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Choosing Digital Express As Your PHP Development Agency In Dubai

PHP is great for developing websites/apps for a company. Your extraordinary idea should not be ruined by an average website made by an inexperienced company. Our PHP development agency has a team of smart and experienced PHP experts in Dubai.

Our developers have created many customized and high-performing websites and applications for clients who belong to various niches. The websites developed by us won’t just meet your expectations but exceed them.

Our certified PHP programmers build secure, powerful, and scalable web design and programming solutions. We can partner with you in your journey towards making your small initiative into a renowned brand. Sounds unbelievable? That is what all the giant companies are doing nowadays. A solid digital footprint begins with a website that gives you your desired results.

PHP development in Dubai involves methodologies, technologies, and infrastructure that needs great expertise, determination, and problem-solving skills. Our team will create a dynamic website or web application that will help you manage your profitable company. With the most reasonable prices and least possible delivery time, our PHP development agency Dubai provides coveted results so that you earn sustainable and fearless growth.

Our experience encompasses nearly all industries including healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistics. This vast experience made our developers smart enough to understand the specifics of different companies which in turn has resulted in amazing projects and happy clients.

Websites sometimes go through glitches that lead to downtime and cause a business to suffer revenue loss. Choosing the right PHP development agency will save you from the headache. You can trust us to get prompt help to fix the problems on your website and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

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Our PHP Development Approach

Our services that deal with PHP development in Dubai are looked after by the finest developers. They are always aware of the best practices, tips and tricks, and trends regarding PHP web development.

Testing before the real development of the site

Our immaculate PHP service is the result of this first step of our approach. Test-Driven Development is our mantra while developing PHP websites. TDD enables us to make sure that we can automatically test all code created by us. This saves us from grave mistakes that can erupt as time will pass by. Also, it helps us to develop the site/app at a pace.

Using DevOps monitoring tools

Our PHP development company plan, develop, integrate, test, deploy and operate your website or web application while keeping an eye on the whole process using DevOps monitoring tools. This helps us to speed up the process of PHP web development, test repeatedly, and release often.

Sticking to standards

Our PHP experts in Dubai follow open standards and depend on the PSRs (PHP Standard Recommendations) when feasible. Thus, PHP applications and websites built by us are adaptable, consistent, easy for other developers, and can work with any open source packages and tools.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) best practices lie at the heart of our approach. With the help of CI/CD, we try to automate the code pipeline as much as possible. Our robust PHP-based web solutions are developed by professionals who have expertise in both Github and Gitlab CI configuration. Our PHP development agency in Dubai knows the method of creating a powerful process around a website development project.

Sharjah CO-OP
Sharjah CO-OP

Sharjah CO-OP sells everything from household products to food and beverages, electronics, baby items, and much more. Our WordPress development agency in Dubai & UAE was tasked to create a user-friendly website for Sharjah CO-OP to create a secure online selling platform for the company.

Rose Al Jazira
Rose Al Jazira

Since 2000, Rose Al Jazira has been a big name in the medical, diagnostics, and medical-cosmetics business in the Middle East region. Our team redesigned the company’s website and used the WooCommerce plugin to include advanced functionalities into it.

Salama Digitailor
Salama Digitailor

Salama Digitailor is an emerging fashion brand in the UAE. Our web design and development company gathered fresh ideas for the company’s website and crafted a compelling User Experience. After a lot of research, planning, and execution, we finally managed to develop a website that properly reflects the potential of the brand.

PHP Development Company In Dubai

PHP is one of the most popular open-source programming languages. It’s free and functions on all devices whether it is a MacBook or a tablet. This common scripting language aids PHP experts in Dubai to come up with functional content that engages with databases.

PHP is typically employed for building web-based software apps. The reason is that you can easily embed this language into HTML code. The best part is that PHP supports a lot of databases. If you want a simple, fast, and cost-effective development process, PHP is for you.

Along with decreasing the coding efforts on developers’ part, it also has many other usability advantages for them. Developing functional PHP websites or apps asks for a PHP backend with loads of features. A top-class back-end service is essential to get the exact final product you want.

Digital express has developers who have hands-on experience with all the advanced PHP web development tools. Their experience and talent allow them to build responsive, accessible websites and applications that work on all platforms and devices. Our portfolio includes clients from all industries. We hear every client properly and try to understand their business’s unique needs and goals. Then, we build websites/apps scalable and flexible enough for a growth-oriented organization.

To enhance user experience, our PHP programmers optimize websites or applications as much as possible. It increases the loading speed of the product. Moreover, as websites have to compete for keywords, we are well versed in all the SEO best practices. Our professionals are always fully aware of the latest ways to increase rankings in search engines.

PHP Service offered by us

We offer tailored web development solutions that are customized according to your requirements. No matter what niche you belong to, your company grows consistently with our products. Our PHP experts in Dubai know how to leverage this language for the best results.

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PHP development

Our PHP development company is knowledgeable about the infrastructure, the technology, and the processes needed to build powerful applications that scale. From proposing to design, and web development to continuous support, our vast experience has made us a pro in PHP web development.

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Laravel development

Our PHP development agency Dubai works closely with you to build powerful, attractive, scalable, and functional web apps. With a wide array of custom-crafted PHP web development services using Laravel as the framework. Our services include Migration to Laravel, Laravel cloud development Integration with third-party APIs, Laravel development outsourcing, and more.

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API development

Digital express has been using PHP for building REST APIs for many years. Our PHP experts in Dubai have the skillset required to design, document, implement and test a customized API. We will reassure you that crucial data endpoints never fail to return the right data, thanks to our automated processes.

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Custom integrations

A company can't run properly if its different systems can’t communicate with each other. With vast experience in PHP web development, we are proficient in the integration of PHP web applications with external REST & SOAP services that manage big amounts of information.

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PHP maintenance and support

We offer organized maintenance so that we apply security patches regularly without fail. It also helps us to keep your web application upgraded with the latest version of PHP. Furthermore, we proactively monitor your app’s performance and can offer reactive support if you need it.

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PHP inheritance and turnaround

If you want to change your PHP development company, we will inherit and aid in turning around your application. We will make sure that your application, processes, and infrastructure is in line for continuous improvement. We will audit your product initially and tailor an onboarding plan for you.

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It is an HTML-embedded programming language. It has taken a lot of syntax from Java, Perl, and C and has a handful of distinct specific PHP features. PHP aims to enable developers to write powerfully generated web pages quickly.
A PHP developer is basically a software developer having skills in using PHP and several technologies built utilizing it. You can call them PHP backend developers because they generally possess expertise in employing backend technologies like Apache, Linux, and MySQL.
PHP works as an adhesive that sticks together hundreds of third-party libraries, therefore it can get messy. But don’t worry you can follow this guiding rule.

Array function frameworks are categorized as “needle, haystack” while String functions are ordered as “haystack, needle”.
A great PHP development agency or professional should be knowledgeable about building websites utilizing PHP. Superb communication skills are a must as they need to work with their team members and other clients effectively to avoid a malfunctioning product. Along with being creative, they should be able to quickly adapt to the changing requirements of clients.

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