Reddit Paid Advertising Campaigns 2021

January 31, 2021

Reddit is one of the most influential communities that exist on the internet. The site claims to be the front page of the internet and is home to millions of Redditors who like to voice their opinions. Reddit generates over 8 billion views from approx. 234 million unique users every month, making it also one of the most famous platforms.

Reddit caters to plenty of targeted ad inventory and cheap traffic. While it may look like the ultimate dream for every marketer, not every marketer can make the most out of it. Besides, Reddit differs significantly from the average social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

However, if done correctly, advertisers may take advantage of a massive opportunity while advertising on Reddit. Consistency and time are essential when it comes to marketing over this platform. Using the correct strategies should give you results as profitable as advertising on other domains.

This article is your ultimate guide to paid advertising campaigns on campaigns and how important it may be for your business. Let’s have a look:

Understanding How Reddit Works

Reddit is a social site that contributes content produced by millions of users. Redditors create their content and then post them over relevant ‘subreddits’ or themed-interest communities accordingly. The content produced may consist of images, videos, or text and is reacted upon by fellow Redditors by a ‘downvote’ to reduce visibility or an ‘upvote’ to maximize visibility. To establish a consensus on the famous subreddits, Reddit algorithms display its upvoted content as the site’s latest trends.

Reddit Audience Demographics

Reddit retains its audience and ranks behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of the most active social media users per month. Reddit users are mainly in the 25-29 age group and are mostly men. However, Reddit also seems to be popular among gen Z, especially within the US. The demographics will vary mainly on the audience interests and the subreddits they are involved in.

The diverse range of topics to choose from present advertisers with numerous opportunities to target their specific niche and advertise effectively.

What are Paid Reddit Ads?

Reddit ads are also known as ‘promoted posts’ and are similar to Redditors’ regular posts. However, the difference lies in the background, where paid ads contain a light background and are labeled with a ‘promoted’ mark. Promoted posts are shuffled with other promoted posts and can be viewed on the top of listing pages. Reddit offers several advertising options, allowing advertisers to choose suitable ones for them.

Reddit Advertising Options

Each of the advertising options offered by Reddit provides brand exposure at various levels. The primary options include Self-Serve advertising and Managed advertising, which can be chosen as per budget and required functionality.

Managed advertising

Companies with large scale production that require massive advertising and possess a hefty marketing budget ($30,000/quarterly) will usually opt for managed advertising. This option consists of various ad programs that offer customization.

Campaign planning, tracking, account management, and in-depth traffic reports are among the many features of this option.

Self-Serve advertising

While managed advertising may be at the high end, self-serve is an option mostly used by beginners to create ads and run campaigns on low budgets (starting at $5). This option consists of text or link ads. Users have access to fundamental traffic analysis by creating promoted posts on Reddit.

Text ads: To engage with Redditors, advertisers can choose text ads as they have the potential to acquire 3x the comments than link ads would receive. Unlike link ads, users can click through to your promoted ad with comments. Your promoted ad can consist of as many external links as you want.

Link ads: Websites wishing to drive traffic through Reddit post-clicks may opt for link ads as they direct the user to the website’s landing page. These ads require a strong heading and an attractive offer with minimal content of up to 300 characters.

Reddit ads receive upvotes and downvotes. Advertisers must strive to get maximum upvotes to increase ad visibility and top the promoted ad listings. Consistent and friendly engagement with users can help with that. Regardless of the ad option you choose, to build a campaign advertiser must be mindful of selecting appropriate ad objectives, settings, formations, and the best time to place the ad.

How is it different from other platforms?

Reddit is a community-based platform and is everything social media giants are not. Reddit differs from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by being concerned about the latest updates globally and in the Reddit community while being super interactive.

Reddit connects its users to the posts directly instead of putting your interactions with friends. Facebook and other networks aim to connect people, while Reddit connects people based on the posts they come across. This gives Reddit brownie points for precise marketing within the target audience.

The Reddit community offers remarkable diversity among its userbase. Considering the platform’s algorithm allows you to select suitable subreddits that target your audience from the entire network, advertisers have an excellent chance for their businesses to flourish. Reddit advertising has tons of success stories and contains enough potential to drive traffic more than Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks.

 How Businesses Capitalize Reddit Advertising

Reddit offers a significant advantage that other networks do not, and that is the 2.2 million subreddits. With so many topics for everything you can think of, advertisers have a golden opportunity to capitalize this by marketing directly to their potential target audience. Businesses are likely to get direct responses and feedback, which can help enhance user-experience and ultimately drive massive traffic to your website.