Optimizing Informational Content: A Paradigm Shift From Keywords To Topics

January 22, 2019


They say that content is king but let me tell you that informational content is the king for SEO in Dubai because a well optimized informational content is becoming a great way to rank your website higher in search engines for long-tail keywords. Content trends are changing exponentially so, although going after long-tail keywords is one of the valid strategies so far by digital agency to rank higher in SERP but that is no more the only area to put your focus on. Google is increasingly improving its understanding for semantics therefore expanding a wide range of highly informational SERP features which provides websites in Dubai to get more visibility for their websites by using informational content.

Now as you have to optimize your informational content to stand out to meet various goals of SEO in Dubai, so simply going after one or two Dubai based keywords and mention them in your tags and copy is not enough. You need to maximize exposure of your informational content. So, it is need of the hour to think broader while picking targeted keyword, have better know how of structured data which Google supports (especially in this era of good voice search results) and should be savvy for identifying and meeting search intents by users. All these things require solid understanding that how your content can bring more conversions. Most importantly you should see if your content is adding any value to the end user.

An immense shift from ‘Keywords to Topics’

I am not saying here that keywords are dead but for SEO in Dubai, one must need to think beyond keywords for content optimization in Dubai. Google’s ranking algorithms are massively changing especially as we step into 2019 and Google is now able to better recognize semantic relationship between different phrases and can better understand various elements of a broader topic. 2019 is a sort of paradigm shift from keywords to topic based content for better optimization. We must take this shift as an opportunity rather than a problem for SEO in Dubai. This keyword optimization to topic optimization shift is an opportunity where a well optimized content can rank higher in search engines for a wide range of search terms instead of merely focusing on one or two keywords.

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Some quick tips for topical optimization of content

Below are some tips for topical optimization of content in Dubai

  1. Well the very first thing you need to do for SEO in Dubai for this topical optimization is to only write well. Instead of focusing or creating your content around specific one or two keywords, you need to work on concepts and topics. Try to give your readers high quality information. When you give good content on a chosen topic, it automatically demonstrate to Google that your content has required authority for ranking higher where it focuses indirectly on a wide range of semantic keywords.
  2. A logical heading in hierarchy is a good approach for structuring your content. It allows you to talk about a topic in many different ways.

Benefits of topical optimization

  1. Topical optimization helps you to reach more people as you get higher traffic from long tail searches about a specific topic as the searchers ask more natural questions. When content is written informatively, your page ranks higher for satisfying natural search queries by searchers, it also works well for those popular keywords you have in place in your content.
  2. Topical optimization is becoming a sophisticated approach for content marketing strategists; it is no more a cheap number game where you fluff content with targeted keywords without giving proper information. By writing conceptual and informative content, you are actually giving your readers exactly what they need which helps your website perform better for SEO.
  3. Topical optimization allows you to focus on multiple similar keyword phrases in your content rather than putting same keyword in whole content. It helps you not only rank higher in search engines but helps you to answer queries of the users by understanding their intent for a search.

How to implement topical optimization for your business

As I mentioned earlier, Google is now focusing on searcher’s intent and you should know that your audience is also human and their behavior is not very different from your own. Most of us phrase our search queries as proper questions instead of keywords to get more narrowed answers that meet our needs. For example, if a searcher is looking for a restaurant in Dubai for dinner on Sunday, instead of typing, ‘Italian restaurants near me’ he may type ‘Italian Pasta restaurants near me open on Sunday’ for getting the list of restaurants that open on Sunday and serve pasta.

So, if you are Italian restaurant who open on Sunday and serve wide range of Pasta dishes, you need to differentiate yourself in search engines from your competitors by giving valuable information about your restaurant so that whenever they search online for Italian Pasta restaurants, they find you.

Now if you were focusing only on keyword optimization model, you may focus only on words like Italian, Pasta, Restaurant and Sunday as individual points. But in topical optimization, you will take a seat back with keywords and try to highlight your content with the services you are offering. Rather than focusing on those few keywords to associate with your website or social profile, you should create content that highlights what you exactly do and the services you offer.

As an owner of Italian Restaurant, you should create your content on telling your audience that you offer traditional Italian pasta recipes which are entirely different from those Americanized form of pastas. Freshly made in-house pasta from experienced chefs is what you should highlight about your business. If you remain open on Sundays that is another stand out point you can communicate to your audience. You should create content that gives authentic information about Italian cuisines, traditional Italian dishes and your availability on weekends. After publishing multiple posts around the topic and successfully promoting them, you will become the final authority in Italian Pasta restaurants in the area.

This is why; you should write multiple informative posts about your business to assert its authenticity over readers.

Commercial impact of informational content

Now, one important point is to see if your optimized informational content is having a great commercial impact for your business. If not then it is time to reevaluate your strategy. Is your informational content converting your visitors into buyers? Is there an association between your products/services and your content? Do your visitors know that you have commercial side of your business? Can they easily inquire or make purchases? If you want to convert traffic from your informational content to gain commercial ends, clear navigational structure and good internal linking can help you to achieve your goals.

You should make sure that you are always getting financial gains by your informational content as you are putting a lot of efforts into creating it.


Topical optimization is all about ‘intent’ for SEO in Dubai. A digital agency can help you to shift your content from keyword optimization to topical optimization for increasing organic traffic and better ranking in search engines so that you give visitors what they need to know.

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They say that content is king but let me tell you that informational content is the king for SEO in Dubai because a well optimized informational content is becoming a great way to rank your website higher in search engines for long-tail keywords.
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