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Tricks and Tips for Responsive Web Designs

January 10, 2019


While talking about web design, it is extremely important for the design to be simple, to the point and have a free-flowing navigation. It is of high importance, that while the web agency is coming up with a design, they focus on the details such as an information structure which is easily understandable and layouts. Keeping this in consideration one cannot ignore the fact that mobile phones are the most used devices when it comes to experiencing the web, hence responsive design is more important than ever.

In the Middle East specifically Dubai, people lead a very high paced life. According to the latest statistics 99.26% of the UAE population is active and online. Which means almost 9.38 million people are online every day. A city where coffee, food and almost everything else is on the go and a scroll, swipe and click away then why shouldn’t your web design also be the same. This brings us to the tips and tricks which can help a web agency or startups come up with the best responsive designs.

  • Free-Flowing Navigation

If we compare everything that has been designed in the past from 2007 and before, you will see an obvious difference in the design of the website, then and now. The viewer is bound to feel overwhelmed by the amount of categories present.

With most of your target audience in Dubai, being online and actively using cellphones it is very important to ensure that your design works best within the limitations of a smaller screen. Simplified navigational choices play a vital role. Icons should be paired with text, in page links, collapsible menus and drop down bars should guide the users to wherever they want to go. A website shouldn’t consist of more than four or five core links, so that the navigation of the website and its information architecture leads the users to where they want to and should go.

While the desktop’s horizontal format gives us a lot of space to play with and as many sidebars as we want to have, the responsive design requires the designers to create a simple path that doesn’t distract the consumer.  Not adding side bars to your design can be the best way to avoid distraction.

Back in time, a website that had lots of scrolling up and down was considered a weak design, but surfing through websites on mobile phones has changed that. One key point to focus on is to have a simple sticky navigation bar or a back to top button for one hand friendliness.

  • Organized Design and Call to Action

The call to action buttons should always stand out in a web design. Along with the color, circular and rectangular shapes for the buttons are most recognized; getting too creative with the shapes may confuse the users. The size of these call to action buttons is really important. To make sure these buttons are super finger-friendly and immune to mis-clicks, size will play a vital role. Organized, simple and mobile friendly design is one of the key pillars of responsive design. If your design works effectively on a mobile phone it will automatically work perfectly on other devices like a tablet or a desktop. This is a key advantage of responsive design, it helps minimize the content and functionality to only what is necessary.

  • Organizing before Designing

Important point to focus on while coming up with an effective web design is to organize all the data that needs to be designed. Designing a website without a proper structure for content is like picking out clothes for a baby before knowing the gender of the baby.
Design always flourishes when it’s done in full collaboration with the content.

Content are the words that help your design narrate a better story. A well-organized path of design and content will lead to better conversion rates.

  • Importance of Keywords

To help narrate your website’s story better, the choice of words used for the content should be done very accurately. For mobile devices the creator must always work within the limitations of a smaller screen. Structural devices like bullet points and consolidated copy should be used to avoid wordy long paragraphs.

  • Magic of Typography

Typography matters even more on smaller screens. Readability is the key so font size, leading, kerning, spacing and width has to best fit different devices and their screens. Using something in the range of 16px for body copy and overall large font sizes help improve readability. For navigation labels always use highly legible font.
While coming up with the design, one should always check the text on different devices to pick which line weight would work best for all the devices. To add more of a wow factor to your design use different font weights, use all caps or all lowercase or use color coding to differentiate content sections.

  • Less is more

While creating a responsive design, managing and embracing negative space can bring the right amount of attention to the parts of the layout that have the key message. Everyone loves a minimal design, making proper use of the negative space gives your design and the eye of the viewer a needed break and highlights the important content you don’t want to be missed.

  • Always Create and Test

Although design plays an important role when it comes to a website, but just the design will be of no good if the functionality of the website is not great. A static prototype will give you a consolidated look, but you will need a functional prototype to help you really understand how it feels and functions. Testing the prototype website’s functionality will save you a lot of time, hassle and possible bad publicity.

  • Responsive Images

In a fast paced city like Dubai, where everyone is distracted by one thing or the other the moving images have the ability to grab the consumers’ attention and build their interest.

Overall web experience has been made better because of responsive designs. With the Responsive Design, unnecessary content has been minimized and user experience has become faster. It has made lives so easy that everyone is getting things done how they need to be and that too in less time.

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While talking about web design, it is extremely important for the design to be simple, to the point and have a free-flowing navigation. It is of high importance, that while the web agency is coming up with a design.
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