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10 Ways to Boost Website Traffic Without SEO

November 28, 2019


Internet or web traffic is important whether yours is a corporate website or a self-managed blog. That said, the effective growth of the audience and market share in time is possible only if your website and its content gain more visitors.

Web traffic comes from a variety of sources with organic searches being more acceptable. This is actually the search engine traffic to a website through intent-based clicks based on more relevant searches performed by actual users rather than bots.

To boost organic search traffic, a significant amount of time and effort must be devoted to SEO practices. And while search engine optimization is effective in driving traffic with an abundance of relevant SEO-friendly tools to accelerate organic traffic, overall effort, and effective results are a lengthy procedure.

You would first need to define a set of keywords, use them creatively to drive traffic for boosting the result on Google search results and so on. In a highly competitive digital world, achieving results may take months and even years, depending on overall strategies and how you deploy them. 

Luckily there are many other non-SEO ways to boost website traffic and build a loyal audience, followers and profitable business leads. Here’s all you should know about bringing online traffic and emerging on the digital front using non-SEO strategies.

Display Advertising

A renowned form of online/digital advertising performed using a combination of rich multimedia elements that delivers the message in a clear, concise, creative and effective manner. A few examples can be of images, videos, audios or a mix of all the three. 

Display ad is just like a traditional banner or a large textual billboard but Google consider them more effective if they hold true to certain parameters such as:

  • 336×280 OR 330×250 pixels for rectangles
  • 300×600 pixels for half-page ads
  • 320×110 pixels for banners

You’re free to choose from any of the given sizes but, do remember that display ads should be catchy, creative and prominent on a webpage. If your website has reserved a particular section for paid media, these ads are likely to be displayed there aimed at quick conversions against a specific brand or product. In fact, a professional survey also revealed that display ads when done right are likely to result in 70% more conversions. Want to know more about display advertising and how it can benefit you, check out this professional guide.

Influencer Marketing

Active social media users with an amazing number of followers are known as influencers because their word is taken for trust and reliability. More or less 51% social media users and followers agree on trusting influencer’s endorsement. This is one reason influencers are perfectly aligned with brands and a means to promote your website.

Influencer marketing concept is rooted on a simple and more common principle. We share information with fellow colleagues and friends who further spread the details; the cycle continues. It’s mostly about promoting a brand or product through word of mouth but, in the digital world, the same practice is applied on social media channels where influencers are active partners to some of the biggest and globally acclaimed brands.

Having an influencer’s support, your website and particular services are surely to get the exposure, reaching the right audience thus bring more profitable outcome. With influencer marketing, Instagram is the most active and preferred platform however, not as saturated as Facebook. Not convinced, explore the guide on influencer marketing for Instagram to change your mind!

Social Media Marketing

A reason enough to promote your business on social media is that a fact sheet revealed that around 7-in-10 Americans connect with each other through social media. Undoubtedly, a well-defined carefully strategized and effective social media marketing campaign can take your website sky-high in the digital world, catapult a brand for even better awareness, improve performance and communication in the market.

A well-conceived plan is the key to win and execute a successful social media campaign but, let’s not forget that every social media platform is built for a unique purpose and a particular audience. Your strategy for each should therefore, be unique and absolute as well to gain desirable outcome.

If you wish to broadcast updates quickly, nothing’s better than Twitter which also let you follow the likewise industry, a corporation or a group for more relevant outcomes and effective strategies. If you’re a pro at photography and have a knack to capture a handful of loyal audience on the digital front with stunning images, Instagram and Pinterest are meant for you but, make sure your posts are relevant for the likewise audience and further shares. Listen to this awesome podcast on Instagram marketing.

For pure B2B market, reaching out to industry professionals and post corporate updates, including employment opportunities, LinkedIn is the absolute platform for you.

Email Marketing

Ignoring emails is nearly impossible these days and there’s also a surprising revelation from a survey telling us that nearly 42% Americans even check their email in the bathroom. And then there’s other 50% who do so while tucked in their bed. For this reason, email marketing continues to dominate the trend in driving website traffic even today. Still, there’re a few essentials worth knowing before you execute;

  • Secure permission from a user before emailing them. Simply ask for an email address via call-to-action on the website.
  • Clearly explain the purpose of email rather than sounding like a typical salesperson.

