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Web Design Culture And It’s Traits

December 10, 2018

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The Web culture is becoming very common in the world. Small to Medium sized businesses are doing great by taking the help of a website that educates the masses about their business and generates more profit.

As this culture is equally progressing in UAE,  Web Service Provider Dubai has a lot of scope and the businesses can take great advantage from one that is following the latest trends and working with experts.

Before we discuss the trends of web design, we need to understand the dos and don’ts of web design.

Target Audience

It is absolutely inappropriate to create a website that does not address the target audience in the right way. Before constructing one, you need a thorough research about the audience that you want to cater, as to what kind of preferences they have. From the language to the products or services offered till the end where they will be explained about how to avail what you offer, it all needs to be composed and well explained. You do not make a very complicated design that a newcomer easily gets lost in.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website does not rank well on the search engine, Google, most importantly, then you can very easily lose a chunk of visitors. When you get your website designed or make changes, make sure that you follow the latest SEO guidelines in order to have a good ranking and rise above the traffic.


Layout of your website should not be cluttered and confusing with numerous tabs and too much text, along with dark colors making it look like a nightmare. Keeping your business requirements in mind, design your website with a focus point, exactly where and how you want your visitors to direct their attention to.


When you put up an image for everything, the page looks over crowded. An image should also be given its due value in order to be looked at and analyzed properly, rather than being ignored. The image that you use must be of high resolution, not pixelated and visually attractive. They should have a strong message and meaning with respect to your business, instead of looking like a useless piece of clutter added.

Test your website

Once it is executed and you are sure you did not leave anything out, take a test. You need to open it on different browsers, use different devices and screen sizes to see everything works well. In case of any changes required, fix them before you make it accessible for the target market.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, a large number of population that is an internet user, opts to access websites on their mobile phones. In that case, you cannot ignore the mobile compatibility of your website. They must be responsive so that you do not let down your visitors and customers especially in case of e-commerce websites.

Now let’s discuss some Trends keeping the above discussion in mind.

Responsive Design

As we discussed earlier that your website should be compatible with mobile phone screens, keeping this necessity in mind, it has also become and been a trend for quite long now. Responsive Design is a solution to these problems, which allows every device and every browser to open your website in a detailed manner.


Putting up illustrations that are customized, with respect to colors, text, font, characters etc. can be appealing to the eyes and informative at the same time.

Micro Interactions

When you scroll over a text or an image and it automatically becomes bold or highlights on its own, that experience can be quite exciting and memorable. This feature is called Micro Interactions and they are trending nowadays. Visitors feel like they have some power over what they see and that leaves a good impression on them, turning it into a good user experience.

Rounder Edges

Rounder edges are quite common these days. Websites have been using sharp edges for buttons for quite some time now but recently the designers are bending towards a softer, subtle feel.

Manage Social Media


If you have anything complex to talk about, an image does not entirely explain the concept. In that case, a video will be useful because it not only talks about what to do but also explains how you do it. On the part of user interface, this could be a very good step that you may take for generating good user experience.

Variable Fonts

When some information is basic, you use a basic font style. When something important comes up, you use a bolder and bigger font. And if there is a shout out or an offer, you could play with the fonts by adding visuals, where the letters keep on changing their sizes or colors.

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The Web culture is becoming very common in the world. Small to Medium sized businesses are doing great by taking the help of a website that educates the masses about their business and generates more profit.
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