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What is CMS and how it works?

April 15, 2019

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Sitecore is a leading software company that is known globally for its prominent products. Sitecore was launched for the very first time in 2010 and it used the .NET platform for its working. In the starting years, it was not very famous among users. But if we talk about the last few years, we come to know that it has become quite famous among users. It offers two major products and they are Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Marketing System (DMS). CMS is the most promising product of Sitecore. Interested enterprises in Dubai can also get benefits from the sitecore developer skills Dubai. So first of all we will see that what is CMS?

What is CMS?

Sitecore is basically an enterprise level CMS that is built on APS.NET. This setting allows the full command of editors and content writers on their webs. They have an access to multiple aspects of their website like social integration, advanced personalization, e-commerce and many more. As far as Sitecore CMS is concerned, it is regarded as the heart of sitecore powered websites. Enterprise prefer this product because it utilizes the many features of .NET framework like flexibility, security etc. There are many leading organizations like Toshiba, Canon, Experian and Nestle that are successfully using this framework for their working for so many years. This is so because CMS involves a very powerful desktop interface. This interface can be easily controlled with the help of a customized role based system. Actually this desktop looks like the desktop of a Window so new users feel quite at home while using the Sitecore. They can easily learn the system and pick the things in no time. In CMS, users find the multiple applications that have been designed to perform different tasks like content editing, monitoring campaign, managing users, setting up work flows etc. And we all know that Dubai is an ideal place for working and exploring the new opportunities. So enterprises can consider the sitecore developer skills Dubai for the content management of their websites.

Developers love to work with sitecore because it offers 1300 classes and it has 5000 methods. This ratio constitutes a rich developer framework and developers can work in so many ways.

Types of database:

CMS is not made of a single database. It is the sum up of the three databases and a web application. They are as follows:

  • Core Database: Sitecore utilizes this data base for managing the membership and it is also used to keep the configuration of all the applications that are the part of CMS. Core database can be accessed easily with the help of CMS and users can change any setting according to their requirements. You can also build your own applications and even introduce new add buttons.
  • Master Database: This type of database contains all the content editor work. All the new, revised and deleted data or content is stored here. This database can be customized and work flow can be adjusted. This workflow enabling feature allows users to lock down the certain sections of their sites and the roles of these sections can be defined too.
  • Website database: In this type of database, live content of the web application is kept. This data base is different from master database because nothing is contained in preview mode like master database. In this data base, recent live version of each item is stored only. Whenever content editor presents some new content, this content is copied from master database and then kept in web database.

In Dubai, enterprises also avail the sitecore develop skills Dubai for their web content. Here we are going to present the content tree of sitecore for new users.

Sitecore Content tree:

  • Content: Place where the data and pages of a website are stored is called the content item folder.
  • Media: Media Library is a place where the physical multimedia files are stored.
  • Layout: This is a place where ASPX layouts of the web application are presented or declared. This folder also contains the sub layouts. When the pages are designed, layout is combined with the sub layout to create these pages. It means that user can swap out the widgets with the other ones. In this process, there is no need of developer. Users can do it themselves.
  • System: System folder is a place in content tree where the standard setting for web application and content editor is defined. Like if an editor wants to add another language in his web application then he will define that language here.
  • Templates: In template folder, all the templates for the website are stored. These templates are basically used to define objects in Sitecore.

Sitecore is a leading software development company andmany enterprises are getting advantage from sitecore developer skills Dubai. Sitecore offers Content Management systems that are matchless in their working and the worldwide companies are also making good use of this very product.

What is CMS and how it works?
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What is CMS and how it works?
Sitecore is a leading software company that is known globally for its prominent products. Sitecore was launched for the very first time in 2010 and it used the .NET platform for its working. In the starting years, it was not very famous among users.
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