On having the email list, make sure you hold true to your promise by keeping the digital content fresh, interesting and plausible. Of-course you’re eager to sell your products and services through email but there’s a time for everything. Win your trust and then promote using resourceful web links and services details to your email. If you’re new to email marketing, here’s how to build up a strong and ever-expanding email list.

Referral Marketing

We’ve been doing this like forever but unintentionally! On liking a particular product, service or solution from a brand, we love talking about it hence the referral. More or less 65% new businesses gain momentum through referral marketing which works effectively for unique corporate setup. 

Retail stores, hospitality industries, banks, health clubs, food and travel industries; almost everyone is actively engaged in referral marketing done effective through social media platforms on the digital domain. Its obvious people would be twice attentive to recommendations from friends and families.

With referral marketing, make sure your customers have the appropriate means to value your business and services. That can be as simple as using a hashtag on social media to attract the most appropriate audience, email template that let you share user-friendly and catchy content.

Want to make it more appealing? Do so by giving away some incentives that can be discounts, store credit, free trial and even a complimentary product for free on an actual purchase. Here’re more on the wonders of referral marketing!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

While SEO helps to rank your website against more relevant search results, pay per click (PPC) simply takes a leap forward by making you appear above and ahead of the search engine results. When brands need to get a quick exposure across a wider geography and demography, PPC is far more effective and successful. All that said, more or less 67% clicks take place on the top five listings thus securing a safe and sound spot of your website on the digital front.

PPC ads need to be written very carefully, concise and delivers the complete message for less. This is where you would need an exceptional copywriter or PPC specialist having hands-on experience at ads writing for Google. They should be appealing enough to prompt users in clicking. Careful and proper inclusion of keywords with ad extensions further strengthens the ad copies to better explain of your website, service, product and offering to the end-users as well as give you the competitive edge online. Check out the complete AdWords guide for beginners and pro marketers!

Content Marketing

At the heart of everything digital is content which leaps beyond texts and an endless array of words. Content Marketing takes on a combination of all the valuable, consistent and relevant multimedia including text to win a wider audience and target more specifically. 

It’s a long-term strategy which, if done right, can return loyal and strong customers; for as long as you deliver high-quality and credible content. There’re several creative ways like infographics that provide useful information supported by statistics, diagrams, charts, catchy phrases and relevant design.

That said, even web content can be developed for content marketing that’s publishable, helpful and appealing for the audience. Make it fascinating enough to prompt users to visit your website again as well as refer others about it. Before merging content with facts, be sure to properly do your research, find out about market interest and cover your content around that.

Affiliate Marketing

Old but not obsolete! Affiliate marketing still exists and have the potential to win significant traffic if done right. When doing it online, offer your product in an affiliate program and let the associates do the marketing, putting you on the vendor’s seat. In a typical affiliate marketing setup, you need to sign-up for the relevant program network and let the payments plus other essentials to the partners. The affiliate network however would take its share from the sale so be sure to make it absolutely profitable.

You can even setup your own affiliate programme only if you’re capable to handle affiliate payments including technical deployment such as setting up of a tracking system. Nonetheless, this is an absolutely amazing marketing strategy for digital world in return for a heavy profit.

Inbound Marketing

Business gets a significant boost in the online world through inbound marketing which is a combination of different marketing strategies such as social media, content, blog submissions and more. Those new to the digital domain may get confused between inbound and content marketing so it’s better to know the difference between both.

Inbound marketing captures attention of potential customers and make your website easily accessible for them. Doing it right can be ten times more effective in generating web traffic and even increase sales without implementation of any SEO. All you need to do is come up with creative and compelling content that’s more than just a bundle of text. Have a look at inbound marketing cycle!

 Video Marketing

Nothing can beat the videos and they’re incredibly popular among the ever-expanding digital world. After all, they’re a source of entertainment and information. Back in 2017, it was predicted that videos would take more than 80% of all the web traffic and that actually happened, only near 90% actually. 

To remember content that’s both visible and audible is much easier which forced brands to redefine their digital strategies for winning the competition by incorporating compelling videos either directly on the corporate website or on channels like YouTube and Vimeo, affiliated directly to your brand.

You can even integrate video links to the email marketing campaigns which increases the likelihood of email clicks to more or less 300%. Here’s how to gear up for video marketing!


The above details are sure to make your website incredibly popular in the digital world, gain more traffic and of-course, be a pro digital marketer without exercising any SEO tactics. Still, it’s always preferred taking assistance of an industry professional that can be a digital marketing and media expert.