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Bespoke Joomla Development Company In Dubai

When it comes to designing an ecommerce website, Joomla is the go-to platform for millions of ambitious brands like you. And why shouldn’t it be, Joomla offers amazing features and benefits over other web development tools and content management systems.

The biggest benefit of Joomla is it’s completely free. You can use it for as many websites as you want to, with no limits at all. Boasting a number of shopping cart extensions that lets you create e-commerce websites easily and smoothly, Joomla is the ideal choice for new as well as established ecommerce sellers.

Also, Joomla supports PHP, so there’s no need to write lengthy code when you want to add features to your website. And then there’s the luxury to use multiple Joomla templates at a time, giving website owners freedom and flexibility to customize their website as per their needs.

All in all, if you are eager to start your ecommerce journey today, Joomla is a great tool. And for unrivaled Joomla development services in Dubai, Digital Express is a reliable company. We build responsive, SEO-friendly, and fully functional websites using Joomla. Our Joomla developers Dubai make the best use of Joomla features to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Our group of gifted Joomla developers listens attentively to your queries and executes your idea with utmost perfection. We strive to get you the best return for your investment, hence we harbor a talented workforce specializing in Joomla website development. For all your Joomla needs, give us a chance and we’ll amaze you with our work!

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Why Choose Joomla CMS?

If you are eager to build a scalable ecommerce website, or a simple website, Joomla is a great place to start. Joomla is rated as one of the leading CMSs being used in the world. Here are some significant reasons to choose Joomla for your website:

Joomla is Multilingual

Joomla is a universal CMS, it can be used to design multilingual websites. Leveraging its amazing multilingual functionality, our Joomla Joomla website development services/company can create your website in 75 different languages. People landing on your website would be able to read content in their preferred/native language.

Joomla is Secure

The biggest concern of any website owner is their website’s security. A small hole left here or there for anyone to penetrate poses a grave threat to your website. But when you choose Joomla, you get advanced features like

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and B-Crypt Algorithm. Both the features keep your website safe and protected from malicious attacks.

Joomla is SEO-Friendly

And what’s the point of having a website if it’s not ranked? The ultimate goal of any online business is to get organic traffic and drive sales through it. In this regard too, Joomla is a great choice. It features built-in SEO settings and options to make your site SEO friendly from the word go!

Joomla is Easy to Manage

Talking from an end user’s perspective, Joomla is easy to manage. We all want our website to be maintained with ease, without hiring a professional web developer for small tasks like uploading or editing content. Fortunately, Joomla is pretty straightforward in this regard, you can make changes on the go with drag and drop.

Sharjah CO-OP
Sharjah CO-OP

Sharjah CO-OP sells everything from household products to food and beverages, electronics, baby items, and much more. Our WordPress development agency in Dubai & UAE was tasked to create a user-friendly website for Sharjah CO-OP to create a secure online selling platform for the company.

Rose Al Jazira
Rose Al Jazira

Since 2000, Rose Al Jazira has been a big name in the medical, diagnostics, and medical-cosmetics business in the Middle East region. Our team redesigned the company’s website and used the WooCommerce plugin to include advanced functionalities into it.

Salama Digitailor
Salama Digitailor

Salama Digitailor is an emerging fashion brand in the UAE. Our web design and development company gathered fresh ideas for the company’s website and crafted a compelling User Experience. After a lot of research, planning, and execution, we finally managed to develop a website that properly reflects the potential of the brand.

Top Rated Joomla Development Agency In Dubai

If you are looking to work with reputable, reliable, and talented Joomla CMS development services in Dubai, Digital Express should be your first choice. Our team encompasses a broader plan of world-class features and functionalities that would help you become market leaders.

Agile Approach

Our Joomla website developers and designers focus on customer delight throughout the whole process and deliver an outstanding product in a shorter sprint. Housing a team of skilled Joomla developers with an agile mindset, Digital Express works closely with its customers to maximize their revenue and ROI.

A Dedicated Consulting Team

We not only build Joomla websites but also offer consultation to our prospects who are about to kick-start their ecommerce journey with Joomla. We will strategize and build solutions using deep tech and innovative practices across all devices. If you have an idea, reach out to us. We’ll guide you through the whole design, development, and deployment process.

Performance Metrics

Ordinary products neither impress you nor us. So whatever we create is always mind-blowing, tailor-made to your needs, and features a great User Experience. Some of the key performance metrics we focus on are the website’s load time, capacity, scalability, and user comfort.

Hire Joomla Developers

Are you looking to hire a dedicated Joomla developer in Dubai? If yes, you are at the right place. Not only do we offer project-based services, but you can also hire a dedicated resource from us for all your needs. Contact us today and our Resource Outsourcing department will connect you with the best Joomla resources from our talent pool.

Joomla CMS development services offered by us

We don’t just create Joomla business websites but also Joomla CMS software for all your needs. And what’s more, our services cover everything from template modification to template development from scratch, migration and integration, and everything in between.

Template Design & Customization

Do you want a custom Joomla template for your business? Or are you looking to customize your existing Joomla website? In either case, we will help you! Our professional Joomla developers create attention-seeking templates, convert your PSD design to templates, and develop custom websites from scratch.

Joomla Extension Development

Having a team of developers at disposal who can prepare a custom Joomla extension on demand is a luxury. And if you want this luxury, Digital Express is here to help you out anytime! We create highly secure extensions that are compatible, easy to install, use, and upgrade.

Joomla Ecommerce Solutions

Digital Express has the acumen for delivering comprehensive eCommerce stores with fully responsive UI, custom functionalities, and compatible plugins. Hire us to start your ecommerce journey; we’ll design functionalities and integrate extensions for inventory management, vendor management, and payment processing.

Joomla Theme Development

We have a team of expert Joomla developers who can create themes from scratch. We can also guide you regarding Joomla themes which will suit your business needs and brand. If you have a query for customization or theme development, fill out the form and we’ll call you the same day.

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Using Joomla, our developers create custom websites, CMSs, and highly technical extensions for Joomla.
Both have their pros and cons. For free starters, WordPress is a better choice. But keep in mind Joomla offers premium features that no free software would offer you.
Yes, Joomla is naturally SEO-friendly; just like WordPress.
The cost of Joomla Website Development is approx AED 25,000 to AED 100,000.

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