Social Media Listening Tools in 2021

January 27, 2021

Ever wondered what it would be like to read somebody else’s mind? While it may seem like a remarkable superpower, it is possible in the marketing world. The business benefits of understanding what people have to say about your brand can significantly impact your marketing decisions.

Social listening allows companies to have deeper insights into what people have to say about their brand, competitors, or the industry as a whole over the web and social media in particular. This can help businesses elevate their game and learn from others in the industry to improve themselves. Fortunately, social media listening tools exist that can help businesses in this domain.  This article will walk you through all there is to know about social media listening tools and how you can make the most out of them.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening provides brands with the opportunity to track, assess and respond to their brand conversations on various social media platforms. Social listening plays a crucial part in audience research.

Brands are required to monitor their social media platforms to gain views and feedback on their performance in terms of service, products, support, and more. From assessing direct mentions, going over relevant threads and keywords, social media listening can help businesses derive conclusions from the data received to create effective business strategies. These strategies can assist businesses with enhancing their social media presence and brand awareness. Not to mention working on one’s weaknesses can give a company an edge over a competitor.

Several social media listening tools can assist you with that to help monitor your platforms and gain from the insights you receive.

Top 3 Social Media Listening Tools of 2021

Major players of 2021 (most popular (why): subscriber base, KPI’s, how many social platforms use it, USP, pricing, support, features, social media management, paid campaigns, intermediary)


This is an enterprise-level tool with endless opportunities to help you monitor brand mentions, competitors, and industry trends while allowing you to find polarized content copies, detect brand mentions that can turn into potential links, and look at backlinks to your site.

 Awario is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes, starting at only $29 a month with pro plans going up to $89/month. The pricing differs as per the features that come along.

Supported by: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, News, Blogs, Facebook, the internet.

Features and Benefits

Consistent Monitoring

Awario offers non-stop monitoring of keywords and your brand mentions in real-time, ensuring you are the first to be enlightened about conversations that can affect your brand image, allowing you to react before your competitors.

Powerful Analytics

Awario analytics allows users to analyze progress by tracking the collective reach and growth of your brand mentions and using sentiment analysis to sort through mentions ranging from negative to neutral.


Regardless of your business’s size or the language, your keywords are mentioned in, Awario can track and monitor all of them at any location.

Social Selling
Awario Leads is a feature that entails social selling and lead generation. It identifies posts that inquire about a similar product or service like yours and collects user complaints against your competitors.
Boolean Search

A manual search makes your search queries flexible for you to get the most relevant results of your brand mentions.

Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a social media listening tool supported by Twitter that allows you to keep track of your brand’s presence on Twitter. This is especially beneficial if your business posts to multiple accounts regularly as it permits you to add several streams that include direct messages, selected keyword mentions, and more. The best part? It’s free of cost.

Additionally, users can even take advantage of Twitter’s search functionality that uses data ranges, location, and language filters to narrow down your searches. Engage with mentions posted by Twitter accounts while connecting to the app directly.

Supported networks: Twitter

Features and Benefits


Organize Tweets as per interests, topics, events, and more in real-time. Tweet Deck users can add their collections as columns and share the URL by tweeting it to others.


Typehead, sentiment, column filters, wildcard, search history, and advanced search allow users to customize and optimize their searches using keywords, date, time, and more for precise results.

List Management

Create lists on TweetDeck narrowed by particular accounts and preferences and manage your lists using a single centralized location for your accounts.


In terms of analytics, brandwatch happens to be the most effective social listening tool in monitoring your social media presence. From audience demographics and image recognition to API access, trending topics, and exportable dashboards, brandwatch is your ultimate situation. Since Brandwatch is mainly for enterprises, the tool’s pro plan is priced at $800 per month, including historical data and over 10,000 monthly mentions.

Supported networks: Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, news and blogs, and more.

Features and Benefits


A data visualization platform allows you to visualize your data and combine it with several integrations’ insights such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and more.

Historical Data

Subscribing to Brandwatch allows users to gain historical data of up to three years on any topic in just a few topics.


For those struggling with using Brandwatch, the tool offers training for all clients and support to make use of the features effectively.

How can Social Media Listening Tools Be Made to your Advantage?

  • Social listening allows the brand to engage with customers based on brand mentions.
  • Allows users to track sentiments to see the performance of your posts (negative and positive). This can assist you in managing a crisis to improve your campaign performance.
  • Social listening helps you track competitors while gaining information on what others have to say about you, your competitors, or the industry as a whole. This lets you make strategic decisions to develop new campaigns and respond to customer demands.
  • Discover new sales leads with social listening by identifying potential customers into the industry and engaging with them for social selling.