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Which is Better for Maximum Brand Awareness: Google Display Network or Google Search Network?

April 15, 2022

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Brand awareness is a crucial part of marketing. It is the journey that your brand experiences to come into the spotlight. The first step of any brand identity is brand awareness as well. 

Brand awareness can also influence your business’s credibility and sales. Just to put the word out there, there are several strategies and campaigns for a digital marketing agency in Dubai. 

When it comes to brand awareness, the google display network and google search network is often in competition. Google search network and Google Display network are both effective platforms depending on the goals. In this article, we will shed light on the strengths of both platforms and which one is better if you are aiming solely for brand awareness. 

First, let’s understand the ads on both networks. 

Understanding Ads On Search Networks Vs Display Networks

Understanding Ads On Search Networks Vs Display Networks

Starting with ads, which are typical of two kinds: search ads and display ads. 

Search ads are the one you come across on the search engine results page that appears at the top or the bottom of the SERPs. Search networks such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing let the advertiser showcase the brand on the search engine results page (SERPS). 

Search ads of the bands appear when the individuals use specific keywords related to the brand. For example: “Nike Sneakers for sale” is a specific keyword that shoe retailers can use to attract users to their business. The usage of specific keywords is also known as the user intent. 

Search networks get their popularity in sales and brand awareness because of the user intent. As the user is already on the last stage of the buyer’s journey, they are more inclined towards clicking the search ads and are ready to make a purchase. 

Display ads are the advertisements on the website page displayed in the form of rectangles and square boxes containing videos, images, or videos of a particular brand.Google’s Display Network enables the advertisers to display the branded messages on google’s registered websites. 

Display ads are typically scattered across the websites and do not appear as a result of the user intent or search. One of the downsides of display ads is that they appear at such times that users are unlikely to click on the display ad and additionally at least 30% of the audience are completely annoyed with the display ads. 

So, should the brand engagement through these ads be considered when strategizing brand awareness? Not really! Your brand awareness is a different aspect than different engagement. The main goal is to achieve brand awareness rather than achieving clicks. 

Why You Should Focus On Brand Awareness As Compared To Ad Clicks 

Why You Should Focus On Brand Awareness As Compared To Ad Clicks

The first step in the buyer’s journey is brand awareness. it is crucially important since, how would one purchase from a brand they have no idea that it exists? In the era of multiple online frauds, users are attracted towards brands with credibility and association. 

In branding what matters the most is impression i.e the views. The more people see it, the better association is created with the community. Brand awareness is about spreading information and sparking curiosity in your audience about your brand. 

Brand awareness is about making the audience follow you. 

Platform For Specific and Higher CTRs: 

Platform For Specific and Higher CTRs:

Google’s Search Network offers a better platform for more targeted ads. The search network, while being aligned with the user intent, also displays images of the products from the e-commerce sites displaying the price and the website information. 

The product image is where the search network beats the display network by a great margin. An individual who is browsing the internet with user internet is likely to visit the top ads immediately. 

The search network dominates because it shows ads when the user actually needs them and as directed by the keywords. The search network is often the top choice of marketers for higher leads and sales. eventually more clicks equal to more engagement and increased engagements equal to more sales as well. 

The competition on the search networks is however pretty high with very few ad spaces. businesses also have four slots to compete against and hence bid higher to replace the competitor’s ad with theirs.  So the ads you see on the search engine are placed by the PPC Dubai services by agencies. 

In a nutshell, the google search network is an attractive platform for businesses with a specific budget and specific group of people using the same keywords on the search engine, For example, if a strategy is aiming to acquire more conversion such as clicks, product purchases as well as engagements, the google search network is your best bet. The cost of the PPC may be slightly higher, but an experienced digital agency can help you stay within the budget. 

Platform For Broad and Visually Engaging Targets: 

Platform For Broad and Visually Engaging Targets

Google’s display network uses targeting technologies to bring in the results. The display network uses the website visitor’s characteristics (demographics, location, and buying behavior)  to show relevant ads.

All the advertisements placed on the google display network are shown on the specific websites that are registered under the Google advertising program and Adsense. 

For instance, as you scroll through a website blog, you see images that are irrelevant to the topic you are reading or are concerned with. However, these images are not random. These images feature a product that you have either searched on google or have purchased before. 

Google Display Network showcases a brand using boxed images, videos, and audio including brand slogans, logos, stories, colors, products and services, and so on. A simpler example of display ads is what we see on Facebook, Reddit, and Youtube. 

As opposed to the search network, the display network employs a broader filter and gains the points as a stronger branding tool than the search network. Additionally, the registered websites under AbSence are immense, meaning the brand message reach is also quite higher.


The search network aims to answer a user, while the display network’s primary goal is to spread information to a broader audience as much as possible. Since branding campaigns don’t care about click-through rates or lead generation, Google displays network targets as a wider audience to spread the information. 

As opposed to limited keywords and slots, digital marketing services strategize the branding campaigns that are likely to get impressions on Google’s displays network.