through multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, i Pads, laptops etc. Mobile phone being a device that is handy, always at your service and used the most out of the devices mentioned above, therefore, a website must be mobile friendly. In order to make your website mobile friendly, it is necessary to have the website designed in a responsive layout so that the site automatically adjusts itself according to the screen size in use.

Essentials for Web Development

After the web designing process comes the web development. Here we are discussing some requirements for website development.

  • Domain Name: The place where the user will find you on World Wide Web is your domain name, for e.g. www.helpyourfriends.com. Your domains could either be purchased or offered for free by some online companies.
  • Web host: When you build a website, you require an association with a company that will host your domain. You will need to upload your data meaning transfer the files to the company’s server, so that the visitor can get an access to your website.
  • HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Language is the most commonly used markup language and also very easy to learn and work with. When developing the website, your page needs to be written in this markup language which can contain images, links, text formatting etc. and the file extension you will get is .html.
  • File Transfer Protocol Program: FTP (file transfer protocol) is very commonly used for uploading files. When you will register your domain name and secure your own space online, your web host will provide you with an FTP user name and password. When you enter these details provided to you, into one of the many free FTP programs, you will be able to access your web space and upload your website for the masses to view and make use of.



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A website is a public domain, which consists of interlinked web pages. Websites can be created and run by individuals or businesses for a variety of purposes. Websites all over the world are a part of World Wide Web.
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