Programmatic Advertising: What's in it for your brand.

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Programmatic Advertising: What’s in it for your brand.

April 18, 2022


Ads are an integral pastime of digital marketing for both established and start-up businesses. It’s a   tactic to jump straight to the conversion step of the purchase panels without having to invest in the whole process. Since ads are particularly accurate to what the user is looking for, the ROI is pretty high as well. 

One problem that exists in placing the ad on the google search engine is placing a bet to appear on the top. Google offers ads placement for the top and bottom of the search engine page. Since only 6% of the users actually visit the second page, it is unlikely that the user would notice the ads at the bottom of the page. 

This means ad placement holds significance and is the solution to the ad bidding hassle is programmatic marketing.

What is Programmatic Marketing? 

Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic marketing refers to the practice of consuming automated placement and bidding platforms dedicated to buying and selling digital ad space. Programmatic marketing happens in real-time and the decisions are finalized based on hyper-specific data that includes location, career, target consumer age, and specific consumer interest. 

The platforms connect the publishers with prospective advertisers. The whole process in programmatic marketing takes mere seconds enabling the markets to buy qualified space. programmatic marketing targets the audience based on different types such as contextual, behavioral, location, and device vise. 

The difference between Google ads placement and the programmatic market is that Google ads are mere platforms that allow you to place ads directly while programmatic marketing works as software that automates the whole process. 

What’s In Your Business To Incorporate Programmatic Marketing? 

Business To Incorporate Programmatic Marketing?

Optimization and Real-Time Measurement: 

Programmatic advertising measures the performance of each ad in real-time which allows advertisers to optimize and further adjust the ads simultaneously. The tool also supports marketers when and if they want to test and improve the results.

Further, the right optimization is all about analyzing the correct data for further steps.  With the insight provided by programmatic marketing, the optimization strategy of the marketers enhances as well. Optimized ads strategies always have a higher success rate. However, it is recommended to avoid any changes in your campaign for at least a week. 

Enhanced Audience Reach: 

Around 3.5 billion people are online at any given time. programmatic marketing narrows down the thousands of audiences to only ideal customer numbers with the help of gathered data. With narrowed down ideal customers the substantial potential customer reach is impressive as well as trackable. 

In terms of tracking, as soon as the ad is seen, the advertiser can track the impressions it served, the number of ad viewers, and so on. With millions of websites and the ad space being sold by them, programmatic advertising offers an opportunity to reach an incredibly broad and diverse audience, depending on the needs of the buyer. Using programmatic marketing your audience reach is not only enhanced but also enhanced with the right audience. 

Better Targeting Capabilities:

Better Targeting Capabilities

Digital advertising is one of the dominant forms of ad worldwide accounting for 61% of the total media spend in 2021. The figure is expected to reach 68% by 2024. However, only two percent of the consumers convert on the first visit to the page which means you need retargeting for a better conversion rate. Programmatic marketing adds flexibility when it comes to targeting the audience by letting the advertisers directly target the ideal consumers. The targeting is enhanced using the following features:

  • IP targeting: zoning in on a specific IP address 
  • GeoLocation targeting: focusing on the coast, state, city, and zip code 
  • Contextual keywords 
  • Retargeting feature

Scalable Spending Expenditure: 

Scalable Spending Expenditure

Budget is one of the major issues in advertising, or to clarify it further, a limited budget is one of the biggest issues for businesses. However, programmatic ads are easily scalable for marketers with a limited budget. Programmatic marketing lets you put a monetary ceiling on their campaigns to avoid paying more than they bargained for. The feature is similar to Google’s average daily budget for campaigns but with flexible freedom. 

Additionally, with enhanced audience and higher ROI, your budget is always well spent and  is in better hands with the programmatic marketing. 


The traditional method of ad placement didn’t provide any sort of transparency and even the process was lengthier than expected with multiple individuals involved. Programmatic marketing on the other hand has evolved the way ads are placed. 

Programmatic marketing provides marketers an excellent level of transparency that allows them total visibility over the campaigns. determine the success of their campaigns and how to proceed to improve the results.  The program connects directly to the prospective connection, cutting the process in half. Transparency also aids in better decision making. 

Overall Better Efficiency: 

Overall Better Efficiency

Incorporating automation in the business is the future and hence programmatic marketing helps you integrate automation when it comes to ads. With the ability to measure the results constantly and in real-time, you can drastically improve the method of strategizing your ad campaigns. with the data gathered from programmatic advertising, each ad can be run efficiently, reaching the ideal audience only. 

Additionally, with efficient data and an ideal audience, you can work within the ideal budget.