Reach engaged audience with Modern Snapchat Ad format for Business [2021 Guide]

January 20, 2021

Social media marketing has now evolved to be an essential element in a business’s digital marketing strategy. With so many platforms to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with advertising on social media.

Among the many popular apps, Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most prominent networks in the world. With over 249 million active users, the famous picture-clicking app that gained attention, mainly due to its unique filters, has now gained advertisers’ attention. 

With so much content being shared and 60% of users creating unique content, we can see why advertisers may revert to Snapchat for marketing their brand. Fortunately, Snapchat has been able to provide businesses the exposure they require by enabling Snapchat ads. 

This article will walk you through all there is to know about and how you can capitalize on the app’s diverse ad features, including augmented reality, filters, lenses, and more. 

Snapchat Ads that can Help you Enhance your Brand-Image

Snapchat offers an incredibly vast range of modern ad formats to choose from, one that suits your brand the best. Currently, Snapchat offers a few primary formats, which include;

Snap Ads

This ad format comes with the broadest range for advertisers to select from and hit multiple marketing objectives. Snap Ads contain a video format and are full-screen ads that can be played with sound.

Web viewing

It allows your ads to be displayed in video format and encourages users to swipe up to visit your website. The auto-fill feature provides businesses with leads collected via emails. The enhancement enables snapchatters to link their email accounts to your form, which will auto-fill most of your details to reduce conversion friction. 

Single image or video ads

Single image or video ads are vertical or long-form single image/video that emphasizes generating traffic to the video.

 Mobile application install

Displays short clip ads prompting snap chatters to ‘install now’ with the call to action feature below. Swiping up allows users to download your application without leaving Snapchat.


While advertisers can’t leverage filters into links displayed on a website, filter advertisements call for a different approach. Snapchat is known for its unique and entertaining filters, which are updated continuously to enhance user experience. Advertisers can now take advantage of this by creating customized filters based on the user’s location. 

Wherever the snapchatter in the world may be, companies looking to drive brand awareness can create sponsored filters displayed right when the user clicks the image. 


Like creating your filter, companies can create their unique lens, which filters you see while taking a photo. Lenses place augmented reality (AR) features on your picture and modify the user’s appearance, which is enjoyable for many snapchatters. 

Companies may use this ad format to promote their product or service to gain more recognition to cater to the masses. Renowned companies such as the NBA, Michael Kors, and Red Bull have all jumped in on the customized lenses bandwagon. 

Collection ads

Collection ads allow brands to showcase their product or services with four tiles you can choose to tap on, paving a convenient way for Snapchatters to browse and buy.

Lenses AR experience

To engage with Snapchatters, advertisers may apply AR reality experiences to their adverts for users to play with and share with others.

Story ads

Story ads cater to a unique experience and can be found in Snapchat’s Discover section, where there may be several branded tiles that surround a brand’s latest product or service. The ad can be covered in a continuous 3-20 video or single image ads. 


Advertisers can drive brand awareness by investing in unskippable commercial ads. These ads last for 6 seconds and up to 3 minutes.  

Which generation is it penetrating better in, how much the audience does it reach, which popular countries it is most common in, age groups it is popular

Best Practices for an Impactful Snapchat Ad

Snapchat contains several Snapchat advertising success stories that inspire other brands to run their campaigns on Snapchat. For instance, Peak, a famous brain game, achieved 1.7 million app installs just two months into Snapchat, incurring half the costs they had to account for on other platforms. Fallout 4, the video game, is another example that leveraged Snapchat to reach 26 million new users. 

So, what makes an impactful ad when running a campaign over Snapchat, and what effective management tools drive traffic? Here is what you must consider


Snapchat reaches 75% of Gen Z and millennials. The app is popular among 18-24-year-olds, making it essential for you to build your audience-driven campaigns on similar ground, keeping these stats in mind.  

Business objectives

 Whether it is to drive organic traffic, increase views, engage with users, know what you require to form your campaigns. Ensure they are relevant and optimized for you to achieve the most out of your objectives. 

Source: Andrew Ethan Zeng

Test optimize

As per your chosen goals during setup, Snapchat will automatically optimize ads for your campaigns. You can evaluate your campaign’s performance with A/B testing and get details on creatives performing well or what time of the day your campaign gains maximum reach. This helps you plan your next move. 

Measure results

If you wish to know whether you have achieved your objectives, Snapchat advertising caters to robust Snapchat Analytics like Speed metrics and conversion metrics features that help you improve your performance and reach your desired outcomes. 

Reach an engaged audience with Modern Snapchat Ad format for Business [2021 Guide]
Article Name
Reach an engaged audience with Modern Snapchat Ad format for Business [2021 Guide]
Social media marketing has now evolved to be an essential element in a business's digital marketing strategy. With so many platforms to choose from, you really can't go wrong with advertising on social media.