trends to boost digital marketing strategy in 2019


7 trends to boost your digital marketing strategy in 2019 – Infographic

November 18, 2019

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Another year has almost gone, and the world of digital marketing has now changed and grown as quickly as ever.

From the emergence of interactive chatbots on social messaging platforms and rapid advances in visual search to the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the marketing function of different industries and markets – many new and evolving technologies are set for 2019 a very competitive year for all digital marketers.

As technologies become more sophisticated and modern customers increasingly technical, we can expect digital marketing to remain competitive this year. To help you stay one step ahead, here’s an overview of the trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape in 2019.

Trends to boost your Digital marketing in 2019 - infographic

Content Curation

It is still true that “Content is King”.Using tools like Grammarly, Content idea Generator, etc help you in describing good content.

Website optimization

The website is the first thing a user sees while visiting your product/service. Either go for coding/template or go with website development services through the most used website like digital Express

Google tag manager

Google Tag Manager – a tag management System allows knowing about the tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app.

Mobile marketing

It’s probably the major reason for increasing growth in Mobile Marketing. Online services like Digital Express, Digital Gravity can help you in Mobile Marketing Plans.

Social Engagement

The main thing is to have an online presence. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Xing, Scoop.it, etc are some best platforms.

Use Infographics images

Infographics are the most attractive thing apart from a simple image. Tools like Canva, Venngage, Vizualize, Google Developers, Ease.ly, Piktochart, Infogram can really help you.

Video advertising

It’s one of the best way to increase your sales & Marketing. Not only YouTube, Other channels like Viddler, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Ustream are among the top video sharing website.

Download this Infographic.